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, branf, U.S. HISTORY CIVIL WAR Angle, A pictorial history of the Civil Meet the ABC monsters. volume 1 [videorecording] / produced by Animasia IP Pte Ltd. 53, , ccafi, F FURST, Spies of the Balkans: a novel / Alan Furst. , fralp, LP FIC PAR (MYS), Sixkill [text (large print)] / Robert B. Parker. - Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror. George Soros Eric Balkan. - City of Home Gordon. - Inn at Rose Harbor (with bonus short story "When They First Met") - Sixkill (Spenser Mystery). Robert B. Blood on the Snow: The Carpathian Winter War of DB 11 hours .. Young widowed mother meets mysterious man on Christmas. .. Sixkill DB Balkan doctor uncovers the basis for her grandfather's tales.

She leads the girls out to the hallway, leaving them to follow all the other children out of the building, then runs through the fire to save her daughter. Rose becomes the town pariah and is determined to find out what caused the explosion. That leads her down a very twisted path to a breathless conclusion. Scottoline has moved into Jodi Picoult territory here and does a damn fine job of it.

Convicted of killing a young boy while driving drunk, the elder Cusimano is now serving time behind bars but his sons have been convicted in the court of public opinion and are serving out their own figurative sentence. For Layla and Verna Elshere, life is no simpler. The two high school girls are the daughters of a local minister who recently went head to head with the school board in protest over the teachings of a popular instructor at their school.

Layla soon becomes obsessed with Patrick, seeking him out first out of curiosity and then something more. The consequences of this entanglement will have deep ramifications for both families. This latest from Braffet is compelling in so many ways. The trend of writing adult books with a child as main protagonist continues with this sweet and funny Southern debut novel. We meet CeeCee Honeycutt when she is about 7 years old or so. The reader may start out thinking the mom has some humorous personality quirks, but quickly we learn that there is something much darker and scarier going on.

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Pure escapist fiction, and a lovely way to spend a few hours. Pretty decent thriller from the author of two different mystery series. Also involved is an elderly fortune-teller Zorina who has a certain amount of ESP. As with most thrillers you have to suspend belief at some of the coincidences, i.

Tina Bender, gossip columnist for the L. Lately, though, someone has been less than pleased about making it into the papers.

But when the calls escalate to physical threats, and even murder, Tina has to admit that she could use some help on this one. This first in the new Hollywood Headlines series is a fun and sexy mystery. Scandal Sheet is sure to satisfy longtime Halliday fans and hook new readers as well. Hilarious and highly recommended. Will Frost, a successful British businessman is awakened one night from a sound sleep by a call from a woman telling him that he should immediately check himself out on Google.

Will does so and is plunged head long into a horror never before imagined by himself nor his wife Carla. He sees seven houses on a site created for him and told that he must visit them in order, or his daughter and her boyfriend will be killed. The couple ascertain that the two have been kidnapped and are being held captive. Will begins a trip to each of the houses as guided by directions on a laptop he carries with him.

He is told that he has to get an item owned by his daughter at each of the houses. The horror is that occupants of the houses have been brutally killed and left for him to discover and in most cases murdered just prior to his arrival. In the space of four days he is bounced from England to the U. S to the Far East and back again to England with no apparent rhyme or reason. We experience the complete exhaustion of the Frosts as each works via cell phone with the other in order to comply with the seemingly senseless directives of the killer.

Scare Me is a book that readers will finish in one sitting and end up exhausted from event after horrifying event coming one after another. Times is downsizing, and Jack is next on their hit list. Determined to go out with a bang, he goes after a story about how an African American teenager turns murderer.

This is one is painfully realistic to those of us in the newspaper industry. It turns out to be the biggest of his career, as he focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a year-old drug dealer in jail after confessing to a brutal murder. The kid might actually be innocent.

Slowly, as the evidence mounts, the team becomes convinced they have not one, but two serial killers, acting in concert. The pace picks up as the hunt intensifies. Thorne remains a morose and intense character, who thinks deeply about death and guilt. Another reviewer said this one has more red herrings than a fish and chips shop.

Only a master could evolve a character over a thirty-five year period, without even giving him a name. A real treat for existing and going to be Nameless fans. These stories fill in some of the gaps between the twenty eight novels and include one adventure never before published in English, only Japanese. This is the sort of book that defies characterization. The Linder family has ruled the small town of Rose, Kansas for generations, running the largest working ranch in the area and taking their responsibility as the biggest employer very seriously.

