New demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

Goode Luck Chapter 9: Uh oh, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

What happens when mortals, demigods, and even gods meet some special demigods? It was the first day of school, but I couldn't wait to hit on the new girls To tell the truth, I ended up glaring at him for the most of the day. Read Jake barker (percabeth) from the story Mortals meet demigods by Blake decided lets play truth or dare no one had a disagreement so we all did. "Rosie. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination all this things so yeah ENJOY! Melissa: LightNightSky does not own Percy Jackson Characters, Rick Riordan does (New York's #1 Best-Selling Author), she just owns the plot. . "Luke wants to meet us for the project" I said turning around to Percy.

He was actually pretty good in English. Kaitlyn Taiber, the only other girl in our group besides Mack, was taking notes in her careful, neat handwriting. She and Steven were the smarts of our group.

They cared about their grades far more than the rest of us did. Kaitlyn wasn't even glancing at the us. She was the shy one, the one who was afraid to get in trouble. Her shyness and utter adorableness didn't make her any less scary when she lectured us.

That gave us nightmares. Not as many nightmares as my death glares gave to my enemies, but still plenty. Before you ask, the answer is no.

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I don't have a crush on Kaitlyn. Annabeth is my girlfriend.

We'd go through hell to stay together. We have gone through hell to stay together. Annabeth and I are each other's one and only. The last member of our group besides me was Chuck Deeves.

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

Most people called him Deeves. Only Kaitlyn ever called him Chuck. He liked it, or seemed to. He never really showed his feelings. He was smart in an understated, quiet way. He spoke little, even though he was a pretty big person. Still, he was a good dude, a guy who was almost as loyal as I was.

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

And trust me, that's saying something. So yeah, we were just sitting there when the door opened and in walked my best friend, Grover Underwood what the hell? Almost immediately, everyone turned to me. What was I doing? I was making a fool of myself. But what was Poseidon doing at a mortal school? It made no sense. He was a Greek god. The kids around him were totally and completely mortal I think.

But there he was in his flower-print shirt and his blue shorts. His hair looked windswept, and when he grinned, I saw those smile lines crinkle. I turned to my friends. Mack was giving me a look, like, Isn't Mr. I shook my head and mouthed, "Step-dad. Then someone else walked in- well, I say walked, but it was more of a roll.

Because the person entering was in a wheelchair. And then more people started entering, and my mouth dropped open. Why was Zeus here? Poseidon was a stretch, but Zeus?

And all of the other Olympians, too? Then the Stolls came in, and I just about fainted.

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

Campers were here, as well? And Jason and Reyna. Campers from both camps. What the hell… I was sure my classmates were looking at me like I was crazy, but I was too ecstatic to care. Then Annabeth came in, and I stopped breathing. This was not normal. Annabeth came over to me. A lot of guys were staring at her, not bothering to disguise their longing. I was longing to take out Riptide and murder every one of them for looking at Annabeth like that. Sadly, they were all mortal, so that wouldn't work.

There were many confused glances. Well it's not that big of I surprise I guess. Thalia went in the kitchen and brought back an egg. She closed her eyes put it in her mouth, chewed it a bit and swallowed. She sat back down and looked at me evilly. Oh no here we come. I wasn't sure what that meant but I was certainly not going to choose truth.

She smiled and whispered something in my ear. My eyes grew wide. I was about to take my shirt off and noticed that I had already taken it off, the other option was taking my pants off I walked over to Annabeth who was still laughing from the previous dare, along with everyone else.

She didn't notice me at first but I quickly walked over and pushed my lips in her's. She stood in shock and opened her mouth to say something. That was my chance. Thalia started laughing along with Nico and Jason, while the others stood there in shock. I walked back to my seat with my hand in my cheek it hurt ALOT.

Wow girls really know how to slap Thalia just sat there amused. He stood up and took a few minutes to prepare and hamburger and came out then gave it a bite. Of course he did The Death of Me by seaweedbrainsss reviews Soulmate AU in which Annabeth Chase has to choose between loving Percy Jackson and life itself, but does she really have much choice in the matter? Will they be able to safely bring back the two demigods, or will they fall in love on the way?

But Percy has 2 secrets: He's an alien with superpowers and 2. He's in love with Annabeth. But Annabeth is oblivious to these secrets. Can love bloom between the two?

Or will they remain forever friends to each other? T - English - Romance - Chapters: What he never expected was the headache that his kids are! Percabeth Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: However, she did not expect to summon a supernatural being, who may or may not be her soulmate! Will be updated, although probably irregularly. Rated T just in case can't promise they will never talk about adult themes a little specifically. Ever since coming back from Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth have been sharing a bed.

So what happens when they try to spend a night apart? Percy is a young actor who is staying at the hotel to film a movie on the beach.

One drunken night will make them realize what their lives have been missing, each other. Rated M for later chapters. It slowly turns into a who can embarrass who more competition with couple-like actions and pet names. Rated T because of minor language and I'm paranoid: P Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: Percy is an eighteen-year old entrepreneur, and is prospering from his business: What happens when the duo's lives crash into each other — literally?

Their interaction is friendly enough until Percy starts blasting some god-forsaken Led Zeppelin and she tells him to shut up, because Jesus, how can anyone get any studying done? But, as it turns out, they have more in common than they realized. It had been five years since Annabeth ran back to California, and now she is back in New York with Percy on her mind. She calls and leaves a message in hopes of seeing him before she leaves back home.

Will he come and see her before she goes or just leave the past in the past?

new demigods meet percabeth fanfiction truth

She skated like a badass. She was so chill, a true bro, and - and she was wearing heels? New Year's Eve, and she looked like a knockout. Where did his sweats-and-boy-like-frame friend go? Annabeth is wanting none of it.

Until she starts to talk to Percy and realises that he is different than she thought Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: One shots with the special exceptions, of course.

OOC in its entirety. He may have changed but Percy is still Percy. His friend are still his friends. Although, there are some changes How will this year go for our favorite teens? Will his friends continue the show now that he's back? Will Annabeth be attending Percy's school? Better than it sounds. No flames, critics welcomed.