Mk2 national meet at the pole

National Meet – The 10 Year Anniversary

mk2 national meet at the pole

National Meet – The 10 Year Anniversary. The 10 year anniversary national meet is due to take place in July Check back often for updates!. As you gather to pray around your school's flagpole don't forget to let us know how it 2. DON'T MISS THIS! See You At The Pole and Claim Your Campus are . At a.m. on September 12, , more than 45, teenagers met at school across the country would be creating their own national day of student prayer.

mk2 national meet at the pole

On September 11,at 7: Some sang, some read Scripture, but most importantly, they prayed. Like those first students, they prayed for their schools, for their friends, for their leaders, and for their country.

It began in the heart of God. God used the obedience of a small group of teenagers to ignite what has become an international movement of prayer among young people. Within the first few years, the movement began to spread to other nations through missionaries from the U. Students in more than 20 countries take part. In places like Canada, Korea, Japan, Turkey, and the Ivory Coast, students are responding to God and taking seriously the challenge to pray.

God is continuing to call His people to repentance and prayer.

National Meet 2018 – The 10 Year Anniversary

This movement began in Texas in by a small group of faithful teenagers and then spread all across the nation and now the world. Each year CLA students gather for prayer as we humbly seek for God's blessing upon our families, school, churches, and nation. This yearly event is also a good opportunity for teachers and students to pray with each other and for each other. Photos by Tim Cruz.

See You at the Pole - National Day of Prayer Task Force

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Strong student leadership is crucial to the success of your event. Make sure someone is covering every area of planning and leadership. What time will you begin on your campus—the publicized time of 7 a.

See You At The Pole™

Where will you gather on your campus? Flagpole or another place? Do you have an alternative meeting place in case of weather issues? Do you have more than one flagpole to choose from?

See You at the Pole

The strongest way to promote is a personal invitation. Make a list of friends to personally invite. Put up posters at church and at school. Get free publicity and clip-art for creating materials.

Posters and other resources are also available to purchase on this site. Be sure you pick up any promotional material that might have been trashed or vandalized.

Use these images on your Facebook, IM, Twitter, or web site. It is great to use at rallies, Bible studies, worship services, or other Christian gatherings.

mk2 national meet at the pole

The video is professionally produced, motivating, and has lots of options to show in different settings. Many groups sing worship songs, read Scripture, and give testimonies while forming a large circle, then break into small groups of three to five students to pray. No matter what you plan, commit the most time to prayer.

Northwest See you at the Pole

Student groups, individual churches, or a group of local churches can host a rally.