Minecraft meet team crafted fanfiction

Chosen- Team Crafted Chapter 1: I (Prologue), a minecraft fanfic | FanFiction

minecraft meet team crafted fanfiction

TEAMCRAFTED FANFIC!! MUCH FEELS, LOT OF LOVE, SUCH AWESOMENESS. WOW. Mitch and Jerome must save Sky, Ty, Jason, Quentin, and Ian from the. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. A/N: I am all updated about Team Crafted. I know setosorcerer was kicked out. ZThere will be some PoV's which don't include members of.

Watching the members of Team Crafted dominate game after game and crack joke after joke is what you reserve your smile for. The seven YouTubers are probably, sadly enough, the main source of happiness in your life. Though you wish that you wouldn't pick favorites, you can never help but feel your heart throb against your ribcage when you look into TheBajanCanadian's soft brown eyes through the laptop screen.

It's embarrassing, and you'd never admit it aloud, but you're almost positive that you're in love with Mitch. You discovered Minecraft and Team Crafted when you had been babysitting a ten-year-old boy for some extra cash.

minecraft meet team crafted fanfiction

He had spent most of the time watching videos on the family's computer even though he wasn't supposed to, but you had let it slide. When you had finally asked him what it was that he was so interested in, he had eagerly replied, "Minecraft!

Even when the boy became too old for a babysitter, you started working extra hours to earn money to buy your own laptop and purchase Minecraft on it. So that was your happy life.

minecraft meet team crafted fanfiction

You hid your laptop during the day; else your drunken mother would find it and probably destroy it somehow. TBY one-shots Minecraft - Rated: If they succeeded in protecting, they get to live again, if not they stay in the Aether, never to live as a human again. Mitch plays a survival games, but it turns out horribly wrong, and returns injured badly. The rest of the pack wonders what had happened. Ty is depressed, homeless, and friendless. Sky is happy, popular, and childish.

But a chance meeting proves to both of them that they're the perfect team. And maybe a little more Rated Teen just to be safe.

minecraft meet team crafted fanfiction

By Mitch and Jerome, her two idols. But now she has to deal with being the daughter of Merome. It's not exactly easy. She can tell you that. Especially when she herself is bisexual. Martin is an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria. What will happen when they meet in the hallways of Washington State High school? At least, until the legendary SkyDoesMinecraft shows up at her front step.

Team Crafted and Etc. | FanFiction

She finds out that she is in fact the long lost younger sister of Adam Dahlberg. And nothing will ever be the same. Sequel coming out in January! A skylox fanfiction by MultiGlitter reviews I promised Skylox, and here it is!

It isn't much right now, it's been in the works for about a month now, and I hope you enjoy! Fiction T - English - Humor - Chapters: I own neither one of them XD Seto has been talked into being a recruit for the Sky Army, but he gets more then bargained for when he stumbles on the leaders as they are conducting a 'Host Club'.

They find out he is the Setosorcerer, a rising player in their ranks, and Sky decides to take the boy unde Thai wing and teach him how to be true leader like him and his friends.

It's as bad as it sounds. Seto groaned a bit under his breath as he heard talking in the library again. Slowly he shut the door, and sighed a bit.

Minecraft Mini-Game: COPS N ROBBERS! (TEAM CRAFTED REUNION?) /w Facecam

His first day as a 'recruita' and he can't even study his magic in peace. Pausing to look out the window. I can't believe it's been ten years. Seto blinked as he gazed into the room to see a group of boys.