Hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother walkthrough

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hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother walkthrough

Hitman codename 47 Mission 12 - Meet Your Brother Walkthrough. 1. kill the desk guard then Fight 10 clones of yourself, grab their guns for ammo. 2. Drag one. I was aware that some of the missions from "Codename 47" were remade for . This mission uses the ending of the mission "Meet Your Brother" as a starting Notes: This weapon is the precursor of the more famous S.P.A.S 12 shotgun. Meet Your Brother is the 13th and final mission of Hitman: Codename Agent 47 has There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

It is definitely a bad idea to kill any Police officer since it makes it very difficult for the cleaner to do his job. Therefore it is important to keep your eyes open for Civilians and Police before taking down somebody or entering a restricted area.

Usually this is done by killing a Guard and taking his clothes. As long as you do not do anything out of the ordinary then you will be seen as a Guard and you can move freely about. If any other Guards see the body of the dead Guard you switched clothes with then they will become suspicious. The best way to get around that, other than by hiding the dead body properly in the first place, is to change clothes. Even if it looks exactly the same as what you were wearing before then that should be enough to get them off your case but you must not be seen changing clothes or your cover will be blown.

It is also important that the body you changed clothes with is not found or the Guards will start looking for somebody dressed as the dead person meaning: Sometimes you will see Guards with weapons drawn.

You can do the same but only if the weapon is similar to the weapons the other Guards are carrying. If your weapon is different then your cover is blown and you will be attacked. You can also safely attack people with firearms as long as you are isolated with your victim. If you are seen attacking someone then your cover will be blown. If you are isolated and you attract the attention of a Guard then, as long as the weapon drawn matches the Guards or you have Holstered it, then you should be okay because either you look like an ordinary Civilian who has discovered a dead body or a Guard who has come to investigate.

This can be useful for planning additional attacks by luring Guards for safe disposal. One nice trick while changing clothes - if you move your character when he is changing clothes then you will be immediately dressed. If you are playing the game on Easy or Normal mode then you will placed some distance away from where you died and start again from there.

However, whatever Guards you may have alerted are still near where you died and you will have to fight them again.

Hitman: Codename 47 Mission #4 - The Lee Hong Assassination

If you are playing the game on Hard then you will have to completely restart from the beginning when you die. This also happens when you run out of chances in the other two difficulty modes. Then there are times that you fail the mission because you let somebody get away or kill a necessary person. In this case you can restart the mission by holding down the Shift key and pressing Esc. The amount of money you spent on weapons and equipment for the mission will be deducted from your reward.

In addition, a cleaner will be sent in to make sure that the hit is not traced back to The Agency. If the hit is clean then no additional money will be deducted from your reward. If you kill a Civilian, then some money will be deducted so the cleaner can bribe officials and journalists to clean up the mess. If kill too many Civilians and Police then the cleaner will come after you.

So it is essential to avoid killing innocents. Another important point to make is that even if a Guard kills a Civilian that happens to be in the crossfire then it will still count against you so avoid that as well.

Making clean hits will also allow you to save up money so you can purchase more powerful weapons in later missions. The game will automatically save after each mission. It will also save the weapon and equipment choices you made so you can use them again in another attempt.

The best way to make money is usually buying as little as possible before going on a mission. On some of the missions there are two strategies employed.

The first is the Standard Strategy. This involves bringing certain weapons and equipment to make the mission easier to perform. The second is what I call the Cheap Strategy. This involves bringing only the Knife or nothing at all. This also includes not bringing Body Armor, the Compass, and the Binoculars. This can add a bit of challenge on a few of the missions. It is recommended that you play through a mission using the Standard Strategy before trying the Cheap way.

On some missions there is only a minor difference between the two strategies so they are combined and the differences noted as the mission progresses. The only objects of interest are the four Elevators - one to each side of the area.

When you buy the weapon then you will automatically be given one bullet so the bullet you buy will be considered insurance against a miss. Enter the Elevator and head to the roof. When you reach the roof then stay in the Elevator and bring out the R93 while leaving the case inside.

