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reba meet the parents cast died

The Consider Me Gone singer added, 'Daddy passed away last night in Next to him was a woman who is believed to be Reba's mother. . Curb Your Enthusiasm and Super Dave Osborne actor Bob Einstein dead at age 76 Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel announces she's expecting a baby boy. Actor Allusion: in the series finale, Reba grumps, "Why couldn't I be Dolly Parton? ?" Reba I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: By the time Kelly Clarkson The Other Darrin: Van's parents were recast after their first appearance. Betrayal · Censorship · Combat · Death · Family · Fate And Prophecy · Food · Holiday. It's not until Dan badmouths Reba that Van finally stands up to his father and calls The rest of the cast did seem to be trying to affect Southern accents during the .. An early throwaway line in Season 1 after his father died has Brock mention During the sixth-season episode "The Housewarming", Reba meets Brock at a.

Van's parents were recast after their first appearance.

reba meet the parents cast died

The second actor to play Van's father Mark Tymchyshyn looked younger and less intimidating. Screwed by the Network: Reba was the highest rated show on the WB, but when it merged with UPN to form CW, they were going for a different demographic, and it wasn't sure if the show would make it through the merge.

Despite a promising performance in its sixth season the show was the highest rated sitcom on the new network and increased the ratings from the shows previously slotted therethe show was cancelled since it was felt that it didn't hit the right demographics. And such moves seemed to have not gone unnoticed, if the following exchange was of any indication: If you take away loyalty and ethics from business, do you know what you got?

However, finances saved the show - The WB had renewed the show for two seasons the previous year, and the new network would be on the hook to the producers if a sixth season was not ordered. Certain episodes make it pretty clear it was made during the Turn of the Millennium.

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Not only do the characters occasionally refer to what year it is, George W. Where are you going? Just going to grab something to eat.

Okay, see you next year. Brock's father John D. The problem was that John D. Van's parents, but especially Dan, Van's father.

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In their debut appearance, they bribe Van with a new truck in order to convince him to leave Cheyenne and move back in with them. Van is so afraid of his father that he can barely even talk to him. It's not until Dan badmouths Reba that Van finally stands up to his father and calls him out on how he's done nothing but bully Van.

Later seasons see Van trying to reconcile with his parents, but none of his attempts would last.

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Brock's mother can't seem to learn Barbra Jean's name to the point that she never sticks to one misnaming. Hearing the right name doesn't make her correct it, probably because she hates the woman. Cheyenne constantly is drowning herself in alcohol after Van's football career was completely stopped due to his spinal condition getting worse, but she moves on after many pep talks and encouragement.

She briefly falls into Smoking Is Not Cool to distract herself from drinkingmuch to Reba's chagrin. Van never had an alcohol problem and initially was covering up for Cheyenne, but when he during a party tried to prevent Reba from drinking a single cup of alcohol all because she had taken a pill from Cheyenne's purse meant to discourage drinking instead of healing stress, Cheyenne asked him why not just toss the wine down the drain if he was feeling tipsy from drinking too much.

Van really cannot pass up on drinking too much. In the episode "For Sale, Cheap" Barbra Jean suggests that they should do Donkey Basketball at the next school auction, this is portrayed as another one of her crazy ideas, but as it turns out Donkey Basketball does in fact exist. Reba's trademark Oklahoma drawl, naturally.

The rest of the cast did seem to be trying to affect Southern accents during the first season Barbra Jean, especially. Most didn't work very well, so by the second season, they just gave up.

A Mistake Is Born: In an episode in Season Two, during a heated argument with Van and Cheyenne over their recent pregnancy scare, Reba forbids them from having another baby in her house and says she will not let them make the "same mistake" twice I. Cheyenne and Van are obviously hurt from her calling their daughter Elizabeth this and they call her out on it, though she denies it at first and this prompts them to move out.

At the start of the sixth season, Barbra Jean loses a lot of weight, causing Van to gawk at her a lot more, upsetting Cheyenne.

