Who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

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who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

Let's take a look at the mythology behind the Greek Underworld known as Hades. Odysseus follows her orders, travels to Hades, and makes animal sacrifices. The first shade and friend of Odysseus that we meet in Book XI is Elpenor, Or, is the introduction to the Underworld carried out with Elpenor simply to make the . While Odysseus meets many figures from his past and his culture, there are a few that hold key lessons for Odysseus. His first lesson is one of.

who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

In my opinion, it is extremely noteworthy that Elpenor is the first shade that Od ysseus meets during his descent. Elpenor, you on foot were faster than my ship. How did you reach this shadowed land Mandelbaum, Either is a strong possibility.

Odysseus next sees the shade of his mother, Anticleia, but does not yet speak to her.

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Instead, he speaks with Tiresias. After speaking with Tiresias, Odysseus then speaks with his mother.

who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

He attempts to embrace her three times, failing at every attempt, as her shade escapes his grasp. His mother reminds him of his wife and son, Telemachus, and urges him to return home to them.

who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

Steadfast within your house she stays. Her dreary nights and days are wept away Mandelbaum, I think she serves as a simple reminder to him to continue with his real mission, which is to finally return home. If Odysseus is to land again on Ithaca, he must eschew the impulses that seem to make a great warrior like Achilles, and practice a cunning that will allow for a surreptitious return, not necessarily characteristic of a great warrior.

who does odysseus meet in the underworld first

While Odysseus will be successful with this first directive, he ultimately fails in the second, allowing his crew to meet their doom.

Odysseus will cunningly employ the latter before allowing the suitors to know that the lord of the manor has returned, unlike the unfortunate Agamemnon.

Finally, Odysseus learns that his return to Ithaca will not mean the end of his wanderings: More on this later. After learning of his future, Odysseus speaks with the shade of his mother Anticlea.

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While Odysseus meets many more shades — Heracles, Agamemnon, Sisyphus, Ajax, among others — one in particular strikes me as most important: The greatest Greek warrior becomes the mouthpiece of the Odyssey in his brief interaction with Odysseus.

Achilles speaks what could be the motto of the Odyssey: Let me hear no smooth talk of death from you, Odysseus, light of councils.

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Better, I say, to break sod as a farm hand for some poor country man, or iron rations, than lord it over all the exhausted dead. Indeed, Achilles learns a wisdom in death that his rage blinded him to in life: While Odysseus does not react to this speech explicitly, it does become a part of his drive to survive and overcome.