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dora meet diego closing

Spinoff series include Go, Diego, Go!, which centers around Dora's titular cousin, and Song: The Japanese version uses "Sound Space Scope" as its ending theme song. . Easter Bunny: In "Dora's Easter Adventure," the characters meet the. Opening To Dora The Explorer Meet Diego VHS. Opening to Dora the Explorer Meet Meet Diego Dora vhs closing. Opening To Dora Ending theme, various closing themes Related shows, Go, Diego, Go! .. Contains: Dora's Backpack, Little Star, Happy Birthday, Mami!, Meet Diego!, Dora .

The bilingualism is Hebrew-English. Hindi - In the Hindi language version, Dora and the other characters speak Hindi. It broadcasts on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Dora teaches the viewers English words and numbers. Hungarian - In the Hungarian -language version, Dora and the other characters speak Hungarian with some English words or phrases.

It broadcasts on Nickelodeon Hungary. The bilingualism is Indonesian-English.

dora meet diego closing

The bilingualism is Irish-Spanish with Dora and Boots speaking in Irish and some other characters speaking Spanish as in the original American version. Italian - The Italian language version broadcasts on Italia 1 and on Nickelodeon. The bilingualism is Italian-English. The series is called Dora l'esploratrice "Dora the Explorer". Most characters speak Italian, but some characters and especially Dora's parents and backpack speak English along with Italian. Japanese - The Japanese language version broadcasts on Nick Japan.

The bilingualism is Japanese-English, with Dora and Boots speaking Japanese and other protagonists speaking and answering in English. Kannada - The Kannada language version broadcasts on Chintu TV and is a very popular program on that network. Hindi is the second language in this version. The title is "Hi Dora" and is introduced by a real person whose name is Dami - she introduces key English vocabulary for each episode.

The episode is primarily in Korean with some English. The bilingualism is Macedonian-English. Malay - The Malay language version broadcasts on TV9. The bilingualism is Malay-English. Dora speaks primarily in Malay, and the secondary language is English.

Norwegian - In the Norwegian language version, the bilingualism is Norwegian-English. Polish - The Polish language version broadcasts on Nickelodeon in Poland. The bilingualism is Polish-English. On Nickelodeon BrazilDora and Boots called Boots in the Portuguese version and Botas in the Brazilian version speak Portuguese and the other protagonists speak and answer in English. Some Portuguese episodes are available on DVD. Persian - The Persian language version broadcasts on Persian Toon.

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The bilingualism is Persian-English. The bilingualism is Russian-English.

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The series is called Dasha-sledopyt "Dasha the Pathfinder". Dasha is the children's name of Daria Darya. Serbian - The Serbian language version broadcasts on B The bilingualism is Serbian-Spanish. Dora and Boots called Botas speak Spanish and the other protagonists speak and answer in English.

Toucan only speak English.

dora meet diego closing

See "Reading Is Cool" Aesop below. Done regularly whenever she addresses the viewer, though it's justified as the show originally was supposed to be set in a computer game.

This then leads into a ten second pause during which she stares directly at you waiting for a "response from the viewer. Dora's voice is probably better known than she is. Then again, she does spend a lot of time outdoors. For any of Swiper's gadgets in "Dora's Got a Puppy".

The episode "Backpack" has Dora flashbacking to the day she first got Backpack. Dora the Explorer embarks on a trip in every episode, where she uses her map to travel anywhere from through the jungle to over a mountain. Why the hell doesn't Dora simply go around the obstacles her Map shows her, instead of wasting time moving through them? Because then, the writers wouldn't have a show.

Justified with bridges and rivers, since you can't exactly go around them. Also justified with large obstacles. In reality, it would take twice as long to go around something like a lake, rather than just go across it. The ants and spiders say what they are, as do the crabs in "Beaches" and "Best Friends Day", and the snowmen, snowballs, and storm clouds in the fairy tale episode.

