Horslips happy to meet sorry part youtube chai

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horslips happy to meet sorry part youtube chai

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We were together 8 years. But then I got lonely and I started searching, for a couple years, and found nothing but boredom, heartache and anger. So I stopped looking, gave it up. Said "Lord, whatever, I'm done. If she comes, cool, if not, that's fine".

HORSLIPS - Happy To Meet ... Sorry To Part ( 5 - 6 - 7 )

I said it out loud. One month later, I met the most wonderful woman on the planet. So, don't fight it, keep your eyes out, don't pass her by, but don't HUNT for her.

She'll find you, she's out there, it just ain't time yet, dig? Howdy on December 30, I am kind of arriving at the place where I cast my fate to the winds and all that.

horslips happy to meet sorry part youtube chai

If nothing else, at least it brings peace of mind. Better that than a plague of bar-whores. Sheriff John Stone on December 30, Boy, didn't David Johansen and Johnny Thunders have it going for a couple of years there I like to spread the word whenever I can. If not, get it. It's amazing, full of vintage footage. QUITE an album there. Springsteen - Washington DC Title: Who is that buxom lass in your avatar!?!

It's from the Junior Kimbrough tribute album 'Sunday Nights. I was in a record shop in Berwick St London and they were playing it - there was a non-stop procession of people at the counter asking who it was and trying to buy it.


Also contains a couple of Stooges tracks for you fans. If you haven't heard it get it now! If I knew how to work this thing properly I'd stick it here but haven't got that far yet And Ian - you are making me very jealous!

horslips happy to meet sorry part youtube chai

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