Real steel meet the robots reading

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real steel meet the robots reading

Real Steel is a American science fiction sports film starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota . considered Real Steel to have "a crazy premise," he accepted after reading the script and feeling it could be "a really humanistic sports drama." Basically if they're not walking or fighting, that's a real robot. . "Meet Atom", 3: Hendy Wijaya · 23 Oct · 4 min read In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you will be using various robots to fight against fellow robots in the boxing ring. Real Steel rocked us with its story of a boy bonding with a robot. And a big part of why the movie is Read on io9.​com · Recent Video from.

real steel meet the robots reading

The Dreamworks film takes place in the near future when human fighters have been replaced by mechanized pugilists. There are plenty of CG shots of the automaton ring warriors training and going at it round by round.

real steel meet the robots reading

But Levy had Legacy Effects construct working "real life" versions of the creatures via animatronics to interact with Jackson and the other actors on-set. During a recent press event for the flick, Levy said he was amazed at how well the robots worked and how easily his cast rubbed elbows with them. Legacy Effects built 24 robot puppet in total, including versions of the main "stars" Atom, Noisy Boy, and Ambush.

According to Legacy's statistics, each puppet contained more than individual machine parts, making for a final creation that weighed more than pounds. Each limb joint could be adjusted to let operators take control of the bots with puppet articulation rods. Legacy used digital design and sculpting software in house to turn around all of final creations in four months.

We had one scary moment early on in the first work where Ambush was fighting that bull in the opening of the movie. He was standing on the lift gate, and in the middle of the take, I guess his hydraulics system went haywire and his chin started lowering and it lowered all the way down as such that he crushed his own collarbone.

And his chin got stuck in his chest plate, and it was scary. So Charlie gets to forge a relationship with Max, or not. Really for Charlie this means having Bailey look after Max. Goyo is natural as the smart cool gamer kid, who is a fan of robot boxing and street dancing. Seems he also inherits his Dad's stubbornness.

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He also insists on calling Jackman, "Charlie". Max knows he is being played at least initially. Evangeline Lilly is beautifully understated and generative as Bailey.

Too bad she isn't given more to do, as well. She immediately is drawn to care for Max, because he is like Charlie, but void of his painful disappointments. In a wonderful scene she tells Max about the man Charlie was as a boxer.

Although, he was 25 and 19, unfortunately all by knockout, he battled toe-to-toe with the number 2 contender in the world. Her Bailey loves Charlie so much, and is waiting for him to step into the great man he can be. Jackman shades Charlie as a powerful man, who lives life fully, leaving nothing behind.

real steel meet the robots reading

Of course the glaring paradox is his relationship with Max. Screen and story writers John Gatins, Dan Gilroy, and Jeremy Leven strike the right tone with their "Real Steel", they know it's the people that inspire, not the stunning special effects. Director Levy touchingly focuses his narrative as well. Charlie's "Noisy Boy" is torn to shreds in an underground cage match.

While searching for repair parts in the junkyard, Max uncovers another robot, Atom. Atom is a second generation sparring bot, as Charlie points out to Max.

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So Atom is built to take punishment, not inflict it. Unfazed Max is determined to fight Atom in matches. Using his hacker skills Max merges Noisy Boy's voice command feature with Atom's Shadow Function—Atom can flawlessly imitate every movement he sees.

  • Puppeteers, CG meet to create 'Real Steel' robots
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Charlie trains Atom giving the robot the punching combinations and instincts of a human boxer. Zeus is programmed with artificial intelligence that learns from his opponents and evolves. Zeus's owner is the gorgeous and canny Farra Lemkova, well played by Olga Fonda.

Human instinct and courage is matched against calculated advanced technology. This is Charlie's last shot at greatness, and his chance to come to terms with his past.

real steel meet the robots reading

Jackman looks quick, strong, and lean. Too bad none of his boxer action sequences made it into the final cut.

real steel meet the robots reading

All this gives "Real Steel" a visceral authenticity. The real deal is Jackman and Goyo's heartfelt chemistry. Yes, that they become father and son is predictable.