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Was member of primary engineering team responsible for “start-up” of new . we evaluated the history of occupational exposure of sandblasters to silica and the of research, Maxus requested that we conduct a public meeting wherein we. A new line of electronic leak detectors meeting SAE Standard J have recently LINCOLN® All-Steel Hose Reels & Accessories MAXUS® HP Honda GX Engine, Deadman Sandblaster Features: Manual pull-up tank closure. . WEBLINK v2 With our NEW CARQUEST WEBLINK v2 on your service team, you. Sand Blaster with 10 Foot Hose, Sand Blast Gun, and Wrench - Siphon Feed ( Campbell Hausfeld Abrasive Blaster Sandblaster Nozzle Gun w/ 3 Ceramic Tips.

Fennebresque, Marjorie Magner, John J. Steib and Jeffrey J. Brown were elected as directors; 2 the executive compensation was approved on an advisory basis; 3 the Ally Financial Inc. Executive Performance Plan, amended and restated effective Jan. About Ally Financial Inc. The petition was signed by Charles L. McDaniel, sole member and manager. The Company amended the Registration Statement to delay its effective date. The Company is also offering to each purchaser whose purchase of shares of common stock in this offering would otherwise result in the purchaser, together with its affiliates and certain related parties, beneficially owning more than 4.

Each pre-funded warrant will be exercisable for one share of our common stock. This offering also relates to the shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of any pre-funded warrants sold in this offering. The common warrants will be exercisable immediately and will expire five years from the date of issuance. The shares of common stock and pre-funded warrants, and the accompanying common warrants, can only be purchased together in this offering but will be issued separately and will be immediately separable upon issuance.

The public offering price per share of common stock and any pre-funded warrant and accompanying common warrant will be determined between the Company and the underwriter at the time of pricing, and may be at a discount to the current market price. There is no established public trading market for the pre-funded warrants or common warrants, and the Company does not expect a market to develop.

In addition, the Company does not intend to apply for a listing of the pre-funded warrants or common warrants on any national securities exchange. Its principal offices occupy approximately 1, square feet of leased office space pursuant to a month-to-month sublease, located at Valley Centre Drive, SuiteSan Diego, California. It also leases approximately square feet of lab space in Richmond, Virginia, approximately 5, square feet of lab space in Brookvale, Australia, and approximately 6, square feet of lab and office space in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

First, we continued to build momentum for our endo-bariatric products. In the first quarter ofU. Second, the decline rate of our worldwide surgical business slowed in the first quarter. The decline in gross margin was caused by changes in product sales mix between the quarters.

The increase is primarily due to higher legal costs included in general and administrative expenses associated with initial filings and other public company activities that are not expected to repeat each quarter. Research and development expenses also increased due to activities to improve supply reliability of the OverStitch product.

In conjunction with the amendment, the lender waived all prepayment premiums and exit fees on the principal repayment and certain financial covenants of the senior secured credit facility were reduced.

A full-text copy of the Form Q is available for free at: Apollo's device based therapies are an alternative to invasive surgical procedures, thus lowering complication rates and reducing total healthcare costs. Apollo's products are offered in over 80 countries today. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas to authorize the sale by auction of the Debtor's assets, including the receivables for joint interest billings "JIBs" and all rights relating thereto, and any other oil and gas interests in its name and any connection with the sale process being conducted by the Arabella Exploration, LLC "AEX" bankruptcy Estate.

A hearing on the Motion is set for May 18,at 1: A hearing to approve the Settlement Agreement is set for May 18, at 1: The Sale Procedures Order provides various deadlines for soliciting bids for assets, conducting the sale of the Assets and obtaining approval by the AEX Bankruptcy Court. A copy of the Sale Procedures Order attached to the Motion is available for free at: The Trustee does not intend to hold a separate sale process unless the JIBs are pulled from the AEX sales procedure as attempting to separately market the assets of the Debtor's estate may not result in a higher price being paid.

In order to ensure that the acquiring party has appropriate title to the assets being conveyed by AEX as well as the Assets of APC, the Trustee agreed to participate in the AEX sale process and receive the designated proceeds as set forth above in order to allow conveyance of a clean title to the assets and maximize recovery for both AEX and APC. The Trustee has proposed the sale of the Assets after thorough consideration of all viable alternatives, and has concluded that the sale is supported by a number of sound business reasons.

