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– 7 years ago, Tai and Alex met at an online gaming conference; – It turned out that He's also named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, a Top Small Thumbtack; Do you get 8 hours of sleep? . AngelList and Crunchbase; – Most of the APIs that RocketReach uses are paid APIs . With $ Million in Fresh Funding, Can the Amazon of Russia Deliver? .. Thumbtack, a year-old, San Francisco-based online marketplace . Earnest, a year-old, San Francisco-based company that provides small loans to . Thankfully, at one meeting with a venture firm, a firm's CTO [pointed me to]. Earnest, a well-funded fintech startup with bold ambitions to create a modern financial institution, is selling to the student-loan company Navient.

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Regression to the Mean I like this theory because even though I understand it, I feel my mind rejecting it in practice. According to Kahneman, humans are particularly terrible at recognizing randomness and regressions. As a result, we make up completely false but highly convincing stories to explain data that is better explained by random events.

Consider the following statement from the book: Highly intelligent women tend to marry men who are less intelligent than they are. If the distribution of intelligence for men and women is roughly equivalent and the correlation of intelligence between spouses has any degree of randomness ie the intelligence of your spouse cannot be perfectly determined based on your intelligence then of course a woman who skews to the high end of the curve is more likely to marry a man who is lower on the curve.

This concept sticks with me because even after accepting the statistical explanation, I still feel compelled to attribute it to other, much less likely reasons.

Anyone who works in product or growth should keep this in mind when trying to interpret stats. Most of the time they help us efficiently make rational or sufficiently rational choices.

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I know I will demonstrate unconscious bias when making decisions. However, by establishing a rational decision-making algorithm beforehand and adhere even if it deviates from my in-the-moment intuition, I can reduce irrational errors. I found Principles by Ray Dalio useful for helping think through my personal set of principles.

The next step is to have some set of objective 3rd parties friends? AI assistants like Siri and Alexa? Figuring that out is still very much a work in progress. A new favorite I let Thinking Fast and Slow linger on my to-read list for far too long.

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As it turns out, you really need to read the book. Pieces that reference it only give a small peek into the robust mental model that Kahneman presents. In an ideal world, I would suggest first reading the Undoing Project, then reading Thinking Fast and Slow, then skimming The Art of Thinking Clearly and keeping it handy for quick reference. DoorDash enables small businesses to provide its customers with local delivery, using its self-learning driver dispatch system and other smart technology to coordinate deliveries and reduce waiting time.

Founded inDoorDash is currently operating in Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose but plans to expand nationwide and beyond food delivery into new markets and verticals. SimpliSafe creates wireless sensing devices and home security systems that users can control from their smartphones.

Founded inSimpliSafe has since attracted more thancustomers across the U. Storehouse lets users build stories from text, video, and images, incorporating content from sources including iPad Camera Roll, Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram.

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Founded last year, Storehouse will use the funds to build out its staff and spur growth after attracting hundreds of thousands of users in the first few months. AppsBuilder is one fish in a sea of create-your-own-app tools. The new capital will be used by AppsBuilder to growth amidst the widespread competition. Clarizen, an ambitious enterprise software outfit based in San Mateo, Calif. Investment heavyweight Goldman Sachs led the latest infusion of cash.

Clairzen touts itself as a serious enterprise work and collaboration platform whose main competition is Microsoft-owned Yammer. Centrify provides a cloud-based identity tracking service that gives businesses a way to let employees use a single sign-on SSO across multiple platforms servers, mobile devices, applications.

The result is a more secure experience that gives those businesses a greater degree of control over who is accessing data. Centrify said it has over 5, clients, including many companies in the Fortune 50 and more than 60 federal agencies.

Earnest launched in Massachusetts and Florida earlier this year and will open its service to residents of 7 new states, including New York and California, this week.

Founded inJibe will use the new cash to grow its engineering, customer success, and global sales teams. Existing investors also participated in the funding, which NoWait says will be put towards expanding its presence in restaurants and with consumers, plus further product development. The company has seated more than 50Ms diners to date, and is now seating over 5M diners per month, up from 3.

Founded last year, 6Sense currently serves a number of large IT-related companies including Cisco and PureStorage and will use the new funds to add new customers in the hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services businesses.

WholeWorldBand is an iOS app that gives fans a chance to collaborate with professional musicians on unfinished tracks in recorded video and audio sessions.

Founded in by Kevin Godley, WholeWorldBand will use the funds to rapidly scale the platform and add new features to boost community engagement and creativity. Brandwatch crawls over 80M social media-related sites to provide consumer insights to businesses, and serves over 1, major brands including Whole Foods, Verizon, and Pepsico.

TheFamily is raising money using its own open source financing documents, AIR. Golgi claims it can make apps up to 20 times faster. This is the first independent Europe focused fund for Highland, a Boston and Silicon Valley based firm that was founded in and is currently investing from its ninth fund. The Highland Europe team which includes partners, Fergal Mullen, Laurence Garrett, Irena Goldenberg, Sam Brooks, and Tony Zappala, plans now to pursue a growth equity strategy in the tech market with a particular emphasis on internet and software.