Head to the west edge of the roof and wait for the Negotiators to appear. From your vantage point you should be looking at the backside of the Red Dragon Negotiator. Snipe him in the head then run to the Elevator. At this point you should see a helicopter appear on the scene with a nasty looking gunman wielding an M However, by the time he appears, you should be safely back in the Elevator.

Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 13 - Meet Your Brother

Pick up the Sniper Case, which "holsters" the R93, then head back down and walk back the same way you came and to where you started to successfully complete this mission.

When you start the mission then head to an east-west alley near the northeast corner of the park. It should have two small trash cans near the entrance. Wait for the first limo to come up. This limo will have several Guards and the Negotiator. Four of the Guards will split up and go to two of the park entrances.

Another Guard will head in your direction. As he is nearing you the other limo, with the Red Dragon Negotiator, will pull up. Like the other limo it will also have several Guards. Four of them will head to the other two park entrances and another one will head north into the alley.

When the Guard enters the alley you are in then follow him closely, wait for him to get past the two trash cans, and then Slash him picking up the Uzi is optional. Go back out into the street and head west to the limo that the Red Dragon Negotiator came in which is by the north park entrance. Stand by the passenger door, but not too close, and look east toward the alley where you left the body.

Eventually one of the wandering Civilians will discover the body in the alley and come to alert the Guards near you. One of the Guards will leave to investigate. As he does then rotate left so you are looking at the limo and ready your Knife in your Inventory List. When you get the notice that the Guard has found the dead body then the other nearby Guard will run to the alley.

At the same time the Red Dragon Negotiator will run to the limo. He will stop in front of you as he begins to open the door. When he does then quickly Slash him then turn left and run west for the alley at the end of the street. Even though the Guards are warned they didn't see you kill the Negotiator so they won't fire on you of course, using a Knife instead of a noisy firearm also helps. Another option to killing the Red Dragon is to stand on the sidewalk at the southeast corner of the limo, look west, and highlight the Uzi from the Inventory List if you picked up the weapon from the dead Guard.

When the Red Dragon Negotiator gets to the door then quickly pull out the Uzi and kill him. This, of course, will alert the Guards and will start to shoot you from behind.

Just run like hell to the alley at the end of the street while occasionally angling left or right to keep the Guards from getting a good bead on you. Once you get to the next street after you go through the alley then turn left and follow it all the way back to your pick-up point to successfully complete this mission.

The Agency wants you to assassinate the Emissary and his Guards which will make it look like a counter hit from Lee Hong. This will further destabilize the situation. They will be arriving in an armored Limousine and the Agency suggests that you use a Remote Bomb to complete your objective.

In addition, there will also be Blue Lotus Guards stationed away from the Restaurant. They need to be killed too. That is, if you do it the standard way The only major object of interest is the Sewer Grating in the center of the area. There is also an alley to the west that contains an R93 Sniper Rifle. When you start the mission then you need to run to the Sewer Grating in the middle of this area. From your starting point, run into the alley and stop at the Grating.

Then look north at the wall. As you are doing this, the Target will appear and stop at the Restaurant. The Chauffer will then leave and head toward your position. What he will do is stop in front of you on the Grating and relieve himself. You will need to kill him and take his Outfit. Even though he is a Chauffer he is also a Guard and you can kill him without any penalty. However, another Civilian will be present in the alley, going from west to east behind you, and you need to wait for him to leave before you can kill the Chauffer.

While you are waiting for this Civilian to leave you should bring up the Inventory List and highlight the Knife. Look east and wait for the Civilian to turn the corner before attacking the Chauffer. Slash the Chauffer and drag his body to the open Grating. The best thing to do is to go up against the wall as you are dragging the body then, as you are next to the opening, rotate yourself so the body is covering the opening and let go so he can fall in then fall down with him.

After you do that then Change Clothes and climb out. You can also get a Beretta from the Chauffer as well if you want. From here, head to the Limo.

Hopefully the nearby Guard has walked away from the Limo so you can do what you need to do. Get to the drivers side of the Limo, pull out the bomb, and use the Pointer Menu to allow you to plant the bomb. After that, then head back into the alley. At this point you should see a notice that your Target is leaving the Restaurant.