Without the sale, he would be left to attempt to market the Assets on his own. The amounts being received from the sale process in the AEX case will help provide a return for creditors in the case. He has determined, in his considered business judgment, that a sale of the Assets as requested provides the best and most efficient means for him to maximize the value of the estate.

Accordingly, the Trustee asks the Court enter an Order authorizing him to sell the JIBs and all rights relating thereto with the right to remove those from the sale process as stated and any other oil and gas interests in the name of APC and any connection with the sale process being conducted by the AEX bankruptcy Estate.

King presides over the case. On July 24,the Office of the U. Trustee appointed an official committee of unsecured creditors. Morris Weiss was appointed Chapter 11 trustee for the Debtor on Aug. Managed projects involving the assessment of the health risks and significance of chemical contaminants present in water, sediment, ambient air, food, soil, the occupational environment, and in consumer products.

Frequently interacted with local, regional, state, and federal regulatory agencies. Participated in negotiations to resolve issues involving clean-up standards for air, water, soil, and reusable items e. Risk communication experience included a coordination of the scientific and medical aspects of complex toxic tort cases, b representation of clients at public hearings, c presentation of scientific data in professional and public forums, and d development of opinion letters for use in litigation.

Participated in the scientific debate regarding acceptable levels of emissions of tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin TCDD in water from pulp and paper mills Georgia, North Carolina, and Washington Also identified acceptable levels of TCDD, benzene, formaldehyde, and chromium in air and soil. The group also served as a scientific resource for the industrial hygiene and environmental engineering departments at both the corporate headquarters and remote manufacturing facilities.

Conducted complex risk assessments of three Superfund waste sites including Times Beach, Missouri. Other significant sites include the Lyons Landfill Denver and a site in the Bahamas. Other activities included the assessment of health risks of hazardous waste sites, the coordination of toxicity testing of all manufactured intermediates, the establishment of guidelines for laboratory use and manufacture of super-potent pharmaceuticals, setting of corporate occupational exposure limits, and directing of applied toxicology research programs.

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Participated in face-to-face negotiations with federal and state regulatory agencies with regard to the evaluation, remediation, and closure of hazardous waste sites; reaching agreements on joint research efforts e. Many discussions involved dioxins and various metals. Developed and directed the scientific and medical aspects of the litigation associated with the remediation of Times Beach, Missouri, and, peripherally, 43 other dioxin-contaminated sites.

Wrote six page evaluations of proposed federal environmental standards, which were then submitted to EPA. Was influential in the development of EPA and CDC positions on the health hazards posed by dioxin in soil, air, fly ash, water, sediment, dust, and other materials. Primary responsibility was to evaluate the safety of company products through the design of toxicology studies and the conduct of health risk assessments. Responsible for risk assessment aspects of obtaining and maintaining the registration of agricultural and specialty chemicals.

Conducted scientific assessment of company products alleged to present environmental or human health hazards. Responsible for developing and awarding contract research involving radionuclides, as well as environmental fate and toxicology of pesticides and non-target wildlife. Responsible for assessing the potential hazards posed by municipal waste sites, groundwater contamination, water pollutants, new product uses, indoor and ambient air pollutants, and the manufacture and use of new products.

Provided toxicology support for developing Preliminary Manufacturing Notifications. Pro-Drone, a pesticide for fire ants, was an insect juvenile hormone mimic. Designed and supervised field studies to demonstrate the efficacy of the chemical. Prepared risk assessments that were instrumental in registering three major agricultural chemicals. Facilitated and streamlined the registration and approval of major pesticides that had complex toxicology profiles by using risk assessment methodologies.

Participated in development of the risk assessment used in developing the proposed rule worked with Don Scroggins, Attorney at Law. Developed and directed undergraduate and graduate program and curriculum in industrial hygiene in the School of Health Sciences. Developed and taught graduate level courses in environmental and occupational health, which included a Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, b Industrial Hygiene Engineering, c Occupational Health Law, and d Occupational Safety and Health Engineering.

