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Nov 17, - Rent Guesthouses in Sykkylven Municipality, Norway from ﺩ.ﺇ73/ night. Norway. Møre og Romsdal. Places to stay in Sykkylven Municipality. Romsdal was approved by the Norwegian ecotourism business -Innovation Norway, and also met the UN demands - the first in. More og Romsdal to do . LOCATION: Ålesund/Sykkylven .. street, a Molde in mini format as it would have been. Driving around Norway takes you to places outside the cities and where public transport is limited or infrequent. may be confusing to navigate for the first time visitor due to many one-way streets. . Main road into Møre og Romsdal county. .. Where a road is not wide enough for two cars to meet, blue signs with a large M.

In Hundeidvik there is a grocery store, but its only minutes to the center of Sykkylven where there is more stores and restaurants.

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The cabin gives you easy access to the fjords and mountains in the area. The views are absolutely stunning and very convenient to nearby Alesund. It was the perfect size, exceptionally clean, and overall very comfortable. We would definitely stay here again! Your thoughtful touches and interior style is cosy and beautiful.

We had everything we needed to make this a really comfortable luxury cabin holiday thank you for all your tips of things to see in the area. The house is directly at the fjord so you have a beautiful view. I can highly recommend this cosy place! Everything was perfectly prepared for our stay, the kitchen and bathroom were really well-equipped, bed was so comfortable and that view from the sitting room Rolf and his wife were so kind and helpful,they welcomed us warmly and showed everything in the house.

We didn't want to go back home, but we hope to spend an awesome time there once again: A perfect place with perfect hosts! The Sognefjell mountain is also. When a new section of road is built often through a tunnel at a difficult point or to avoid avalanches, the old road is often abandoned, left to pedestrians or used as a local road. The old section of the road often gives a more interesting scenery, and the old road engineering itself is often impressive or interesting.

The Tokagjelet stretch of road 7 is one such road that can be visited. Famous Stalheimskleiva on road E16 gives an excellent panorama and is exciting to drive. Visitors are often not aware of these as they rush along the fast road. Tokagjelet on road 7 available on bike or foot Vehicle and gear[ edit ] Norwegian license plates for light vehicles black on white On public roads there is no need for anything special in summer. In winter, a four-wheel drive may be useful to pull up the last snowy road, but is generally not needed on public roads.

In winter, Norwegian cars use Nordic quality winter tires studded tires are permitted from November 1. Chains are generally not used by ordinary cars and usually not allowed by rental companies.

Satellite navigation GPS can be useful in cities and around Oslo, but navigation by road number is more reliable. GPS and online map services sometimes make silly choices.

Lofts in Sykkylven Municipality

Manual transmission is regarded as standard in Norway. If you prefer to rent a car with automatic transmission, make sure to order one at the rental company. If you live in Europe, consider bringing your own, but if you arrive during winter November - Aprilbe aware that winter tires are necessary, do not under any circumstance try to drive without, even if you don't expect snow or ice.

Diesel and other liquids must also withstand the low temperatures that can be encountered in winter. Norway has more electrical plug-in cars than most other countries. Fully electric cars are indicated with an "EL" or "EK" on their license plate. It is common to park overnight on rest areas although on many it is illegal. Look for parkings that are specifically designed for campervans. Don't park on any field or open patch along the road as land is generally private.

There are hundreds of camp grounds that cater to motorhomes and caravans, or camping with tents - some have huts to rentand these are well signposted. All have basic facilities electricity, toilets, hot showers pay per minutemostly-flat groundand some are more equipped buy fresh food, hire boats, communal kitchens, tourist info, etc.

Some are of the "industrial" variety hundreds of vans, spotless facilities, very straight paths, gravel, not grass, keypads to enter, lots of strict rules, right beside the highwayand others are more It's impossible to tell from the signs, so a drive-by might be necessary to see if the campground suits your mood and preferences.

As a rough guide Augusta night in a campground with electricity costs around kr.