Head to the sidewalk near your car then look east. You should see three Blue Lotus members at the street curve ahead of you with a fourth around the corner and out of view. Pull out the Detonator and wait. The goal is to wait until the Limo is in the right position before detonating.

hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother walkthrough

You want the explosion to kill not only those inside the vehicle but those at the street curve which will complete all of your objectives. After awhile you should see the Limo come into view and head east toward the street curve where the other members are at. Wait just before the Limo gets into the curve before detonating. There is a short delay between pressing the button and the explosion.

So, if you time it right, then the explosion should occur right when the Limo gets into the curve which will kill everybody. Then simply head to your car to successfully complete the mission. As crazy as it sounds you can actually do this without bringing in any outside weapons. Because of all of the Guards it is easily the hardest mission to do cheaply. To successfully do this mission in this manner you pretty much have to kill everybody except the three wandering Civilians.

There are a total of eleven Red Dragon members in this level. Two Uzi-wielding members at the northwest corner, two Shotgun-wielding members at the northeast corner, two in front of the Restaurant, four inside the Restaurant, and one that goes around the Map in a counterclockwise pattern.

In addition, there are four Blue Lotus members at the southeast corner, one that Guards the Limo, one Chauffer who is also a Guardand three inside the Restaurant including the Emissary. You have to deal with them in a specific way in order to be successful. This is because the Emissary tends to flee at the slightest sign of trouble. However, you can significantly increase your chances of success if you kill the Chauffer as early as possible.

When you start the mission then head west and find the short dead-end alley at the southwest corner of the Map. At the end you will find an R93 Sniper Rifle and a clip of Sniper Ammo this will give you seven rounds. Grab the Sniper Ammo but not the Rifle. Turn around and look east out of the alley. Wait for the cutscene of the arrival to start then press Esc and continue to wait. You should see a Civilian walking from left to right on the street beyond the alley.

Instead angle northeast to find the Red Dragon member standing at the southeast corner of the road intersection. Zoom in on him and nail him in the head. The other Red Dragon member will come closer to investigate. Nail him in the head too. Stay zoomed in and wait for the sound cues that tell you that the wandering Red Dragon member has discovered the bodies.

Wait for him to turn the corner then nail him in the head. Then drop the Rifle. It is important that you need to use just three shots for this part since you will need to use the Rifle later in this mission.

Go over to the bodies and look out toward the Limo. Keep an eye on the Blue Lotus member guarding the vehicle. If his back is to you then go and collect at least two of the Uzis dropped. If he is not then wait for him to come to investigate and turn his back before collecting weapons.

Also keep an eye out for the Chauffer who is arriving back at the Limo after relieving himself. You may also need to wait for him to come to investigate before finishing up with weapon collecting. After getting all three Uzis then head to the Sewer Grating and wait.

The Chauffer will eventually come back here again to relieve himself. Enter Sneak Mode, aim the cursor at his head, then pull out an Uzi and cap him. Then Holster it, get out of Sneak Mode, grab the Chauffer's Beretta 92, and head to the end of the alley to the east.

Stay just inside the alley and look northeast to find one of the two Shotgun-wielding Red Dragon members. Instead, let him see you with it then quickly turn around and go to the north-south alley nearby. This will lure him into the alley where you can safely dispose of him using the wall corner as cover.

Poke around the corner and kill him with a short burst then quickly Holster your Uzi. This will attract the attention of one of the Blue Lotus members at the southeast corner of the Map.

He will come into the alley and actually run up to you since you do not have a weapon out. Whip out an Uzi and quickly kill him then Holster again and grab his Uzi and Holster it.

Another Blue Lotus member will run up to you and you can repeat the process. Keep an eye on your Uzi ammo. Switch to another one when the ammo gets very low. As long as the Blue Lotus members don't see you firing at someone then you shouldn't cause the Emissary to flee. At least three of the four Blue Lotus members from the southeast corner should come up to the alley one at a time as you kill each one.

But you need to do something else before you can get the last one. Bring out an Uzi and creep to the end of the alley.