The Linders have several grown children who work in the family business as well. They have guardianship of their granddaughter, whose parents were killed during a home invasion when she was just a small child. The story starts twenty years after the murders, when the man who was convicted has his sentence commuted due to a technicality, and this small town is up in arms about it.

This cold case is at the heart of this story, but it is truly a character study of a small town and its inhabitants that move the story forward. A terrific read for any crime fiction fan, and book groups will find lots to discuss as well. Jody Linder was just three when her life changed forever: Her father was brutally murdered and her mother disappeared, never to be heard from again. The Linders have always been known for their generosity and charity towards folks who need a second chance.

It was this that left them vulnerable to Billy Crosby in the first place. When his son, Collin, fresh out of law school, uncovers gaping holes in the evidence, though, even Jody has to wonder if the man is truly guilty of murder.

As the truth about the night in question is finally revealed, Jody will have to face the realities that have long been hidden from her. In reading her fiction, you can imagine that you are there with the characters as the story unfolds. I also love her manipulation of the facts. In all honesty, trying to describe this book and do it justice is extremely difficult. In a genre that is full of vampire hunters and witches, she has given us superheroes: Joanna Archer, the central character in this tale, is the daughter of an agent of the light — a member of Zodiac troopparanormal division, Las Vegas.

Joanna knows nothing of this thanks to the fact that her mother disappeared shortly after her sixteenth birthday. New initiates of the Zodiac are typically trained as children. She soon discovers that she is also a descendant of the Shadows, the enemy of the Zodiac.

She alone is said to be the one who can rebuild the Zodiac and bring balance to the war between good and evil. Someone has stolen eight volumes from the locked room in which Gregory Pollexfen stores his treasures. Meanwhile, Tamarah as her groove back and is anxious to tell all, and Jake Runyon, has finally begun to emerge from the emotional shell after the death of his wife.

Runyon is trying to find the stalker who is after a Los Angeles couple. Another solid outing for the Grand Master. Two boys wearing ski masks shoot up a school killing seven. Then they barricade themselves in an office. When the SWAT team negotiates a surrender, only one boy is in the office. Two days later he names Jared Clark as his partner. Although Clark confesses his involvement, his grandmother is convinced he is innocent and hires Spenser to prove him so.

Anna Taggart, recent Colombia grad, is thrilled when she lands a teaching job at an elite private school. The majority of her students have high-priced tutors that are doing the work for them. She quickly begins earning more money than she would ever have made as a teacher. SCHOOLED is a hilarious debut novel with a view of the private schools and tutoring that could only be written by someone that has knows it personally. That said, Dashner drags readers along on yet another fast-paced adventure as the surviving Gladers are set to their next test of survival.

To add to their trials, a WICKED representative tells the boys that they have all been infected with a disease called Flare, which damages the mind and apparently turns people into crazed and violent killers. If the boys can reach their destination within the allotted time period, they will be rewarded with a cure. But just like the Maze, there are plenty of obstacles standing in their way. Hopefully all of the questions will be answered in book three, currently titled The Death Cure.

Originally published as Two for Tanner in paperback inthis hardcover reprint seems dated now but still a great read today. Tanner is the Korean War veteran with a head injury that destroyed his sleep center. Never having to sleep Tanner has plenty of time to become interested in hopeless causes, oppressed groups, obscure languages and exotic travel. In this fourth Tanner novel, he is in Thailand looking for a missing girlfriend, singer Tuppence Nagwa, an African-American beauty into the jazz scene.

She and her fellow musicians have been kidnapped by Communist insurgents, immediately after a major burglary of the local royal jewelry collection. Again, a great read or re-read. When they become stranded in the Wadi Rum and their Bedouin guide is murdered Gideon is accused of the crime.

In trying to clear him, Lily discovers that two oil pipelines run from Iraq through the desert to the ports on Mediterranean, one through Trans-Jordan that supplies the Allies, the other through Syria that supplies the Nazis. Syrians and Vichy French are raiding across the border, threatening to destroy the Trans-Jordan pipeline. At the same time Lily learns of a Nazi plot to kidnap and kill the eight-year old King Faisal of Iraq and take over Iraq.

