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nice to meet you maceo plex zippy

Serato Sample Download · Pitch 'n Time . Make sure to get these ditc and you'll have a classic house dance floor jumpin' for hours. .. Glad I could help:). Maceo plex and John da Silva - Love somebody else feat joi cardwell the windows and eventually met on ground level between the buildings. You have requested the file: Name: 04 - Mathias Schaffhaauser - Nice to Meet You Maceo Plex Size: MB. Evo & RST - Mix Revival #1: Nikki Beach St Tropez, Free Download . Leftwing & Kody 'You Were' (Original Mix) Maceo Plex 'Stimulation' (Original Mix) Gareth Emery - 'Meet Her In Miami' .. Evo & RST are pleased to broadcast 'The Carte Blanche Radio Show' on Sequence FM every Friday between –

Cisco's post is accurate to both the genre House and the time period late 90's I miss those days sometimes Ooops, my fault DITC. Chicago house classics remain house classics. We didn't start to "dice" house up until the younger folks Bad Boy Bill and crew starting getting publicity. » Blog Archive » | information ghetto – applause phenomena e.p.

I'm transferring everything to SSL and getting rid of all these records. E-bay should be the spot. BTW anyone else thinking about doing the same should reconsider.

That's essentially pirating music since you won't be owning a legal copy anymore. My legal copy is what I paid to record the track 'bout 5. I'll be in my basement mixin Dawg That is still quite illegal If you want still want to do it, that's your choice, but do not advertise your illegal activities here on this forum. This is your one and only warning.

nice to meet you maceo plex zippy

Any further efforts to advertise illegal sales will result in a ban. My apologies to any I offended with the negative aspects of my thread. Think I'll go program MY lights now.

nice to meet you maceo plex zippy

DJ Michael Basic 5: I don't know what it's called or who it's by don't you just love that? Sounds like the melody is played with a clarinet or something, but it sounds like something you'd hear out of the 30s or 40s. Such a depth of local talent this country has that's sadly being ignored locally, but gaining a small but loyal global following.

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Syndicate's invitation to showcase their talent at the Worldwide Fest in Sete last year was another recent 'local' moment. And it's nice to see Xhin doing really well globally too. As, for myself, most recently, getting booked to DJ in Cielo in New York in and in Preston and London in the UK last year, and being asked by Matthew Kyle from New York to remix his track 'Momentum', remind me that hard work and integrity can still pay off, even if no one here really notices. There's just too many good local moments to list, but it's always a proud moment for me when one of my industry peers gets a decent break, no matter how big or small.

Are there any individuals or collectives in the local music scene that got your attention recently?

Iron Curtain - The Condos • (Maceo Plex Remix)

I've never been one to be taken by collectives per se, save the few that are doing positive and important work. But there are a few very young and talented DJ's, especially Joshua Goh, whose ability, knowledge and taste surpass heaps of other young budding DJs of his age.

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Basically because of their attention to quality and detail in their respective genres, and the way they stick up for it and have fun doing it too. I think if they all work hard and wisely enough, they can shape the future in a very positive sense.

nice to meet you maceo plex zippy

If there's one thing you want to be remembered for in the music industry, what would that be? Apart from being a stickler for quality and good taste, someone who's always upheld and enjoyed the fun, integrity and simplicity of the industry.