The Power of Friendship: Pops up every now and then, but becomes a part of the main plot in Dora's World Adventure. Even Swiper has a weakness for puppies and won't keep a gift once he learns that it's for Perrito. Swiper also has a book about puppies that his Grandmother reads to him whenever he sleeps at her house.

Race Against the Clock: At one point, after Swiper is stopped, he sees some books, including one about puppies that he'd like to read, and Dora's steed tells him "No one can be all bad if he likes to read. It turns out that the reason he wants to stop everyone from reading is because he himself can't read. In the end, Don Quixote agrees to teach him read, at Dora's suggestion. The episode "Dora's First Trip", which is an Origins Episode of Dora's very first adventure, shows her and her friends at present age when they first meet; however in "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure", they are toddlers as friends.

Rhymes on a Dime: In each episode, there are three places that Dora and Boots have to go to, with the exceptions of some double-length episodes which have four. Map knows where everything is even before it gets there. A hyena is Swiper's Tanzanian counterpart in the World Adventure special.

In one episode, Boots retrieves his favorite toy for a sleepover with Dora. The next episode has Dora and Boots helping a little rooster to wake up the sun the next morning.

Phrases like "Stormy Storm" are not uncommon here. She's All Grown Up: Well, not quite, but the toy maker is producing a 'Tween Dora' to appeal to older kids. Parents were expecting Bratz Dora.

And they got it. And on August 7,the first episode of Tween Dora aired. They also meet a cranky troll in Russia. However, Swiper's attempt to steal from them results in him grabbing it. He doesn't get skunked, but it still sends him running.

Fifi the Skunk from "Dora's World Adventure" averts this. She doesn't stink, they just don't want her to swipe from them. A few episodes follow the pattern "Dora saves noun ", which apparently, spoils what happens in the episode.

Every episode tends to follow the same format: At the start, Dora and Boots do something which sets up the plot. Map will be asked, who shows the route of the adventure.

Every route has three or four in one-hour specials places, with the last place as the destination. After asking Map and passing a place, Dora shows the places they went via a picture pop-up sequence. In the fourth season this was ditched, with Map keeping track instead, adding red checkmarks to the places visited. This returned in the fifth season, with Dora adding the checks. Sometimes Dora will have the viewer check Backpack for something they need.

Dora will explain a Spanish word that the viewers will learn. Swiper will show up randomly, attempting to swipe something important. To stop him, Dora and Boots have the viewer say "Swiper, no swiping!

If succeeded, Swiper will run off; if failed, Swiper will take the item and hide it; Dora will have the viewer find it afterward. After the adventure, Dora and Boots celebrate with their "We did it" song and dance. In the last scene, Dora and Boots talk about their favorite parts.

Around the third season and some of the fourth, Dora and Boots would catch stars, one of them with a talent that will help them, called an "Explorer star". At the end of the episode after explaining their favorite parts, the star amount is counted. The least amount of stars caught is three to four, while the most stars caught is twelve. The witch in Dora's Fairytale Adventure. Her minions don't seem to be capable of doing anything quite right and at one point actually get so caught up in one of Dora's accomplishments on her path to becoming a true princess that they cheer for her.

As already mentioned in the show intro, the show is the trope namer for this. If not, then he declares "you're too late!

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In "Sticky Tape", their friend Benny is being swept away in a hot air balloon, headed straight for Crocodile Lake! They need to fix the hole in his balloon before the balloon dips so low that the crocs eat him!

But c'mon, it's not like they need to hurry. They stroll along at their usual beat to the walking song they always useeven pause to dance out the musical portions. It's only once they get very close to Crocodile Lake that they start sprinting toward their doomed friend. It's like they manufacture their own cliffhanger moments. But even though they really want it, they have no need to hurry. They just take their time and walk slowly. Invoked on several occasions, usually involving Swiper.

That sounds like Swiper! Every episode ends this way.

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Too Dumb to Live: She has to stop and think whether a boat or a hammer is better for crossing a river.