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Flesh and Stone was the fifth episode of series 5 of Doctor Who. When questioned what the crack really is, the Doctor repeats "the end of the . Amy retorts that she was thinking of a one-night stand, not a relationship. .. the Black Spot • The Doctor's Wife • The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People • A Good Man Goes to War. Want to catch up with post Doctor Who but don't have 85 spare hours to watch leaving you with absolutely zero desire ever to watch the boring/silly/just plain . to the Time War's massive conflict in The Doctor's Wife and The God Complex. . This series of short episodes pads out the story of the Doctor's relationship. by James Blanchard "The Rebel Flesh" and "The Almost People" – the two-part but mostly the interest comes with the Doctor, and how, by the end, as two separate things, but their relationship is never properly constituted.

Jennifer is ordered to her harness by Cleaves; a small amount of Flesh pours into a tub attached to it. Eyes and a mouth form as the Flesh compresses into Jennifer's shape and colour begins filling in. After Jennifer's Ganger emerges, the Doctor jokes, "I see why you keep it in a church ; the miracle of life. The Doctor asks for the location of the security systems, being informed by Jennifer where they are. Investigating with Amy and Rory, the Doctor notes that the factory runs on solar energy; when the wave hits, there will be a debilitating power surge.

I never thought I'd get to say that again," the Doctor laughs, heading to the roof to the weathervane. However, despite his best efforts, the Doctor arrives too late and is knocked unconscious, falling to the ground as the solar storm hits. As the power surges, the Gangers flicker between their full human forms and semi-Flesh forms. The Doctor gets to experience firsthand how Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity again. The Doctor awakes to see the weathervane gone and its stump smoking.

Going off in search of the others, he finds Cleaveswho is deeply shaken and concerned for her team. They move back into the monastery, with the Doctor asking Cleaves how long they'd been unconscious; when she replies a few minutes, he insists that it has been at least an hour and that a lot could happen in an hour.

Amy and Rory awake on the floor of the Flesh room and return to the harness chamber, where they find the rest of the team shaken after the power surge. Jennifer is in a state of shock, and Rory comforts her. The Doctor and Cleaves eventually join them. Cleaves informs the group that the Gangers should have melted into their pure Flesh forms, but the Doctor is uncertain — especially as Jimmy's records start to play throughout the monastery.

It seems that the Gangers are controlling themselves now. The group runs to the dining hall, which has been ransacked; the Doctor explains that the Gangers were merely searching for confirmation of their identities. The group has trouble accepting this and believe themselves to be in danger, with Buzzer citing a previously recorded case of Gangers going crazy ; however, the Doctor shrugs this suggestion off.

Seeing a house of cards Buzzer says was a trick taught to him by his grandfather, the Doctor explains that Buzzer's Ganger was taught by his grandfather as well; they have the entire identities of who controlled them in their heads.

The Doctor tells everyone that they've willingly bequeathed their lives to their doubles; they are dealing with the miracle of life, not a mess that needs to be mopped up. Jennifer feels ill and rushes to the toilets, closely followed by Rory to keep her protected from crazed Gangers.

In the toilets, Jennifer vomits up Flesh while Rory has his back turned; terrified to realise that she's a ganger, she runs into one of the cubicles.

As Rory steps in front of the sink and spots the Flesh, Jennifer's arm punches through the door of the cubicle and narrowly misses hitting Rory in the face, demonstrating tremendous elastic ability. Her neck also extends through the hole in the door, and she screams, "Let us live!

In the dining hall, the Doctor heats up a plate of food as Jimmy suggests arming themselves against the Gangers. The Doctor wonders if Jimmy is a violent man; when Jimmy replies in the negative, the Doctor explains that there is no reason to assume his ganger will be.

That Have Bred The Most Terrible Things (The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People)

The Doctor hands Cleaves the hot plate, though she doesn't react to this until he mentions that it is hot, at which point she drops it. Confused as to why she didn't feel the heat before, the Doctor calmly explains that her nerve endings haven't finished attaching yet, but that she'll stabilise soon enough. Cleaves turns away; when she turns back, she reveals her Flesh form.

The workers demand to know where the real one is, but Cleaves runs out screaming. Amy reminds the Doctor that Rory is with Jennifer, who was out of her harness. If you know me, you know I like Marx, and perhaps Matthew Graham does, too; despite requiring it to create value, capital consistently and persistently seeks to exclude labour from the production process and keep its costs as low as possible.

