Meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

2 States Quotes by Chetan Bhagat

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

Forbes India: Tell us about the young Chetan Bhagat. My father was in the army and my mother in a government job — a Did it help that your wife is a successful professional in her own right? Hence, I should stop positioning myself as just a funny author. .. Hope to meet you someday at your level. Chetan Bhagat has vividly portrayed diverse shades of current Indian society in all his marriage. The story of 2 States is about Krish and Ananya who belong to two different and Ananya meet up in the canteen for the first time and in due course of . Therefore, Krish makes a realistically funny comment, ―People who. 2 States is a Indian romantic comedy film co written and directed by Abhishek Varman based on the novel 2 States: The Story of My Marriage written by Chetan Bhagat. He meets his classmate Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt), economics topper in her college, who comes from a conservative Tamil Brahmin.

A lot of people, including Anusha, felt that marrying between communities was not an issue any more and that people would not be interested. They want their parents to agree and smile on their wedding day. I met a sardarji who became a heart patient because his daughter wanted to marry a Keralite.

I wanted to see my daughter happy, but the community would have judged me. She did a lot for him, the family, the in-laws, but she never got her due and it was a life lived just like a lot of Indian women who do that.

I was always a rebel.

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

My father being in the army was authoritarian and would deny her simple things like meeting her family, as it would make her happy. Maybe, it was a result of his own inner frustrations, but he would not give her freedom and I had to write 2 States a to understand where my father was coming from and b to forgive him. It was difficult for me to forgive him, but 2 States helped me forgive my father. Have you forgiven him?

He lives in Delhi and I rarely meet him.

Cyrus left home alone with kids

I last met him at a family function two years back. Even if not forgiven completely, there is no anger in me today and at least I have reached a stage of indifference. I am still working on it.

An Interview with Chetan Bhagat | Forbes India

I have a disproportionate influence today, so I can say these things and I am sure he has his own side. I love my mother the most in the world and know that she has brought me up in hard times.

Her relationship with my father was always turbulent and still remains like that. But today, they are separated and she is the happiest I have ever seen her. So, for instance, I bought her a house in Mumbai and am so happy that she is able to see all this for me.

I asked him what was the most challenging part of doing the film and he told me how he relates to those emotions of pain in the relationship between him and his father, where the relationship is very close and yet there are unmet expectations from both sides. What attracted you to your wife, Anusha? She genuinely is very simple and yet intelligent person with a pure heart.

I anyway get turned on by articulate, intelligent women. A partner who is intelligent can really help. And I like the whole poise that Tamilians have, though sometimes, of course, I feel they are too dry.

She never wants to ride my fame and is happy to be Anusha Bhagat who works in a bank. What does it mean in real life for a Punjabi boy like you to get married to a Tamilian girl like your wife? When Punjabis are happy, they will start dancing. If a Punjabi is sad, you will have a Punjabi aunty expressing her emotions clearly and can even beat her chest for it, whereas for a Tamilian, emotion is taboo and you are expected to suffer.

There is no word for fun in Tamil.

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

Anusha comes from a very simple and steady emotional state of family. I was looking at that stability and lack of turbulence and she was looking at that little bit of excitement. The book has a happy ending ,where the father of the boy accepts his choice of marrying the Tamil girl. Did your father agree to your marriage in real life? Parents are important to all Indian kids. I also love non-fiction books such as Black Swan, Freakonomics. And of course, I love watching movies and reading their scripts later as that is what I am trying to learn these days.

As a writer, who do you see as your peer group? However, all the modern Indian writers of my generation, I guess they are my peers. The Jaipur Literary Festival, where I met them all, was great fun. When we buy a Chetan Bhagat product, what are we buying?

What are the ingredients of Chetan Bhagat, the brand? My fans can answer that question better, and everyone has their own interpretation. However, let me take a guess. You are buying something fun, inspiring, simple, original, Indian and modern. On Orkut polls, the two words used to describe me most by my fans are — awesomeness and coolness. I can live with that! Who is your target audience?

And we don't mean this to imply that your output is driven by marketing forces; we ask in the sense that every communicator has someone specific, or at least a section of the universe, who they seek to communicate with. However, today given my popularity, you will find my readers across all age spectrums.

Sometimes, it is challenging to think what will work for my new found audience after 2 States, which is a universal book. Stephen King speaks of writing to or for an ideal reader, in his case, his wife. Do you have one? And who sees your writing first? Stephen King knows how to get brownie points!

I think I imagine my ideal reader to be a young middle class person from a medium sized city in India, with a moderate grasp of English but an extraordinary drive to do well in life. Apart from the ambition, everyone else is medium about him at present. And after he reads my book, he feels he can make his mark in the world. Do you have plans to widen your audience, by, say, getting translations of your work done, both in other Indian languages as well as abroad?

There are translations in almost all Indian languages of my previous books. They have done very well by regional standards. Foreign translations have occurred in Italian, French, Spanish and a few other languages. However, the foreign market is not my focus, as that is not what I have set out to do. It may make me more money, but as I said above, money is not the main criteria anymore. So far, your impact on popular cinema hasn't been as big as your impact on the book world. By this I mean that the films adapted from your books haven't been promoted as being the product of your mind, as compared to, say, The Da Vinci Code.

And if yes, do you see that changing? It takes a long time and a lot of luck to make a name in Bollywood. Even the superstars have worked hard for decades to get to this point. I am super fortunate that all three books were taken up to be big, mainstream films and even 2 States has attracted a lot of interest. However, in Bollywood, adaptations are just starting, while in Hollywood, it is a seamless industry.

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

All I can say is, my name does add to the buzz of the movie. Even 3 Idiots, which is a megastar Aamir project all the way, became a little more exciting because of its Five Point Someone connection. And that, to me, is huge.

What was it like working with Bollywood? Most importantly, the reach of Bollywood excites me. It is a chance to reach the maximum number of people possible. You know, of course, that many people in the 'literary' world do not think highly of your work. What do you feel about that? Of course I know. As far as feelings go, of course it hurts and stings because I am human and emotionally attached to my work.

However, if there is a kernel of truth in their feedback I try and take it. Sometimes they benchmark my books to masterpieces, and show how it falls short.

Chetan Bhagat

How do you rate yourself as a craftsman? What's with the numbers in your titles? Coincidence that they're all primes? The first two were just a co-incidence. Then it became a fun thing to do and I carried it, though ensuring the title fitted the story. One benefit though, is it makes people recall the name of all my four books easily.

Mine have a mnemonic. If a budding writer asked you for advice on making it big, what would you say? This is not a an office job where someone will give you a promotion if you work hard and you will make it big. You write a good book and hope for the best. The music industry has been hit big time by the digital age.

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

The news media is getting battered rather badly now. Do you think that writers will get affected too? What's your take on facing up to the challenge of piracy, of fragmented attention spans, of a culture that expects content to be free? What are your plans to take advantage of the new opportunities that change will indubitably bring as well? Of course, there are challenges to the old traditional media from the Internet, but the people writing for it still have relevance if they adapt themselves.

The Internet also gives you a chance to promote your work. So far, I have found a place in their heart. I hope I can keep it. Piracy however, is a big problem, particularly so in India. The laws are lax and it is culturally okay to watch pirated stuff.

meet daddy cool chetan bhagat wife

It only means incentives for top talent to create top quality work is reduced if it is done in India. In books piracy particularly hurts as we work on thin margins. I hope people will see intellectual property as equivalent to real property, and not paying what it is due is no different from someone not taking money out of your salary when you were not looking. What's book five about? I have no idea right now.

I am a woman in the labour room right now. Even if she loves kids, now is not the time to ask when are you having your next child.