The 3 ps in a relationship

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the 3 ps in a relationship

I have had some memorable times. I say it every time I talk about the men in my life, I love me some them. I thank them. We call these “The 3 P's”: To Provide for, Protect, and Please the These are a man's greatest desires when it comes to being in a relationship. Every marketing textbook tells you there are four Ps of marketing are three more Ps to remember — personal relationships, patience, and.

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This relationship paradigm has become starkly apparent in the fiercely competitive world of mobile telephony, where consumers are extremely tech-savvy and demand really high levels of service. Walking away from an unsatisfactory situation is always an option for the customer. For the operator, there is a very small window of opportunity in this moment to create stickiness, to add a personal touch.

Advanced device detection capability in the customer relationship management CRM platform ensures near instant access to information and intelligence from this data. The service agent attending the call is able to quickly understand the root of the problem. Handsets of this kind can be a bottleneck in sustaining and maintaining higher speeds of data download. As the agent reels out these details — the make, features, capabilities of the device in use and the need for change — it pleasantly surprises the customer.

The Men in my life: The 3Ps Profess. Protect. Provide. by Nina Mayers

For the customer, happy at the resolution and inspired by the display of knowledge by the agent, this is the beginning of a meaningful relationship. Three trends The evolution of CRM will be largely driven by three trends. These are, shared ownership of customer relationships across the organisation; the need to convert dispersed and diverse data into simple, coherent, exact insights that are actionable in real-time; the increasing consumer demand for personalised products and services.

The 3 Ps that will largely define customer relationships, therefore, are: What is true in life, is even more so with customer relationships. An individual is more likeable if they listen first and then talk. In the era of hour news cycles and social media, this is hard. Technology can help but only if you let it and it is possible to get lost in reams of big and small insights generated on social media and other platforms.

the 3 ps in a relationship

Herein lies the secret to working magic — companies must have a structure in place to ensure that every team is locked in to generate outcomes from such insights. Too often, the efforts will be concentrated on a particular subset because people responsible for technology are tied to a single business function. Customer-centricity requires every part of the organisation to participate.

I believe that you as a man may also read the book because it will help you to know what your woman expects from you.

The Three P's to a Great Date Night - Married and Young

I chose to use the 3Ps in this discussion because they summarize all the other things that you need in your relationship.

Profess This is the first of the three Ps that Steve explains about men.

the 3 ps in a relationship

The author argues that when a man loves you, he will confess that you are his to his friends, colleagues, business partners, and everyone that you may think of. If you are a woman, be keen on how your guy introduces you because this matters a lot. Although the right guy for you should profess who you are to him after the six months period, you need to be keen on how he does it. Some men may only profess when they expect to gain from the statement. Therefore, watch out for your guy and ensure that he professes you in the right manner.

A man who does not love you will not protect you because he does not have future plans for you. If someone hurts you, your man should step up and shield you by all means possible. If you are sick, your hubby should take you to hospital, buy you medication, and look after you when you have been treated. Provide This is the third and last P of how men should treat their women.