Under a research grant from NIOSH, wrote a comprehensive page detailed outline for a textbook s and graduate course in Occupational Health Engineering. This textbook was used by many engineering schools to incorporate an awareness of safety and health principles into their design courses. Taught a week graduate engineering course Ind. One of first graduate courses in the United States taught interactively entirely via TV. Worked on numerous corporate projects in occupational health in the U. Responsible for establishing programs to ensure the safe laboratory use and manufacture of toxic chemicals and sensitizing agents.

Participated in developing the original EPA protocol to assess the potential human hazards associated with the field application of herbicides and pesticides. Primary contact with NIOSH on health hazard evaluation studies of workplaces that handled or manufactured diethylstilbestrol DESpesticides, nitroglycerin, and products containing nitrosamines. Designed and installed several million dollars in process equipment.

Played a significant role in several research and development projects that brought about major improvements in profitability. Member of technical service group responsible for daily operation of two large solvent recovery units.

Wrote nearly all of the relevant MSDS and warnings statements for internal products, intermediates and some purchased chemicals. Key Projects Partial List Evaluated the health risks posed by a contaminant in candy. Inwe evaluated the presence of a contaminant in a food that was sold in a number of countries. Assisted the firm in evaluating the possible health risks and interacted with regulatory agencies to answer questions about our assessment.

Ultimately, the firm chose to recall some of the product. Conducted evaluation of the hazards posed by DEHP in computer and phone cables. Conducted an evaluation of the hazards posed by bisphenol A BPA in various consumer products: As a result of increased social, regulatory and legal interest in BPA a plasticizerwe conducted an evaluation of several consumer products to evaluate the possible perceived or actual human health risks.

Evaluated the possible historical hazards posed by producing phenolic resins which contained chrysotile. Inconducted a dose reconstruction to evaluate the possible exposure of those who loaded hoppers to manufacture resins which would eventually be used to produce products made from phenolic molding compounds.

Conducted a review of the literature regarding the evidence that diacteyl was the cause of lung disease in food flavorings workers.

Betweenwe evaluated the various studies and the evidence that suggested that exposure to diacetyl or in combination with other chemicals was the likely cause of one or more different occupational lung diseases.

Evaluated the risk to children posed by lead in various consumer products produced in China: Duringwe evaluated the content and possible release of lead from plastics and other media which are used to make a number of consumer products in the United States. Based on these data, a health risk assessment was conducted and the results were compared to various regulatory and non-regulatory criteria.

Evaluated the historical exposure of tire workers to benzene. We collected industrial hygiene data from a tire manufacturing plant and estimated the typical airborne concentrations in the facility over a period of about 30 years.

This study may result in a journal article on this topic. Evaluated the historical exposure of operators and craftsman at a multifaceted chemical manufacturing facility. Between andour firm has responsibility for designing and managing the research efforts to understand the domestic and international questions regarding health impacts of TWP.

About 2, tons per year of TWP are released globally each year, and questions have been raised about TWP presence in ambient air and sediment. Funded by the eight major tire manufacturers, studies of various types will be conducted in 5 large industrial nations over the next 3 years. Evaluation of the vehicle emissions from the M5 tunnel in Sydney, Australia. The evaluation focuses on how to best use exhaust fans and other control devices to minimize emissions into the surrounding neighborhoods.

The work was conducted throughoutand will continue into Client is the Sydney Regional Transportation Authority. A complex analysis with colleagues of the historical lifetime cumulative intake of asbestos for auto mechanics in the U.

The data can be used to understand the risk following low level exposure, since at least epidemiology studies are available for these cohorts.

The work was conducted inand the manuscript was published in a peer reviewed journal in A complex pharmacokinetic study of furan elimination from children exposed to excessive dioxin concentrations due to contaminated soil. Based on data collected from various studies conducted around the globe, a new model was built and validated.

The analysis will be published in The data will be submitted to a journal for publication. A study of the integrity of a mobile home with respect to its ability to keep carbon monoxide from the living quarters, as well as an evaluation of various safeguards. The investigation was conducted as a result of two deaths due to carbon monoxide. Many simulation studies were conducted under a number of conditions in New Mexico Nov.

A manuscript will be submitted when the reports are completed. Assessed the minimal lifetime cumulative dose of chrysotile needed to increase the risk of mesothelioma. Assembled the published literature and estimated the exposure of various cohorts to chrysotile. Determined that doses at least as high as those required to cause asbestosis were required to possibly increase the risk of mesothelioma; if chrysotile even had the capacity to do so.

