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nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

Watch Two and a Half Men - Season 9, Episode 1 - Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (1): Following Charlie's funeral, Alan meets Internet. Start your day free trial Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt KUTCHER joins the cast as Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire with a broken heart. Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt. All is revealed in the ninth season premiere when ASHTON KUTCHER joins the cast as Walden Schmidt, an Internet.

The two pick up a pair of women who are sympathetic towards Walden. The four return to Charlie's house, which is now Alan's, where Alan offers to make drinks. While he is away, the two women lead Walden upstairs where they have sex with him in Charlie's room, leaving Alan downstairs and alone. The next morning, a naked Walden goes into the kitchen, meets Berta, who is impressed by his endowment and tells Alan about what happened the night before. Walden also announces his intent to buy the house.

As Judith Marin Hinkle comes by to drop Jake off for the weekend, they walk in on Walden hugging Alan out of gratitude for his friendship. Judith says "I like him. Production[ edit ] This episode was written by series regulars Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn, Eddie Gorodetsky, and Jim Patterson, directed by series regular James Widdoes, and was taped in August 5, to a full and enthusiastic audience, long after the conclusion of the eighth production seasonwhich was put to an end in February because of Sheen's comments on Lorre.

nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

Kutcher was announced as Sheen's replacement for the series on May 13,after Sheen was fired on March 7, Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson reprised their roles as Dharma and Greg Montgomery for the first time in nearly a decade. Elfman previously played a different character on Two and a Half Men.

Two and a Half Men - Season 9, Episode 1: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (1) -

However, Elfman and Gibson were only credited as an unnamed couple. This is the first episode on the show to feature full nudity albeit censored by pixelation. The Chuck Lorre Productions vanity card is just a picture of three tin cans, but one of them is placed sideways. It scored a Including DVR ratings, which added 4. It was also the most watched show on Australian television that night, beating third placed drama hit Packed to the Rafters byviewers. Lawson noted that Kutcher "ought to fit in just fine", but that viewers would still miss Sheen's "teetering-on-the-brink-of-oblivion verve" complementing the show's "tit jokes and dick jokes and fart jokes occasionally peppered by quips delivered by determinedly non-sexual women characters".

Just as he loses his last bit of hope, a beautiful woman named Veronica Hastings Nicole Steinwedell invites him to a glass of wine, immediately cheering him up. As the woman walks away to get the wine from her storage bin, Herb steps out of the dark in a trenchcoat. He then takes out a pistol and shoots Alan repeatedly.

nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

It is then revealed that Alan is still in the hospital and everything that happened was just a dream. When he actually returns home, he is confronted with Walden's new and modernized house decor.

Much to his sadness, it no longer reflects Charlie's home, prompting him to admit that he no longer belongs here. But when Walden asks him if this means he is going to move out, Alan declines immediately. Gary Busey guest stars as Alan's clinic roommate.

Two and a Half Men - Walden Schmidt Hitting on Girls (HD)

Jake, in Alan's dream, discussing the plans of having his future son in a TV commercial. Jake, who heard his father talk about how rich Walden is, helps the latter where he can, fully intending to get paid for it.

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He even advises Walden to ask her out, an offer that Zoey gladly accepts. When Jake asks his new "boss" if he owns a yacht, he tells him that he does not like displays of extreme wealth and, at the same time, reveals that he already got a private jet. He then proceeds to give Jakefrequent-flyer mileshaving no use for them.

nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

On the night of the date, Alan recommends that Walden take off his wedding ringas it indicates that he still has feelings for Bridget. Walden gives the ring to Alan and decides to move on. During the date, he behaves oddly, mentioning his suicide attempt and the exact time that has passed since he and Bridget broke up, prompting Zoey to tell him that he is still in love with his ex-wife and isn't ready for dating yet.

Proving this point, Walden calls Bridget after the date to tell her about it, only to hear her agree with Zoey.

nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

Meanwhile, Alan is desperate to earn some money and tries to set up a Ponzi scheme with different credit cards. Just as he is about to ask Walden to loan him some money, Berta tells him that Walden likes him because he is the only one who does not want anything from him.

Alan agrees with Berta and visits a pawn shop to make some money off of his old Gateway computer and the diamond cufflinks Evelyn gave him which turn out to be fake. As Sid Jonathan Banksthe pawn shop owner, rejects the items, Alan presents him a vase which he hopes is worth a few bucks. After later receiving Walden's wedding ring calling it " My precious " that is made out of rhodium and platinumhe returns to the pawn shop and freaks out over its value.

Nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

When he comes back to the house, he joins a sad Walden at the beach, who asks him for his ring. It is revealed that Alan did not pawn the ring, fully knowing that Walden would want it back in the end.

nice to meet you walden schmidt free online

To Alan's shock, Walden decides to separate himself from the ring permanently by throwing it in the ocean.