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You still need to get rid of the other Shotgun-wielding Red Dragon. Poke out just enough to draw his attention then go back around the corner and use it as cover when you kill him as he gets into view. After killing him then go through and drop any Uzi with low ammo. Then head to the southeast corner of the Map to find the lone Blue Lotus member. Get behind him, enter Sneak Mode, pull out the Baretta 92, and cap him. Then drop the handgun and pick up his Uzi. From here, head back to where you dropped the Sniper Rifle which, if you were good in your aiming, should have four rounds remaining.

Then go to the large red semi at the south side of the Map. Go just east of that and stop just before you get to a tree and look north. You should now be looking north through a long north-south alley. At the north end is the Restaurant. Instead, after you aim at his head, move your scope left so you are aiming at the top of the doorknob on the right side of the door. Then it is just a matter of waiting. Don't worry about the frightened Civilians.

They're not going to be able to warn the remaining Guards. It will take some time but eventually the Emissary will finish his business and leave. The door will then open and he will walk into the Crosshairs. Fire one shot at his head to kill him.

Then wait for everybody to settle down. However, two Blue Lotus members will stay inside the Restaurant. Look for the Limo Guard and nail him in the head. Then nail at least one, if not both, of the stationary Guards depending on how much ammo you have.

Notice how they're just standing around like idiots as you pick off their friends. Not exactly the brightest crayons in the box. Drop your empty Rifle and use your Uzis to kill any surviving exterior Guards. Go to the door that the Emissary went through and open it. Let yourself be seen by the Guards then run for the alley just southeast of the entrance. Lure the Guards into the alley and use the corner near the sewer grating as cover as you pick them off at least one of the remaining Blue Lotus members may follow you too.

After killing all of the Guards then head back to the Restaurant entrance but to the other door. Go to the door, look northwest, and open it. Slowly sidestep right to find at least one, if not both, of the remaining Blus Lotus members. Quickly kill them with your Uzi to finish things off. Lot of good that'll do you now, right? After killing everybody off then head back to your pick-up point to successfully complete this mission.

He has called a truce meeting to be held in a small Restaurant on neutral ground. For this mission you need to not only kill the Chief of Police but make it look like it was done by the Red Dragon which will implicate Lee Hong further.

Dressing up as a Red Dragon and leaving behind a Red Dragon amulet will help in this cause. If the mission is successful then the Police protection will be removed and Lee Hong will be easier to assassinate. If you had thought about just entering through the window without getting the key first then you will find that the door will be locked so you can't ambush the Chief that way. In addition, you'll be chased out by the Chief and end up back outside.

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However, the Minigun is heavy, and you need to get somewhere quick. Select "Holster" in the inventory menu and Hitman will lower the Minigun to his side, thereby allowing him to run. Do NOT hit the "nothing" button as this will cause Hitman to drop the gun. This way, your inventory will be nice and small, all the quicker to pick what you want.

For some reason, the game won't recognize my mousewheel unless I'm on default key settings. Run back the way you came through the gate, left, through the gatebut instead of hanging the left to go back to the orderly, run down the long hallway to about the second light and turn around, facing the gate. Hug the left wall and bring up your Minigun.

The clones will file in this way.

hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother walkthrough

That's right, I said clones. There are exactly ten clones to kill, including the first you downed in front of the Minigun room. Now that you're in the prime position to do some sucker shooting, just wait for the clones to come down the hallway as they, without fail, always will. Just be sure to shoot as soon as you see them. There's a slight delay as you have to wait for the barrel to start spinning before the gun starts firing rounds.

However, this can be circumvented by tapping the trigger once to get the barrel spinning. It may not work the first time, but it definitely will work. This way, there's no delay when you fire and you'll have plenty of time between clones to setup the barrel again. Give a few test shots if you like, but trust me, this works. Instant Minigun Wrath, with no preservatives!

Each time you down a clone, an Information Display appears saying "Clone released" or something close to that.

You have about 20 or 30 seconds before you'll see the tell-tale black suit running down the hall, so just bide your time. Better them come to you than you go to them and they run around you and put a bullet in your head. When the final clone is down in case you lose countthere will be no Information Display. You're free to approach the pile of bodies.

When the scene is over, you'll be facing a door that opens up to you. Ready whatever gun you're bringing and walk on forward.