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As soon as you know the date of your move, contact your LOKABOX centre and go and see them to determine which self storage unit best meets your needs. Meeting Room. Closed Now. CommunitySee All Louez un bureau équipé All In à Charleroi ou à Liège avec BureauFlex. Nous offrons des formules pour 1. Commercial Real EstateJumet, Charleroi62 followers LOKABOX provides a range of quality services to its customers to meet a need for space by offering.

As a commercial enterprise a number of legitimate interests form the basis of the treatments we provide. We are committed to ensuring the quality of our services by balancing the impact that these treatments can have on privacy and the legitimate interests of any business. If you have any objections to certain treatments, you can contact us. You can also exercise the rights that the regulations specific to the processing of personal data offers.

Our subcontractors and our suppliers For the execution of a number of operations we call on: We strive to engage reliable partners and suppliers with sufficient security to preserve our data and customer data. Your data is stored: Customer rights and their exercise The European Regulation provides customers and prospects with: Right to consult data You can consult the data we process about you. If you exercise this right of access, we will try to give you a picture as complete as possible about your data.

However, some data could be deleted from our files. In the same way, some data stored on media to ensure backups may over time not allow us to render this data. Right of rectification of data You may request a correction of your data or to add some information to your data. Right to object to a specific use If you dispute how we treat your data based on its legitimate interests, you may object to a specific use. There are, however, cases in which we are required by law to process data.

Right to delete data If you suspect inappropriate data processing, you may request this data to be deleted. There are, however, legal cases in which removal is not legally permitted. Choose the best transport solution to your self storage unit. According to your budget and the type of home or degree of urgency, you can choose to work with a removal company team to transport your belongings, or hire a transport vehicle yourself.

As a guide, bear in mind that you can hire vans or removal lorries with a capacity of 21 m3 from some vehicle rental companies in the area with only a B car driving licence.

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This will allow you to make valuable savings. Remember to book your vehicle in advance as soon as you know the date of your move, particularly in the busy season April-September.

In this case, prepare for your removal day as much as you can so that you can reduce the hourly rate as much as possible as the bill soon adds up. Protect your belongings as much as possible during the move and when storing your furniture.

Moving tips

Remember to get removal blankets and straps for your furniture, this will prevent it from getting scratched or falling while it is being transported. Use moving boxes with handles! Use a black marker to indicate the contents of each box on two opposite sides to be sure of finding a box in a pile of boxes when you need to find something very specific in your self storage unit. To protect your most precious belongings, use several metres of bubble wrap or newspapers, this will prevent breakage as much as possible during transport.

You will certainly need more boxes than planned so be aware that prices charged can vary by up to per cent for similar qualities of moving boxes. Still have some questions? Our team is at your disposal to answer.