Now, Lily and Gideon must act to protect the Trans-Jordan pipeline, sabotage the Syrian line, rescue Faisal to prevent the Nazi takeover of Iraq, and return safely for further adventures. Everyone in Glenfinnan knows about the Chattan curse: When his family disapproved of the union, the Chattan was forced to marry another. The girl, so fraught with anguish over losing her one true love, took her own life.

Harry Chattan is determined that he will find a way to break the wretched curse that has plagued his family before his brother is to become its latest victim. When Portia Maclean hears the story and learns that Chattan is offering up a hefty reward to any witch who can break the curse, she hatches a plan to swindle the addled noble. She poses as a witch and sets a meeting by moonlight with Chattan, but upon meeting him, Portia realizes he is earnest in his belief in the curse.

She abandons her scheme in hopes that Chattan will leave Glenfinnan without discovering her identity. Fate has other plans in store for Portia and Harry, though. A Novel in Pictures by Caroline Preston: Using vintage memorabilia including postcards, magazine ads, candy wrappers, menus and such, we follow Frankie from Vassar to Paris and back home again. Even Spenser gets a brief mention. Damn, Parker is good. After the deaths of her parents, Constance Langton receives notice that she has been named heir to Wraxford estate.

It seems that all other Wraxford descendants that would otherwise be considered for the inheritance have either died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The lawyer handling the estate recommends that Constance sell the estate, sight unseen, thereby ridding herself of a manse that has been plagued by tragedy.

He leaves her with his journal, outlining what he himself knows about the strange occurrences, as well as that of a woman named Eleanor Wraxford, nee Unwin. Constance becomes obsessed with the house and its history, especially Eleanor and the accusations that have befallen her. Will she survive the Wraxford curse or unravel the truth behind the years of paranoia and fear that have surrounded the estate?

Readers who enjoy the style and pacing of traditional gothic literature will love this book. Before she can learn more he is shor to death by a panic stricken Swiss Guard. Then the story begins to get interesting. First of a projected series involving various characters in Rome, this one takes the Da Vinci Code sub-genre to an entirely new level. Years ago, Gabriel Blackstone took part in a project called Eyestorm — a project using remote viewers to help solve various cases.

As one of the most talented remote viewers in the program, Gabriel was also arrogant an unwilling to cooperate with the team. His stubbornness leads to an accident that has haunted him ever since. Gabriel has not used his remote viewing abilities since he left Eyestorm. Then, Cecily Franck Frankie his former lover and friend from the project, approaches Gabriel with a request. Frankie is now married to a man named William Whittington.

His son, Robert Whittington, has gone missing and they want Gabriel to find out what happened to him. What he sees leads him to believe that Robert has been murdered. Gabriel follows his vision to Minnaloushe and Morrighan Monk, two charming and beautiful sisters who are hiding a secret.

This deliciously atmospheric novel is packed with secrets and suspense. Stanley the pseudonym for the writing team of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollop effectively mix the murders with cross-border drug smuggling and the circumstances surrounding an upcoming African Union meeting. With lesser talent, what would be stereotype figures come to life in this second outing for Kubu.

Another excellent police procedural, with extra mustard and some first rate deviled eggs. Able to travel incorporeally, Reyes appears to Charley at some of the most random moments.

Unfortunately, if Reyes succeeds, the results could be catastrophic—end of the world catastrophic. Charley also has a new case on the books. This is such a fun series. Jones cleverly blends PI mystery with paranormal elements while building her own mythology and world base for her Grim Reaper series, all with a seriously funny sense of humor.

His normally trustworthy medical examiner is having problems, which are crippling the investigation. Joe needs to help her and also work against a looming deadline before others lose their lives. An unusual but excellent blend of espionage and a police procedural in wartime.

Bernie Oster is an American born auto mechanic whose German parents returned to the Fatherland in He is in the Army only to save his life and longs to return to America. Both are conscripted into a commando unit operating disguised as American troops in Operation Autumn Mist, a last-ditch effort to defeat the western Allies in late by breaking through the lightly defended Belgium-Luxembourg region.

Frost is able to breathe life into his characters and make this more than just another war story. Charlie ends up shot and puzzled, but soldiers on in this non-stop thrill ride. Sharp can write and Charlie Fox is one kick-ass broad.

You will stay up late with this one for sure. It is a fun read, a glimpse into the emergence of the young man known, even then, as Reacher. Fans of the series know that Reacher was an army brat, and this story is set in when the family was stationed in Okinawa. It is a voyeuristic peek through the front window of that house, and will leave fans wanting more — the next book in the series, The Affair, comes out September 27th.

