Meet people in amsterdam 2011

Dutch men don't flirt

meet people in amsterdam 2011

The Amsterdam Expat Meetup Group (Dutch welcome). expats and counting Practise your English and meet new people in Amsterdam! English. Amsterdam Magazine journalist Arun Sood selects the 10 best clubs in that has a tendency to make people electric slide their way to the bar. Arun Sood of Amsterdam Magazine picks 10 of the best pubs and dive bar with two of the most charismatic publicans you'll ever meet. penchant for good whisky usually gets people talking long into the . 22 Jun

However, a few months ago, as a myriad uncertainties and changes and scary things loomed on the horizon - thanks a bunch pregnancy - I realised that perhaps widening my social circle would do me good. As a short term benefit it would get me out of the house, and away from over-analysing my recurring anxieties.

As a long term benefit, maybe I would meet some people I could call friends now or in the future.

meet people in amsterdam 2011

One of my efforts was going to Dinner with Strangers. Australian-born Simon is the brains and brawn behind Dinner with Strangers. It was his idea and he executes it with the passion and drive of someone who not only enjoys going to great efforts to cook a delicious meal - he drove to Belgium to get white asparagus especially as the Dutch asperge was not yet in season!

It's not easy walking into a room of complete strangers. But I remembered that evening that when you meet new people nobody really expects you to do anything other than be nice, listen and offer snapshots of your own story.

How to meet people on Facebook and find love.

You don't have to perform. Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world. It has pretty much everything I like. Amsterdam is not cheap.

There are many cheap hostel options though, especially near the Red Light District. Want to go get high? Go to any coffeeshop not cafe and ask the in-house dealer what he recommends.

meet people in amsterdam 2011

The Dutch are great partiers and will definitely knock back some drinks. Best in the world there. There is a big tourist culture in Amsterdam so you will have plenty of places to party every day.

They tend to focus in the Red Light District which pretty much goes 7 days a week.

meet people in amsterdam 2011

The problem with a lot of the tourist types is they often are kids from Spain, Italy, etc, that are real lightweights and get super stoned in the coffeeshops and then stare off into space like zombies. The standard go-to place for Sunday-Wed partying that includes Dutch people is the Leidseplein, which has two long streets with bars and restaurants all the way down for blocks.

The Bulldog Leidseplein is the flagship coffeeshop in the square. If you only smoke pot once in you life, it should be here. On the other side of the square are a couple of little bars including Cafe de Waard, which is a great place to sit outside and watch people when the weather is good.

meet people in amsterdam 2011

This is a great time to meet 6 Dutch girls at once and figure out which of the hot ones likes you the most. If you really feel like getting hammered during the week I highly recommend the Leidseplein Pub Crawl.

It goes on every night and is always a pretty good party.

How to meet people on Facebook and find love.

I think at this time a short discussion of Dutch girls will be useful to single dude travelers. I have had a number of Dutch girlfriends and very much like Dutch girls.

Sarah Moore One of the smallest bars in Amsterdam, Belgique still finds space for eight Belgian draught beers and more than 30 bottled varieties. Situated among tacky tourist traps in an alleyway just off Dam Square, Belgique has been able to preserve a sense of charm and credibility, partly through its reputation as one of the main hangouts for street artists and DJs in Amsterdam.

While the beer selection consists of heady Belgian offerings, the interior is Dutch 17th century meets graffiti art. Old stone walls and oak panels have been spray painted by the London Police. Despite the smoking ban, the staff turn a blind eye if you light up. Sarah Moore A late-night dive bar with two of the most charismatic publicans you'll ever meet.

The ever-smiling Frits single-handedly runs the bar while his wife Tanja sits on the same bar stool day and night, chain-smoking, smiling at customers and ordering neat vodkas.

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Eerily, the couple have wax statues of themselves doing exactly the same thing, resulting in a few highly inebriated customers attempting to get their change back from inanimate sculptures. The neon-lit 50s style jukebox is packed with classic rock and soul, making for some interesting moves on the stripper's pole — a remnant from the bar's former life as a go-go bar.

meet people in amsterdam 2011

Revellers have been known to stay well into the early morning — it depends what mood Frits is in and whether Tanja has drained the vodka supplies. Sarah Moore Better known as the "windmill brewery", Brouwerij 't IJ brews beer in the thatched windmill that towers over the terrace.

Don't be deceived by the small glasses, the windmill blades won't be the only thing spinning after you've sampled two or three Columbus ales, the strongest of the five offerings. The locals have even coined a term for the state of newcomers who end up stumbling, or sometimes crawling, away from the establishment — spinmilled.

Sarah Moore Time stands still within this building, which was originally built as a Hoppe distillery in