Santa monica all comers meet 2016

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santa monica all comers meet 2016

MD LEAP Squad – Santa Monica All-comers meet recap. Posted on These kids have worked their butts off all off-season. We competed at the. STAFF TOOLKIT. SMMUSD · Samohi Homepage · SMMUSD Calendar · SMMUSD Calendar · Campus Map, I, Email the Webmaster. Santa Monica All Comers Meet Saturday, December 17, at AM - 1: 00 PM PST Track and Field Meet Admission $7 per athlete $5 per spectator.

I am a straight young white man in a church that loves straight white young men. As we drove from the airport to her neighborhood I just kept noticing that there were no fences, anywhere…there were no fences around homes, around schools or even around office buildings.

See I grew up in the suburbs of the southwest, El Paso and Scottsdale, where we had fences and walls made of stone and cement helping us to delineate, define and structure our neighborhoods.

I asked Allison at one point, how does all this work? Truth be told, we human beings build all types of fences do we not. Not just literal fences or course but emotional, ideological, cultural, linguistic and spiritual. We seem to be pretty darn good at noticing and highlighting all the things that divide us, all of the barriers that stand between us, those things which set us apart from one another, that make us different or unique. Sometimes we feel more comfortable making comparisons rather than finding commonalities.

Doc Drew’s Swish: Issue 2, Volume 1

Peter uses this old text from the Hebrew Bible to give shape, meaning and understanding to current events. He evokes this image of the Spirit being poured out on all people, and then he emphasizes four particular groups of people: Now the societal structure of this time would have excluded every one of these types of people from having a place of importance at the table. He paints this picture of a new kind of community based upon the humble-life-giving love of Jesus made present through the Holy Spirit.

He lifts up those who are down-trodden and says no matter what language they speak or what their accent is, no matter if they are useless in your eyes or just merchandise to be traded, they are made in the image of the divine creator of all things, they have inherent sacred worth, they are children of the most high God, and so are you. A place without the fences of age, race, education, politics, sexual identity.

santa monica all comers meet 2016

Old people listen to young people, young people listen to old people, privileged people listen to oppressed people, and men listen to women. Submitted by Coach Ash Baraghoush Hawks vs. Tigers Amir Enayati lead the Hawks in scoring with 4 points and had a strong overall game with several rebounds, blocks, and steals.

Juney Jones showed some spark on defense, including drawing her first personal foul — a career high; a sign of things to come. Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood Hawks vs Crows Ryan Drew scored his first basket of the season and followed up with 5 rebounds against some very tough competition in the paint.

Diego Gonzalez made his season debut, contributing with timely passes to Chase Jenkins and Amir Enayati who combined for 8 points to round out the scoring for the Hawks. Regan Shao, Devon Shao and Spencer Nelson showed solid improvement in their second game of the season.

Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood Crows vs. Player of the game, Veronica Machala had an impressive 6 steals, 3 rebounds, 1 block, plus 1 made free throw. Written by Coach Pete Harris Crowns vs. Hawks Sunday Oct 7th — The Crows wrapped up impressive back to back victories, defeating the Hawks by a margin. It was the coming out party for Rookie League player Constantine Avrampoulous- Orlandou who made a claim to be the next basketball sensation coming out of Greece.

He scored 8 points on an impressive selection of shots from the outside and near the basket. Dylan Kravitz also scored 8 points, and Veronica Machala continued her strong play with 4 points and multiple rebounds and blocks.

Written by Coach Bill Kravitz A short handed Swans with 4 players to start the first half did their best to hold of a near full team of Crows. Brandon Israels did everything he could defending multiple players and blocking several shots, but a 5 on 4 matchup for the 1st half was too much for the Swans and the Crows were able to take the lead with a single free throw made by Benjamin Bassett being the only point posted by the undermanned Swans.

At half time Swans picked up a 5th player when Lara Masood arrived to give the tired Swans at least a full team on the floor. Submitted by Coach Holden Hayes. Jump ball to start the game between the Crows and the Hawks. Bantams The Bengals were up against the sharp shooting Broncos, and even though the Bengals played excellent man to man defense, the Broncos put on a good shooting performance with their skilled marksman making quality shots from the outside.

The Bengals started scoring more points in the 2nd half, and all players played hard.

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Kai Mevasse was a perfect 2 for 2 at the free throw line. After receiving the pass, Austin made a nice pivot turn and shot it in, to the excitement of the crowd.

For the Bengals to see Austin score was as good as a victory, regardless of how the game turned out. Submitted by Coach Paul Drew The Broncos has a strong presence with all team members playing a great game. Submitted by Coach Kerri Keslow. Parker Keslow of the Bantam Broncos dribbles down the court, in his game versus the Bengals. The Packers pulled out to any early lead, but the Rams tightened up their defense and closed the gap to at the half. After a scoreless third quarter, the Rams added two baskets in the 4th quarter to tie the game.

Jarvis Wakefield and Henry Brown paced the Rams with 4 points each, Bora Kocataskin tied the game with a clutch basket late in the 4th quarter. Both teams played great defense resulting in a low scoring 1st half in which the Bucs led after the first 16 minutes.

In the third quarter, the Rams started to crack the Bucs swarming zone defense. Jarvis Wakefield had a pair of buckets to tie the game a after 3 quarters. In the 4th quarter, the Rams finally opened up the game with 2 baskets from Cam Pariser putting the Rams ahead at the end of regulation.

Final score after the Bucs sunk a free throw was The Bantam Titans had a busy schedule with two games this weekend and showed why they are a great team by having full attendance for both games.

In a game vs. Ivan Gatynya scored two baskets and continued to rebound the ball well. Luke Hill and Kaden Friedman each scored a basket and played great defense. Ronan Hill continues to be a good passer.

santa monica all comers meet 2016

Erol Besincioglu handled the ball at point guard many times and found the open player for an easy basket. Alex Ma played great defense and had a few assists. Liam Mulholland continues to be huge in the middle and blocks many shots a game. Photo courtesy of Sean Daly In the Sunday game vs.

Los Angeles Event Spotlight: May 2016

A great effort nonetheless! Archer Aguilar led the comeback by driving to the basketball with Alex Ma and Luke Hill chipping in with a couple of baskets. Rayan Etemadnia is one of the toughest defenders on the court and continues to terrorize opposing teams with his defense.