Barbra Jean's attempt at making Cheyenne feel better does no favor for the latter. Don't get upset, Cheyenne. You're like a bleached-out Melissa Peterman as Barbra Jean, though they only added the actual "and" credit to her name for the final two seasons. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Barbra Jean's account of a private investigator she hired to tail Brock during their separation: Also, Reba about Kyra's boyfriend's parents: They could be drunks, or convicts, or telemarketers for all I know!

As the Good Book Says Parodied in the episode "And God Created Van. This horrifies his very conservative family, especially Barbra Jean. She brings the Bible to him, saying she found a passage that might help him. If you look here at Matthew 12 Verse 3 "And Jesus says unto his disciples Do you want to spend eternity in a fiery damnation?! And a second later, we saw where she got the idea. Barbra Jean, you're not gonna get anybody to believe by hitting them with a Bible.

Oh, that's how my daddy did it. Really all over the place: In the last few seasons, Brock and Barbra Jean had their marriage collapse. He moved back out, they were constantly arguing, and Brock felt the only real way to salvage it was to pull The Baby Trap on Barbra Jean having his vasectomy reversed without telling her. Any real mention of Reba and Brock's marriage implied it was pretty bad as well, especially during the end. Alongside Brock's infidelity, Brock frequently skipped out on his and Reba's marriage counseling appointments, Reba was put on anti-depressants, and she talks so badly about the end of their marriage, you almost wonder why she didn't thank Barbra Jean for putting their marriage out of its misery.

reba meet the parents cast died

In all honesty, the healthiest marriage on this show was Van and Cheyenne, believe it or not, who seemed rather stable under all their arguing. They argue often, but there's no question about the authenticity of their love. One episode during Season 5 has each of them two taking turns complaining about the other in a therapist's office, embracing each other when they finish, and then getting told off for arguing soon after in the waiting area of said therapist's office and at the parking lot outside.

Played for Laughsit's not so much "berserk" as "reacting strongly". In one episode, Reba and Van see a therapist named David. It's "David", not "Dave"! Some might say this is more a case of Insistent Terminology.

Surprisingly, Brock doesn't put up with overt sexist comments. His chauvinistic father-in-law told one offensive joke too many and it led to Brock telling him off. Don't call Barbra Jean "Blondzilla".

Reba made that mistake and Barbra Jean was angry enough to hit her back, when she normally takes Reba's abuse and is intimidated by her. Van often mentions food and being hungry whenever he's on-screen. Reba in the episode "The Blond Leading the Blind", during which she tries to take care of herself while still recovering from an eye surgery "tries" being the operative word here, as drinking water out of a potted plant and spreading peanut butter on a sponge don't count as proof of the ability to successfully take care of oneselfwith Barbra Jean attempting to help Reba without Reba knowing.

Cheyenne blondJake brunetteand Kyra redhead. Van in "The Stakes Are High". Bow Chicka Wow Wow: Spoken as "bow chicka bow bow" as substitute for "sex", but the message still applies. After the school charity auction held by Reba and Barbra Jean turns out to be a big hit, Brock mentions that tradition dictates a celebration party must be held to commemorate the sponsors, where Reba is obligated to congratulate Barbra Jean and vice versa.

Reba tells Brock there's nothing she'd rather do, but waits till Brock leaves before whispering to herself: Cheyenne and Kyra both show shades of it. During the show, Cheyenne pulls herself out of that trope and ends up becoming a good wife and mother. It's commented on multiple times that, for all the misery Cheyenne endured- her teen pregnancy, a bout with alcoholism, shouldering massive responsibility when Van's football plans are ruined by injury- she came out on the other side a much better person.

Kyra comments how Cheyenne went from being a spoiled, shallow, superficial princess to a caring wife and mother. Later, when Cheyenne considers becoming a dentist, Reba tries hard to talk her out of it, believing she's irresponsible and flaky, only to change her mind when she sees how responsible Cheyenne is in taking care of Elizabeth. Later on, when she does abandon dentistry to become a drug counselor, it was portrayed in a sympathetic light as having her priorities change from "making a lot money" to "helping people.

