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suggest the structure of information in a database; the process effectively NP to extract hyponymic relationships between words. Here, NP hierarchy selects the appropriate part of the corpus to feed to the similarity. Rumor has it that Harrison is grooming him as his own successor. Often it seemed to be sleeping while the grooming was performed. The feeding and grooming. Synonyms for foster at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for foster.

It means 'not proud' and it means 'near the ground. He's not proud and he's near the ground. Choose student volunteers to share the Visual Thesaurus definitions they chose for each of the words in the chart. Read aloud the following quotation and ask students to consider how the words Charlotte used to describe Wilbur made Wilbur feel about himself: Elicit from students positive, complimentary adjectives that they would like to "live up to" and write the resulting list of words on the board to serve as a word bank for the following guessing game.

If students mention common adjectives, you could use the Visual Thesaurus to find related synonyms that are more advanced vocabulary words for your word bank. Playing an adjective guessing game: Organize the class in partnerships. Using the word bank of complimentary adjectives on the board, have each student secretly choose one to describe his or her partner. Have students look up the adjective on the Visual Thesaurus and print out its web-like word map. Without revealing the words to partners, have each student tape the word map on his or her partner's back.

The object of the game is for each student to guess the adjective taped to his or her back. Students should freely move about the room asking their classmates to give them synonym clues about the hidden words.

The Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Programs and Websites

Classmates can supply synonyms of the word to the student from the word map without revealing the actual word until the student guesses it. Share the following excerpt from a letter E. White wrote about how he was inspired to write Charlotte's Web: If you write anything or play word games, dictionaries, thesauruses, and other reference tools can come in handy. Dictionary and thesaurus programs and websites allow us to go beyond the dated, printed dictionary. You can find so much more up-to-date information on the web without having to buy dictionaries and other reference books.

The following programs and websites provide useful reference tools for free. Offline Desktop Software The following software programs are offline programs you download and install on your computer. Some of the downloads may be large because the programs include the full dictionaries with the program for offline use. Ultimate Dictionary Ultimate Dictionary is a free dictionary program for Windows that is easy to install and use. It contains a collection of around 61 dictionaries, which includes dictionaries, thesauruses, and glossaries, as well as English, Spanish, French, and Polish word references.

When you type a word into the search box Ultimate Dictionary, it looks for it in all the dictionaries it contains at once and provides a meaning from each dictionary in which the word was found in the right pane.

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The results start to display as you type the word with hints provided for matching words. Quickly jump from one information source to another translations, encyclopedia entries, glossaries simply by clicking the Jump to Dictionary button and selecting a reference source from the list on the left.

WordWeb WordWeb is a free dictionary program for Windows that provides a dictionary and a thesaurus. WordWeb provides a keyboard shortcut that allows you to look up any word anywhere on your computer.

WordWeb also has access to online references that include Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb Onlineallowing you to access word definitions on the internet.

You can also access a history or your word searches, copy the results of a lookup, and click on any word displayed in WordWeb to display a definition of that word. WordWeb is free, but they have a very unique licensing policy that you must satisfy to continue using the free program. Otherwise, you must purchase WordWeb Prowhich includes more definitions and many extra features.

Is this a glossary, a lexicon, or a thesaurus? How to tell them apart.

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus TheSage is a free offline dictionary and thesaurus that contains a large dictionary of more thandefinitions, as well as a complete thesaurus providing over 1, relationships between definitions, including synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, meronyms, holonyms, and more.

TheSage has a tabbed interface, allowing you to look up multiple words at the same time. You can also search using wildcards and refer to a history of your searched words.

The program also integrates into the Windows context menus, providing quick access to definitions from almost anywhere on your computer. Other features include access to online references such as Wikipedia and Google for definitions and translationan anagram search, real-time search, system tray integration, and the ability to run TheSage from a USB flash drive.

The Power of Words in "Charlotte's Web"

LingoPad LingoPad is a free offline dictionary for Windows that contains a German-English dictionary, as well as other dictionaries that are available for download. You can import your own dictionaries, define your own, and create and edit word lists. The search feature allows you to search for the beginning, ending, or middle part of a word, search for collocations, and view a list of the latest search words. You can also use a hotkey to search for a tagged word or a word from the clipboard.

There are direct links to look up words on Wikipedia and various search engines. Currently, LingoPad is only available for Windows, but there will be no further development of LingoPad only for Windows in the near future.

Each of these links takes you to a definition and example of the relative category. When you select a relative in Artha, its corresponding definition is scrolled to and highlighted for easy understanding.

Artha starts searching as you start typing, displaying a list of possible matches from what you have typed so far. If you misspell a search word, Artha provides near-match suggestions.

Is this a glossary, a lexicon, or a thesaurus? How to tell them apart. - In My Own Terms

Once you launch Artha, it sits in the system tray. You can look up words from any open window by selecting the text and pressing a pre-set hotkey. When using the hotkey, you can choose to have Artha show a passive notification, or balloon tip, so you can quickly continue what you were doing.

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Artha maintains a history of all your search terms and provides Previous and Next buttons so you can easily browse through your searches. Aard Dictionary Aard Dictionary is a free offline dictionary and thesaurus program that allows you to look up meanings for difficult words using multiple dictionaries in multiple languages.

You can add more than 50 different dictionaries to its database. Some of its features include on-the-fly searching and filtering capabilities, the ability to view a history or recent searches, the ability to zoom in and out of contents, and fast word lookups. For words found on Wikipedia using Aard Dictionary, the full article is displayed and you can save the Wikipedia article as an HTML document on your local hard disk. Aard Dictionary also provides many keyboard shortcuts for those of you who prefer using the keyboard over the mouse for navigation.

It also supports looking up and listening to pronunciations using the pronunciation guide, forvo. You can lookup words selected in other applications or translate a word from the clipboard using hotkeys. Lingoes Lingoes is a free, easy-to-use dictionary and text translation program that offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation and pronunciation of words in over 80 languages.

You can also select text in other programs and windows and use a key combination to have Lingoes to display results for the selected text. Lingoes provides free dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias for download and allows you to configure them yourself. In addition to using offline dictionaries, you can also use online dictionary services and encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. Lingoes also includes tools and references, such as a currency converter, international dialing codes, international time zone converter, weights and measures, and more.

You can download additional tools, information, games, and shortcuts. Mobysaurus Thesaurus Mobysaurus Thesaurus is a free, offline, English thesaurus program that contains 30, roots and more than 2.