Charlotte and Anne Bronte are forced to travel to London to prove to their publishers that they are indeed two different authors. On the ride there, Charlotte befriends a strange young woman named Isabel White. The woman is suspicious and seems to be convinced that she is being followed.

Upon arriving in London, Isabel and the Brontes part ways. The police are convinced that it is simply a mugging gone bad. Charlotte has her doubts and those doubts are confirmed when she and Anne are attacked on the train home.

Charlotte quickly finds herself embroiled in a mystery that has more to do with the murder of one young lady. Though this is a completely fictional tale, Rowland has woven her story around actual events. All of this makes the narrative all the more believable. A fantastic period mystery.

Before she can really sink her teeth into it, however, she is shuffled over to the task of finding an IRA mole within the ranks of MI5.

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Despite her initial disappointment she soon finds the two cases are interrelated and, in fact, she must solve her task to enable the apprehension of the terror cell. Well written with lots of detail, it combines technical proficiency with believable characters and plots. That makes it even more of a thriller. Reading a Duane Swierczynski book is like looking at a Gahan Wilson cartoon.

It may be incredibly funny, and although you may not fully understand it, you just know it is going to give you nightmares. At the time I was a dead man impersonating an FBI agent. Brad Larsen, his latest dead guy, just may be the key for Farmer in his long going battle with The Association. An FBI agent unstuck in time is toying with him. A mysterious couple keeps trying to kill him and a mundane babysitting job is threatening to steer him into disaster. Definitely not your run of the mill work, and exceedingly good.

Imagine Buffy meets Tudor history with a very supernatural twist and you have an idea what to expect in Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor. Elizabeth is twenty-five and about to take her place as ruler of England when her secret heritage is revealed to her. As a descendant of Morgaine, Elizabeth and her mother both were born as Slayers. An entertaining read to say the least, and one that requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief.

Antoine and Melanie Rey were just kids when their mother, Clarisse, died as the result of an aneurism. As adults, the siblings never realized just how little they knew about the woman. But the trip sparks a memory for Melanie resulting in an accident that leaves her hospitalized for weeks.

Places: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

She recovers, but that one memory causes Antoine and Melanie to question everything they thought they knew about their family. Events in his life cause him to reevaluate his current situation as well as the life he remembers as a child and in learning more about Clarisse, Antoine also learns more about himself.

To be honest, I entered A Secret Kept with an expectation of a tale of mystery and suspense, as implied by the description of the title. Rather, the book is one of personal growth, of family relationships, and of moving on and coping with change. Lily Owen lives on a peach farm with her abusive father, T. Ray, and her nanny Rosaleen. She lost her mother in a tragic accident when she was four years old, and Rosaleen is as close to a mother, to a parent, that she knows.

They end up at an apiary and the bees make a beautiful metaphor for this sweet, yet somehow not sticky, tale. Inshe left the island for France where she married Alexandre, Vicomte de Beauharnais. Following the French Revolution, both husband and wife were arrested and imprisoned. Alexandre was sentenced to death by guillotine. Rose was saved, however, and reentered society. InRose managed to catch the attention of the already famous Napolean Bonaparte.

The two were wed that same year. Eventually, Rose, now dubbed Josephine by her husband, would become Empress Josephine. Although Josephine already had two children from her previous marriage, she was unable to give Napolean an heir and eventually, the two divorced.

But what happened behind the scenes? What was Josephine really like? Readers looking for an absorbing read with a hint of historical truth will enjoy this tale.

Dora has been trying to figure out her place in life for a while and her grandmother, Mimi, has been there all along, encouraging and supporting her. As Dora steps into her new role, she begins to fall in love with the store in a way that she never expected.

Eadie and Trevor worked things out and have moved to New Orleans where Trevor has been working on his novels. Unfortunately, the future is not so bright for these three ladies. Eadie has grown restless in the Crescent City and longs to return to Ithaca and Nita has doubts about her impending marriage. It has been almost one year since young Cameron Caleigh went missing when his mother fell asleep in the park.

One year of hoping, beyond all hope, that he will be found alive. Gabe Caliegh and his family have left their London home and taken up temporary residence in Crickley Hall, a home in the quiet village of Hollow Bay. Here, they hope to recuperate and begin to recover from their loss. Eve immediately dislikes the ugly and foreboding house and insists that they leave.