I got my gum back. Barbra Jean is nearly the object of all of Reba's snarky remarks. Brock is hit with this the worst as he's the object of physical and emotional abuse from nearly all the cast members.

To add hilarity to his injuries, Reba's parents can only glare his way but are able to warm up to Barbra Jean, his mother dislikes how he ended up marrying a bimbo, Barbra Jean's father has many implications of wanting to shoot him even more when Brock stood up to him about misogynist jokes about Big Daddy's own wifeand Barbra Jean's brother Buzzer has such a deep and scary My Sister Is Off-Limits!

Cannot Keep a Secret: Barbra Jean is very lousy in keeping secrets under wraps from others. And if she barely hears said secret is a surprise, she will do everything to hear about it. Three particular occasions play this up more seriously.

When Kyra planned to move out with her and Brock at her new house. Barbra Jean could not stop giggling and laughing like crazy whenever she was questioned about her odder behavior until she broke.

When Reba and Brock tried to hide the Cayman incident from the Intimidating Revenue Serviceneither of them told on the other. Barbra Jean, completely hysteric about the heavy pressure, casually revealed the issue during a harmless coffee break with an agent outside their private conversations, landing them all in a heavy debt that almost forced Brock to move to Las Vegas.

When Jake didn't want Barbra Jean to know about his very complicated and elaborate Halloween prank on her mother, who considered Halloween pranks as a revered tradition in the family and lost faith in the lack of interest from everyone else. Everyone on the plan knew that Barbra Jean would have ruined everything from the start if she had known, so her obliviousness to the whole thing only added to it, albeit in her own exaggerated way.

Barbra Jean's announcement upon her entry though this lasts only one episode gets cut off by Reba once: And I'm — Reba: Oh, shut up and grab a doughnut! During the second season. Barbra Jean most definitely alongside her family her brother Buzzer is just strange and violent just like their father being a Gun Nutand Van occasionally as well. Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere: In one episode where Barbra Jean goes on a diet.

She later quits this job to work for Brock's arch-rival, Eugene, and helps Van and Cheyenne with parenthood and college plans. Reba also becomes more reflective, after attending an old boyfriend's funeral with Brock, she debates whether or not she made the right choice by marrying him at all. She also drew up a will after a near-death experience. A bombshell is dropped when Kyra, who had become increasingly distant when she spent more time with Brock and Barbra Jean due to all the attention Cheyenne and Van were drawing from Reba, plans to move in with them into their new house just four doors down from Reba's.

In the third season, Reba struggles to move on after Kyra's departure, even trying to permanently avoid Brock and Barbra Jean, before she reconciles with Kyra.

reba meet the parents cast died

However, Kyra's move strained their relationship and is at the forefront of several episodes; Reba even agreed to spy on Kyra at Barbra Jean's assistance. Things move from Kyra to Brock when he tells Reba he intends to sell his dental practice to play pro-golf, a decision that enrages both Reba and Barbra Jean, but one that Brock insists is because he is not happy with his life.

Fearing he will have another mid-life crisis, Reba develops empathy for Barbra Jean and opens up to Brock about her feelings after the divorce.

Meanwhile, Reba tries to help Cheyenne pick a major, and when she picks dentistry, Reba is initially unsupportive, but agrees to support Cheyenne after she insists she can do it. In the fourth season, Reba mediates between Brock and Barbra Jean, and while tensions are running high, Barbra Jean kicks Brock out of the house.

This allows Reba to develop more empathy for Brock, and in several episodes, she relates how he is going through the same pain she did during their separation. Brock uses this to suggest that she still has romantic feelings for him, which is supported by his therapist.

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To make things easier for Barbra Jean, Reba finally urges Brock to make a decision between playing pro golf and his dental practice-he chooses the latter to spend more time with Barbra Jean and Henry. Reba, convinced that Brock is finally changing for the better, begins to become more cordial to him.