Morpeth-Jetsan, then, has found a rather radical way of separating labourers from their work: They are cheap, expendable tools of production, even the acid suits being of greater worth than the Gangers. He is so far removed from the product of his work that his own life can be sacrifice to it, and it has no bearing on his spirit whatsoever.

To be frank, nothing in this story is perfectly definitely. Ambiguity permeates through the entire ninety minutes, for better and worse. The Marxist, proletarian angle is kind of hard to get a handle on when the two sets of characters — both embodying parts of oppressed and oppressor — are identical. A kind of narrative fuzziness hangs about both parts, in the structure and the sci-fi elements, just as the chocking gas hangs about the castle.

Space, time, and geography are all remarkably loose. I have a sense that, perhaps, the story should have simply started at this moment, and played into the prevailing sense of amnesia about the whole thing.

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The lights go out. When they return, Octavian is trapped in an Angel's stranglehold. Knowing the Doctor cannot save him, Octavian tells him River is in prison for murder and he shouldn't trust her.

As the Doctor flees, Octavian's neck is snapped. River tries to get a teleport working as the Doctor explains the cracks. When she challenges his ideas, he responds with growing rage and tells her the teleport is useless. Amy huddles alone in the forest, blind and with nothing but the communicator. The Doctor contacts her; Amy must make her way to the flight deck. The Angels can only kill her, but the crack can erase her from time.

He sends software to the communicator to guide her. Terrified, she slowly makes her way across the forest, soon surrounded by the army of Weeping Angels fleeing from the crack. In their own terror, they do not realise her eyes are closed and their defence mechanisms kick in. They figure it out, though, when Amy trips over a root on the ground. They slowly remove the statue guise and move in to kill her.

Just as an Angel reaches towards Amy, River thankfully gets the teleport working and transports her to the flight deck. The Doctor tells River he could kiss her out of happiness, but River tells him to wait until he's older.

An alarm goes off, confusing River. The Doctor says its warning the ship is low on power, which means the flight deck will open. The wall lifts up, revealing the Weeping Angels all snarling at them, except for Angel Bob; "Bob" explains the crack will destroy their reality if left unchecked.

The Angels have calculated the crack will close if the Doctor throws himself into it. When asked why he should help the Angels, "Bob" tells him it will save River and Amy as well. River, as a time traveller, wants to take the Doctor's place, but he laughs — she is not even as complicated as one Angel and it would take all of them to equal him. He tells her to get a grip. River continues to protest, but the Doctor tells her to seriously get a grip. River deduces his "genius" plan and has Amy grab onto the console, warning her not to let go.

Angel Bob repeats his request for the Doctor to sacrifice himself, but the Doctor reminds them that they've been draining all of the power on the ship, including that of the artificial gravity; with the words "Night-night", the Doctor grabs onto the console and the ship's gravity fails.

The planet's gravity field takes over in its place, sending the Angels plummeting into the crack while the Doctor watches in delight. The crack glows brighter and closes. Later, another squad of Clerics cleans up the camp outside the temple while Amy sits nearby, complaining of aches from climbing out of the Byzantium with her eyes shut. The Doctor likewise did so; Amy tells him that he didn't have to do that. Since the Angels fell into the crack, the one in her mind never existed now.

Amy wonders why she remembers them and the Clerics when they never existed at all; the Clerics all forgot each other and walked straight into the crack. The Doctor explains that, as a time travellershe now sees things differently. The Doctor goes to River, who has been handcuffed. She is prepared to teleport up to the prison ship, hoping to have done enough to earn a pardon.

The Doctor admits that Octavian told him of River's crime that she murdered a man. When further stating that Octavian told him the victim was a good man, she replies that he was the best man she ever knew. The Doctor asks if he can trust her. River laughs, saying he can if he wants to He thinks she means for good, but she insists she has something to show him. I'm running from something, too.

Amy shows him her wedding dress and engagement ring; she is getting married in the morning to Rory Williams. Amy kisses the Doctor. Amy says that she needs comforting, after the recent events. She tries to explain to the Doctor "who" she wants, but the Doctor hasn't a clue as to what she is talking about. Seeing he is not going to get hints, Amy tries to kiss him, but he dodges her and stands up. She continues to allude to sexual connotations, all of which the Doctor nervously attempts to fend off.

He rebuffs her advances by protesting that he is years old and the kind of relationship she wants will never work out between them.