At the request of her husband though, the family decides to give the house a chance. Strange noises from a hall closet and the sound of footsteps in the attic keep the family up all night and the family soon begins to suffer from violently real nightmares. The Caleighs discover that the house has a terrible and tragic past. Ina great flood swept through the town of Hollow Bay killing sixty-three people. Of these, eleven were orphans sent to Crickley Hall to be cared for during the war.

Their caretaker, Augustus Cribben, was a violent and demented man. Now, heavy rains, similar to those that caused the flood of have started again and the spirits of Crickely Hall have awakened. James Herbert is commonly known as the King of British horror. The title is well deserved and although this particular book has yet to be officially released in the states, it is available in many specialty stores as well as online.

This is a great haunted house story that kept the cabin fever at bay during our most recent snowstorm. Ah, the joys of moving. Disovered a previously unread John Sandford. Top banking executive Daniel Kresge is shot and killed in a hunting lodge north of Minneapolis.

It is up to Davenport to sort though all the conflicting stories and discover the real culprit. After months away from her boyfriend, he returns to school to dump her on the very first day. When Lucy is approached by three heartbreakers who tell her there is a way to heal her shattered heart, she is understandably leery.

But when she sees the girls in action, she knows there is only one solution: Lynn Weingarten captures the craziness of teen adoration and obsessive love through her writing. The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is a light and breezy read for teens.

John Wells has lost it all — his wife, his child, his lover, his religion, and his job as a deep cover CIA operative. Now he is free-lancing, as much for the adrenaline rush as the money. The result is a fast paced thriller which the good guys i. In the course of an investigation involving the death of a local printer, Leo determines that the man is actually a suicide rather than a homicide. He does discover evidence that seems to point to blackmail as the factor that forced the man into his decision.

The man is drunk and Leo convinces him to put off the talk until they are both rested. These two men are just the beginning. Though Russia is in a state of change, someone is anxious to ensure that no one forgets the crimes of the past, and that includes the things Leo himself did as an officer of the state.

Tom Rob Smith is off to a brilliant start and will not disappoint fans of his debut, Child Both titles are an absolute must read for thriller fans. This book is good! Despite the morbidity of that premise, there is lots of humor and I found myself laughing out loud more than once.

Art restorer Gabriel Allon is the secret servant of Israeli intelligence in this seventh novel in the Allon series. While in Amsterdam, Allon and his former partner Eli Lavon come across a terrorist plot that centers around the kidnapping of the daughter of the U. This series just keeps getting better and better.

Someone is raping lesbians in generally gay friendly Eugene Oregon. When the dead body of Raina Hughes, a year-old social worker, is found, Detective Jackson gets the case. Jackson, the father of a year-old daughter and divorced from her substance-abusing mother, is particularly affected by the brutal attacks, all too easily envisioning his own daughter as a potential victim.

At first he suspects the father of the eight year-old boy Raina is trying to help, until additional evidence points elsewhere. Papiermache never looked so good! Featuring an array of fun techniques-including block, transfer, and open screen printing-this engaging guide offers a multitude of prettily designed projects.

Create a Primrose Skirt, a stenciled cushion, holiday wrapping paper and gift tags, personalized scrapbook covers, and more. Plenty of expert tips help guarantee perfect results every time. It is a worthwhile investment for any knitter interested in creating useful and attractive objects for themselves or as gifts or heirlooms.

Books dealing with gardening as well as decorating your house. Have a look below: Coleman ; photographs by Erik Kvalsvik. To provide fresh and varied salad ingredients, as well as to save money, many cooks are turning to their own back yards and creating a special salad garden.

All the homes presented in this beautiful book are distinctive and individual, but all share an intimate relationship with their setting — coastal homes, perhaps more than any other, embrace their natural environment, with inside flowing effortlessly into outside. The core balance diet: These include digestive, hormonal, adrenal, neurotransmitter, inflammatory, and detoxification imbalances.

From there, Pick guides you through easy lifestyle and diet changes customized to heal your specific imbalance. Throughout, you will learn how to begin living in a manner that encourages optimal health -without a lot of deprivation and stringent dieting rules — by achieving core balance from the inside out, and, of course, weight loss for life. There is also an abbreviated version of each routine for people in a hurry, new information on the stretching vs. This 30th anniversary edition features two-colour inks to better define the muscle groups helped by each stretching exercise.