Results were published in a peer reviewed journal in Analysis of the historical exposure of semiconductor workers to methanol. Inconducted both modeling and simulation studies to quantitatively measure the acute and chronic airborne concentration of methanol in the workplace. The results were published in a journal in Inconducted a simulation study that characterized the near-field and far-field airborne concentration of benzene exposure to workers who use reasonable quantities of mineral spirits.

Results will be submitted for publication probably in two parts; one addressing modeling, and one addressing the raw data. The work was funded by ChemRisk.

Evaluating the hazards of various occupations exposed to silica: Over about a 3 year periodwe evaluated the history of occupational exposure of sandblasters to silica and the evolution of the associate personal protective equipment.

This resulted in two peer reviewed publications. Assessment of the historical exposure to benzene associated with using the rust dissolver known as Liquid Wrench. The results were published in a peer reviewed journal in In addition, a companion paper describing our urinary monitoring study was also published.

Assessment of the possible human exposure to asbestos resulting from handling and opening boxes that contained clutches. Because of concerns about asbestos in the workplace, conducted a simulation study of workers who repeatedly handled boxes containing clutches by measuring both the acute and chronic airborne concentrations in the breathing zone.

The work was conducted in and the results were published in early Assessment of the possible human exposure to asbestos resulting from replacing gaskets in chemical piping and fittings. Due to concerns about asbestos in the workplace, evaluated the published and unpublished literature in order to characterize the range of exposures. The work was conducted inand the results were published in Evaluation of all available studies of asbestos air samples from on-board shipping vessels.

More than vessels were studied in an attempt to determine if the presence of asbestos in intact insulation released measurable concentrations of fibers. Work was conducted in and was published in a peer reviewed article in Evaluation of lifetime cumulative asbestos dose by mechanics due to brake wear debris. Between andcharacterized the historical exposure of mechanics to asbestos and brake wear debris. This particular study calculated the plausible range of lifetime doses for auto mechanics in the United States and Europe for the periodand compared those doses to other occupations.

The study was published in a peer reviewed journal in Evaluation of the possible human health hazard posed by benzene in soft drinks. In andthere were a number of reports regarding the detection of benzene in certain fruit flavored soft drinks. As a public service, conducted a pro bono sampling program and risk analysis of a particular manufacturer's soft drinks.

The results have been presented in a peer reviewed journal. A pharmacokinetic analysis of dioxin and furan elimination in children. Between andconducted an extensive analysis of published and unpublished data on the biologic half-life of these persistent chemicals in young children and adolescents. In collaboration with researchers involved in the Seveso incident in Italy, a pharmacokinetic model was developed.

Our resulting analyses could impact views about the hazard to children from eating dioxin contaminated soil. The analysis appeared in press in A proposed approach to characterizing the risks posed by airborne irritants in the work environment.

In andconducted a pro bono analysis of current methods for assessing occupational irritants, and proposed a new approach to setting occupational exposure limits. We were invited to present our results at an international conference in Cologne, and the paper describing the work was published in Assessment of ethylene oxide emissions from a hospital sterilizer Illinois. Inevaluated historical exposures to EO that may have occurred as a result of sterilizer use.

There were some allegations that acute and chronic health effects were observed in former and current workers. Duringevaluated the health risk to residents who might have ingested water containing various concentrations of dimethylnitrosamine and perchlorate.

The assessment was conducted at a former rocket test site. Assessment of possible human exposure to asbestos resulting from handling and opening boxes that contained historical brake linings. Because of concerns about asbestos in the workplace, conducted a simulation study of workers who repeatedly handled boxes containing brake linings by measuring both the acute and chronic airborne concentrations in the breathing zone.

The work was conducted inand the results have been submitted for publication. Assessment of the possible dioxin contribution to diet from ingesting wild and farm raised catfish. Questions have been raised about regional differences in the blood concentrations of dioxins in humans. In order to assess whether ingesting catfish might produce a typical fingerprint pattern and a typical contribution to diet, infarm and wild catfish were captured and assayed.

The results will be submitted to a journal for publication. This work was funded by ChemRisk. Evaluation of recent data on worker sensitization to beryllium.

