Meet annie thorisdottir back

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meet annie thorisdottir back

These are the first exercises I found helpful for relieving some of my discomfort and pain after the injury. This worked for me and hopefully it can. Weaknesses What are Annie Thorisdottir's weaknesses or those movements you don't like? AT: Back since and , muscle-ups make me nervous. For Annie Thorisdottir, the fittest woman on the planet, working out means last year, is returning to competition to try and reclaim her title as the fittest The decor is Scandinavian modern meets ski lodge, replete with a rack.

meet annie thorisdottir back

Unfortunately, it was just my fault. How tough was the recovery process mentally? That was ridiculously hard.

CrossFit's Annie Thorisdottir: is this the fittest woman in the world?

But thinking back, I got to know myself better as an athlete. It was difficult even getting out of the house. I had a hard time getting out of bed for a week.

When I was able to go back to the gym, all I could do were pull-ups and bench press and I never used to do bench. Watching people go hard at the gym pretty much made me cry. It was difficult seeing other people train hard.

I tried to go to the box when no one else was training. It got me thinking a lot. I thoroughly enjoy training. This is my first real injury. During your recovery, did you focus on any other movements aside from bench that proved beneficial?

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I worked a lot on technique. My technique has probably benefited a lot from that. The experience was good that way. You have a lot of eyes on you. How does it feel to be the athlete others want to beat? What do you think about your competition? Last year was really stressful for me. I put a lot of pressure on myself.

I still feel the pressure. I know what I want from myself. Hopefully that will be enough. Do you complete Open workouts more than once?

My goal is to win the Games. Do you keep track of other competitors in the Open? Do you think some people purposely save their scores until Sunday? But part of the fun is the posting. CrossFit in Iceland is big.

Everyone knows what it is. We have an insane amount of boxes. Similar to the States, there are three or four boxes within minutes from each other. We [in Iceland] have more members at each box. In Europe it seems to be more like that. Has life changed any since becoming the Fittest Woman on Earth, twice?

No one goes crazy asking for autographs or anything. I will say one of the coolest things about this is that people got to know and started doing CrossFit. I really like that. A long and heavy chipper, definitely. Take us back, how did you find CrossFit? After quitting gymnastics, I needed to do something. I made it to the Dance Academy. I did some pole vaulting. After four years, I was looking for something new, something more challenging.

So I found different competitions and one of them was a CrossFit competition. I knew a lot of the people doing them and I went for it, during my final exams and all. I showed up, competed and I won. By winning, I earned a spot at the CrossFit Games. I had two months to get to know CrossFit. I placed 11th that year. While at the Games I realized this is what I was looking for.

A lot has changed since How has the sport changed? Weights are definitely heavier, and the intensity is higher. As athletes get more experience, we do get better. From being at the farm in to going to the Home Depot Center is a big change.

People have realized how fun and amazing the sport is.

meet annie thorisdottir back

How often do you train? During one session I work on strength, technique and on the minute work. As far as rest, one of the rest days is for active recovery, where I stretch and do light barbell work. I take the other day completely off. Tell us about your coach.

How important is it to have a coach?

The Europe Team: Annie Thorisdottir

Her father was in the police force and her mother worked in local government, and both were sporty — her mother taught aerobics and her father was a keen runner. Thorisdottir showed her prowess from an early age, beating her two older brothers and cousins in pull-up competitions organised by her grandfather, winning money for each pull-up.

meet annie thorisdottir back

Annie Thorisdottir and her boyfriend Frederik Aegidius When she was eight, the family moved to Reykjavik, where she began to focus seriously on gymnastics. She came eleventh, having only been doing CrossFit for two months. In lateafter two triumphs at the games, Thorisdottir set a personal record, lifting lb for her back squat in training. She felt something move in her back, and collapsed to the floor, unable to feel her legs.

An MRI scan revealed that she had a bulging disc in her lower back, and she spent a week in bed, dosed up on painkillers. Suddenly, in the middle of a set of lifts, her back gave way once more. This time she had caused serious nerve damage, meaning her left leg was numb for months, and she was forced to sit out the games. For the record, I believe her: