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Cast[edit] Crista Flanagan as Oracle/Ugly Betty, Spartan Woman; Thomas McKenna as Tom Cruise; Jesse Lewis IV as Ms. Jay Alexander. If the dead Spartan king's eyes could see, they might look miles to the south The time is August b.c.; the place, Thermopylae, Greece; the occasion, the aftermath of a great battle. . his Spartans for the Thermopylae mission; they were 'the men . But equipment was only part of the story. Battle of Thermopylae, ( bce), battle in central Greece at the mountain pass of Thermopylae during the Persian Wars. The Greek forces, mostly Spartan, .

After 300: The Posthumous Vengeance of King Leonidas of Sparta

Xerxes led a vast army overland from the Dardanellesaccompanied by a substantial fleet moving along the coast. His forces quickly seized northern Greece and began moving south. The Greek resistance tried to halt Persian progress on land at the narrow pass of Thermopylae and at sea nearby in the straits of Artemisium. The Greek army was led by Leonidas, who was estimated to have had around 7, men.

Xerxes, on the other hand, had anywhere from 70, toDespite the disparity in numbers, the Greeks were able to maintain their position. Their strategy involved holding a line only a few dozen yards long between a steep hillside and the sea. This constricted the battlefield and prevented the Persians from utilizing their vast numbers. For two days the Greeks defended against Persian attacks and suffered light losses as they imposed heavy casualties on the Persian army.

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Only when the Greeks were betrayed did the battle take a detrimental turn for them. Xerxes took advantage of this betrayal and sent part of his army along this path, led by Ephialtes himself. After reaching the other side, the Persians attacked and destroyed a portion of the Greek army. This forced Leonidas to call a war council, at which it was decided that retreating was the best option.

Having cut off the Greeks from their supply lines, the Persians believed the few Greeks who retreated to regain those connections represented the whole army; the subsequent Persian attack quickly proved them wrong. The Greek allies literally had the high ground, and a defeat of those Persian forces, led by Mardonius, was relatively swift.

The Greek forces then, loosely interpreted from ancient texts, exacted their revenge for the slaughter of Leonidas and his men by massacring the Persian camp at Plataea.

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Later that afternoon, the Greeks finished the job at the final battle of Mycale. King Leonidas I Monument at Thermopyles. Yet in an interesting turn of events, Pleistarchus was too young to rule at his father's death, and the boy's guardian Pausanias, was actually on the second Spartan throne. Thus the decisive, somewhat brutal, actions against the Persians at Plataea and Mycale may or may not have been an act of vengeance in the name of the father Leonidas, but were almost certainly for the Herculean general who sacrificed everything for his home, and the homes of those allied with him.

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One should remember that Sparta and Athens were only on good terms when they were teamed up against Persia. They placed their animosities aside during the Persian War, Athenians willingly following Spartans, and Spartans trusting to delegate to Athenians. This alliance would crumble soon after the war, but Leonidas' actions are even more inspiring for the prejudices put aside.