Inconducted an evaluation of the past five years of industrial hygiene and biomonitoring data e. The results were published in a peer reviewed manuscript. Building upon 20 years of research on bioavailability, designed and executed a study to understand the various parameters that influence the release of these chemicals. Work was conducted inand was submitted for publication. An epidemiology study of contaminated indoor air California.

Inevaluated a concern by numerous employees in a large office building in San Francisco of a potential increased incidence of breast cancer in the workforce. Inconducted an analysis of how to determine whether WTC dust had entered a building and assessed the possible associated health risks at the former 90 Church Street site. The fingerprinting analysis was published in a peer reviewed journal.

Assessment of asbestos in brakes used in very heavy earthmoving equipment various locations. Inevaluated the published and unpublished literature regarding the characteristics of brake wear debris, as well as the likelihood of exposure to mechanics, involved in repairing heavy equipment. Assessment of asbestos in phenolic thermosetting resins National. Inwe were retained to assist a manufacturer in characterizing the exposure and risks posed by asbestos in thermosetting resins used to make Bakelite-like products.

A simulation study was conducted, and the results were published in a peer-reviewed journal. Assessment of benzene exposure by shipworkers various locations.

Inconducted an exposure assessment of persons who loaded and unloaded fuel oils from ships. The analysis was published in a peer-reviewed journal. Assessment of dioxin and furans in soils and sediments Midland, Michigan. Inconducted a comprehensive risk assessment of dioxins surrounding a former incinerator at the Dow facility in Midland.

In addition, provided advice on how to assess the human and ecological hazards associated with the presence of these chemicals in flood plains downstream of the facility. Assessment of historical exposure of craftsman in refineries to asbestos various locations. Inconducted a thorough review of the literature regarding historical exposure of various tradesmen to asbestos in the petrochemical industry and some others.

The results were presented at two conferences, and then published in a peer reviewed manuscript in Inwe were asked to help assess the current hazard of PAHs in soils to citizens living near a remediated MGP site. A risk assessment involving contaminated soils and vapor loss was conducted. Evaluation of asbestos release from gaskets Nationwide. Duringconducted a thorough review of the published literature regarding the possible release of asbestos during the handling and removal of gaskets from flanges, pumps, and autos.

This work was published in a peer reviewed paper. Assessment of PAHs in creosote treated wood Louisiana. Inconducted an exposure and risk assessment of persons who handled treated wood, as well as an assessment of the dioxins released from this wood when burned in fireplaces.

Assessment of efficacy of an air cleaning device for the home National. Inwe were retained by DuPont to characterize the human health hazards posed by various concentrations of PFOA in groundwater, ambient air, soil, and other media near their Parkersburg manufacturing site.

The analysis was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, presented at the First International Symposium on Fluorinated Alkyl Organics in the Environment Toronto, Canada in August,and is considered an important and unique study.

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Assessment of risks posed by asbestos in automotive friction materials National. Duringconducted a state-of-the-art evaluation of the toxicology, epidemiology, regulatory, and exposure components of the use of chrysotile asbestos in friction materials brakes and clutches in automobiles and trucks.

The assessment was a component of litigation involving major automotive manufacturers. This work has been published in a peer reviewed journal. Assessment of asbestos in glues, adhesives, coatings, and mastics National. Inwe were retained to assist Amchem, Inc. A simulation study was conducted, and the results were published in a peer reviewed journal.

Assessment of health hazards posed by CCA-treated wood National. Duringdirected a team that evaluated the possible human health hazards posed by contact with the arsenic, copper, and chromium present on the surface of treated wood.

maxus sandblasters air compressors direct

The concern of regulatory agencies and society was the risk to children who played on decks and treated wood in playgrounds. Assessment of thiocarbamate in wines California. Inwe were retained by the Wine Institute to evaluate the results of the recently completed NTP bioassay on thiocarbamate.

Conducted a screening cancer risk assessment to assess the possible impact on the wine industry. Dose reconstruction of benzene in the Pliofilm Rubber workers National. Inconducted an update of Dr.

Paustenbach's prior exposure analysis of this cohort, using Monte Carlo techniques and some recently discovered data. The analysis used virtually all of the available methodologies for characterizing the plausible range of exposures to this cohort. This analysis will be published in Toxicology and Environmental Health. Dose reconstruction of occupational exposure to benzene Texas.

