Did curtis young meet his father dr dre

Curtis Young Talks Childhood In Compton, Meeting His Father Dr. Dre

did curtis young meet his father dr dre

In an interview with XXL magazine, Curtis Young, Dr. Dre's son, revealed that he will be playing his father in an upcoming Dogg Pound biopic. Their debut album was titled, what else, “Dogg Food,” and was released in . In Curtis met my client Mystro who was a music producer Curtis and. Curtis Young Talks Childhood In Compton, Meeting His Father Dr. Dre On finding out Dre was his father: “I was very protective with my mom. Andre Romelle Young:1 (born February 18, ), known professionally as Dr. Dre, is an . (born December 15, ). Curtis was brought up by his mother and first met his father 20 years later, when Curtis became rapper Hood Surgeon.

Hi Curtis — thanks so much for your time. How are you and how has life been treating you? I have also been developing my own companies exploring film and production called Son of Chronic so that has been keeping me busy and of course developing my own artists and just making sure everything is running right.

So it basically tells the story of how I had the DNA testing done and found out that my real father was Dr Dre and I guess from that point on I realised that the music talent I had inside me all along was something I knew I was meant to do.

I mean I was always into music before finding out who my dad was but I always thought I would pursue a career in professional football laughs but as it turns out is not the case.

Curtis Young Talks Childhood In Compton, Meeting His Father Dr. Dre

I got into the music at a young age and after that argument lead me to the truth I just wanted nothing more than to meet my dad. I did my best to write this album that allows the fans and the curious alike to understand my story of who I was before I met my father and the journey I was on way before I met him.

Eazy-E and Dr. Dre SON's 1st meeting at Serious Pimp Records talking about putting "NWA 2" Together!

Can you describe who Curtis Young is as an artist and a young black man navigating the waters of modern day hip hop in America? The best way to describe who I am is like this, I am a young man who likes to have a good time in life, I like to be positive and I like to understand the obstacles of life and how to overcome them.

did curtis young meet his father dr dre

How have you ensured that you remain an artist in your right, away from the celebrity of your father and stay authentic and true to your destiny? I would have to say by not following his same footsteps and staying in my own lane.

He Grew Up in Compton Not Knowing His Dad Was Dr. Dre — Then His Life Changed Forever

Can we touch on how things are progressing with the relationship with your father Dr Dre? I have read a few interviews and articles where a lot of speculation about your relationship with your dad and how you came to find out about him? Not wanting to add to the rumour mill but can we talk about how you found out about your dad and how your relationship is going given your both in the hip hop music world?

Dre was his real dad. Recently, NextShark spent the day with Young, now 33, who told us about his childhood and what the years leading up to meeting his father for the first time was like.

He also gave us a tour of Compton, California, where he was born and raised. Dre was rising in fame and success, Young was facing the challenges of growing up on the tough streets of Compton. There was definitely a lot of trials and tribulations. Growing up in Compton, if you wanted to be a part of a gang, you can easily jump into it.

We had friends who were involved with gangs, but they went through struggles like going in and out of jail — some of them are not here with us. I wanted to do something different with my life. You wanna know who your real daddy is? Your real daddy is Dr. It proved to be extremely difficult to get in touch with the rap star, however. She stated that she had gone to Hawaii before the end of for a few weeks to work with him on "so many things" including his upcoming album and a project of her own among other unspecified projects.

Dre's third album is no longer called Detox, but didn't reveal the new title. Parker also refrained from revealing the new title because of the fact that the title hadn't been leaked online. He also told Shots Fired that there are as many as beats that have been created for the album over the years, but few of them have had vocals recorded over them. Dre's business and entrepreneurial ventures having interfered with recording work, as well as causing him to lose motivation to record new material.

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Straight Outta Compton film and Compton album On his Beats 1 radio show "The Pharmacy" on August 1,Dre announced that he would release what would be his final album, titled Compton.

It is inspired by the N. It was released exclusively for iTunes and Apple Music on August 7. A physical version was published on August He also revealed that he suffers from social anxiety and due to this he remains secluded and out of attention. Dre will additionally be an executive producer [] on the show. Dre made his first on screen appearance as a weapons dealer in the bank robbery movie Set It Off.

Dre also appeared in the movies The Wash and Training Day. Dre also appeared on two other songs "On the Blvd. In February it was announced that Dr. Dre would produce dark comedies and horror films for New Line Cinema -owned company Crucial Films, along with longtime video director Phillip Atwell.

Dre announced "This is a natural switch for me, since I've directed a lot of music videos, and I eventually want to get into directing. Dre produced Straight Outta Comptona biographical film about N. Dre logo In JulyDr.

did curtis young meet his father dr dre

Dre released his first brand of headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre with some HP laptops and headsets. Dre announced the deal on October 9,at a press event in Santa MonicaCalifornia. Dre the "richest man in hip hop", surpassing Diddy.