Frombegan to conduct a retrospective exposure assessment of office workers at an acetic acid plant to about chemicals Exposure began in the s and ended in the s; data may be used in an epidemiology study. Some of the analysis was used in a personal injury litigation case.

The results were published in a peer reviewed journal. Epidemiology study of chromium VI Ohio. Duringserved as a science advisor on work involving the assembly of all available personnel, medical, and industrial hygiene data for the Painesville, Ohio, workers so-called Diamond Shamrock Cohort. The results of the research were used by OSHA during their reevaluation of the dose-response curve and cancer potency factors for airborne hexavalent chromium.

About four papers describing this work were published in peer reviewed journals. Evaluation of aerosol generating medical device. Evaluation of the eye irritation potential of a mining dust National. Inworked with a number of physicians to develop a sensitive methodology for evaluating eye irritation associated with various levels of exposure to airborne mining dusts. The methodology involved photographing the surface of the eye and using a computer to objectively scale the irritation level.

Ininvolved in work to evaluate the magnitude of the impact of MTBE on California groundwater. During the course of the evaluation, a number of papers were presented at conferences and published in the literature.

About 7 different papers were published in peer reviewed journals. Study of brain cancers in a large office building California. Inestablished a strategy for conducting a dose reconstruction and epidemiology study of the inhabitants of a formerly occupied office building in Southern California. The assessment was recently completed. Analysis of metals from degraded concrete in household dust Pleasanton, CA. Inconducted an analysis of metals in dust that had flaked off the surface of concrete in a home.

A risk assessment was conducted on behalf of the plaintiffs e. Assessment of hazards posed by coal tars in shampoo California. An exposure assessment was conducted and a deposition was taken. Assessment of chromium VI in groundwater California. During —, interacted with regulatory agencies to help characterize risk from chromium. A number of studies showed that chromium III and chromium VI were in groundwater throughout the state as a result of naturally occurring and industrial sources.

The concentrations of chromium VI were very low, but a public health guidance PHG value had been proposed. Assessment of dioxin emissions from oil refineries California. Fromevaluated data regarding the contribution of refinery dioxin emissions in air and water to the environment. Provided testimony to several government agencies on this issue.

Assessment of dioxin in soils near a former hazardous waste incinerator Midland, MI. Inretained by Dow Chemical Company to characterize the possible human health hazards posed by the historical deposition of dioxins and furans into soils downwind of their incinerator. The soil concentrations were in the range of ppt toxic equivalents TEQ. Bioaccessibility research was conducted on these soils and clean-up levels were derived.

A Monte Carlo-based risk assessment was conducted. Participated in community and regulatory meetings. A similar project may be conducted in New Zealand for Dow. Assessment of hazards to children from arsenic in playground soils National. Inretained by two national trade associations to evaluate the possible hazards posed by the leaching of arsenic into soils from timber treated with chromated copper arsenic CCA. This analysis was the first major health risk assessment related to the national initiative to specifically focus on the possible hazards of certain contaminants and media to children.

At least one paper describing our work was published. Assessment of lead and cadmium in talc and other baby products California. Assessment of lead in consumer products California. Inconducted scientific evaluations and supplied expert reports for claims involving ingestion and dermal absorption of lead at least 6 cases.

The suits generally focused on ingestion and dermal absorption. The media of interest included telephone cables, vacuum cleaner hoses, computer battery charger cables, and related materials. Assessment of risks posed by bioterrorism Virginia.

As a result of post-September 11, concerns, retained by a major credit card firm to evaluate the possible threat to their enterprise from chemically or biologically contaminated mail.

The evaluation identified the primary areas of concern, and suggestions were offered as to how to improve engineering controls and implement a more comprehensive protection program.

Inserved as a science advisor on this largest-ever risk assessment, which involved reconstructing the possible historical offsite exposures to the public as a result of 50 years of operations at the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Project is described in Chapter 14 pp. Inworked with Savannah River Nuclear Site and regulatory agencies to develop a program to assess the mercury burdens to the river and the need to comply with new TMDL guidelines. Infor the plaintiffs, evaluated the human health risks posed by treating frozen bacon and processed meats with methyl bromide.