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Cliffjumper and Ultra Magnus' Wreckers escorted Optimus Prime, Jazz and Cliffjumper eventually meet up and found a crevasse in which the Lightning Strike . This is the first Cliffjumper to appear in the same cartoon as. Main article: Cliffjumper (G1)/Generation 1 cartoon continuity An original member of Optimus Prime's crew when they crash-landed on Earth, Cliffjumper and taking the form of a Porsche, Cliffjumper met Sparkplug and his. Cliffjumper is the name of several fictional robot superhero characters from the Transformers In The Transformers animated series, Cliffjumper was part of the original . in an underground energon pool together and meet the Autobot Breakaway, . with a different head sculpt that closely resembles G1 Cliffjumper's face.

Predatory He's not solving murders with Harry Morgan. Following the Great ExodusCliffjumper was investigating reports of a Decepticon operation on the deserted Cybertron when he was captured by Starscream 's forces along with Arcee. When interrogated, he held out and faked a shutdown, being thrown into the same cell as Arcee.

The pair were taken to Shockwavewho used a cortical psychic patch on Arcee to decode the transmission—a message from Optimus Prime calling the Autobots to Earth. Cliffjumper subsequently kept Starscream busy long enough for Arcee to free herself and the pair went to destroy the space bridge that Shockwave had build. Cliffjumper distracted the Decepticons while Arcee sabotaged the bridge though Shockwave caught them in the act.

Cliffjumper ended up fighting the Decepticon scientist and came off second best, though he was saved by Arcee. The two Autobots jumped through the space bridge, encountering Shockwave one last time mid-bridge before they ended up on Earth.

As the pair went off to find Optimus, Cliffjumper regaled Arcee with the story of the time he was lost in the Sea of Rust. Out of the Past The duo were unaware that Shockwave survived their encounter.

Scattered Three years after the last reported Decepticon activity on Earth, Cliffjumper was still marooned on the planet with his fellow Autobots. Still a strong-willed individual, Cliffjumper had sometimes run afoul of human authorities, resulting in receiving multiple traffic tickets and once having a boot affixed to his tire due to a parking violation. As he chatted with Arcee over the radio, she admonished him for his stubborn bullheadedness.

He countered that Earth was so boring that sometimes he just had to stir things up. If you think he looks ornery now, you should see him later. Just as Cliffjumper noted that he was starting to miss the Decepticons, his scanners caught nearby activity. He declined Arcee's suggestion for backup and sped off in the direction of the disturbance. He was surprised to find a wide crater full of energonand even more surprised to find it guarded by the Decepticons!

Overwhelming Decepticon forces demanded Cliffjumper put up a ferocious fight, but ultimately, the Autobot was overcome and taken on board the Nemesisthe Decepticons' warship, and thrown in front of Starscream.

The interim Decepticon commander did not respond well to Cliffjumper's irreverence, and the Autobot was stabbed through the chest. Starscream then ordered his troops to clean up the body. The remaining Earthbound Autobots arrived on the scene too late, and Ratchet confirmed that Cliffjumper's spark had gone offline.

Finding one of Cliffjumper's horns in the dirt, Arcee took the piece of her friend to the Autobots' memorial service. The loss of Cliffjumper hit her the hardest, and she stormed off amidst their eulogies, preferring to honor Cliffjumper's memory by keeping Earth safe.

Ratchet confided in Optimus Prime that as long as the Autobots protected humanity, Cliffjumper's death would not be the only tragedy. Darkness Rising, Part 1 He's not supposed to die! Though Cliffjumper had died, his body still had uses. When Megatron wanted a corpse on which to test Dark Energon 's resurrection powers, Cliffjumper's was used as a guinea pig.

Cliffjumper (G1)/Generation 1 cartoon continuity

Once his torso was stabbed through by a shard of the material, Cliffjumper did spring back to life Only being sliced in two by Megatron stopped Cliffjumper's rampage, and his two halves decorated varying levels of the Decepticons' energon mine.

The initial Dark Energon stabbing did briefly bring Cliffjumper's spark back online, but when Ratchet's sensors picked this up, he dismissed it as a glitch. Regardless, Arcee wanted to investigate. After the Autobots mounted an attack on the Decepticons, Arcee found the top half of Cliffjumper strewn about, but was horrified to see the monster that he had become. Whatever this thing was, it was no longer Cliffjumper, so the zombie was left behind as the Decepticon base exploded.

Cliffjumper with Jazz were chained up at a water and power plant but they did get rescued by the other Autobots when they found their location. The MovieCliffjumper, with Jazz again is stationed on Moonbase 1, from which try unsuccessfully to escape when attacked by Unicron. After their apparent consumption by the planet-eater, they are ultimately saved by Daniel Witwicky.

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By season 3, Cliffjumper was reduced to a background character, a result of voice actor Casey Kasem 's objection to the portrayal of Arab characters as stereotypical villains [6] and eventual departure from the show. His last appearance in the original U. Books[ edit ] Cliffjumper appeared in the following books: In this story's accompanying book Cliffjumper was depicted in his yellow variant, not his usual red one.

He was a main character in the story Sun Raidwhere he was described as a "red truck. Joe force trying to rescue Optimus Prime. Dreamwave Productions[ edit ] When civil war broke out on the planet Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons, Cliffjumper joined the Autobot cause.

When Decepticon leader Megatron and Autobot leader Optimus Prime disappeared in an accident with a space bridge, the Autobot and Decepticon forces splintered into smaller factions. Cliffjumper stayed with the Autobots under the leadership of Prowl. What they discovered was Trypticon. The giant Decepticon easily routed them, and Prowl's team were only saved by Shockwave's calling him away to battle against the Fallen and Chaos Trinity.

Six million years ago, Ultra Magnus united the Autobot factions and lead them to victory over Decepticons and Ultracons. Megatron returned to Cybertron in command of the clone forces of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron and took over Cybertron. Cliffjumper was among the Autobots enslaved and forced to labor tunneling into Cybertron's core Transformers: War Within - The Age of Wrath 2.

Eventually Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron and helped free the enslaved Autobots. Cliffjumper was among the Autobots who followed Optimus Prime on his mission on board the Ark and crash landed on Earth.

Inwhen the Ark's computer re-activated, it reformatted Cliffjumper as in the form of an Earth car. Eventually the combined forces of the Autobots on Earth, and their human allies were able to capture the Decepticons. A ship called the Ark II was built to take the Cybertronians back to Cybertron, along with some human companions, but the ship exploded shortly after takeoff. The human allies were killed, but the Cybertronians were lost in the ocean, again in stasis lock.

Bumblebee was placed in command of the Autobot supply shuttle Orion, with PowerglideWarpathSeasprayCosmosCliffjumper, Bumper and the Powerdashers assigned to him.

Their mission was to aid the Autobots on Earth. Upon arriving in the Earth system from transwarp space, they witnessed the arrival of Sunstorm Transformers: Generation One III 1. In one splinter timeline, he wound up in an alternate "mirror" universe where up is down, black is white, right is wrong, and Cliffjumper is an important character.

Generation 1 cartoon continuity Main article: An original member of Optimus Prime's crew when they crash-landed on Earth, Cliffjumper participated in many of the key battles during the s. He was later stationed on one of the Autobot Moon Bases by the year and survived an encounter with Unicron, before immediately disappearing for reasons "unknown. In a parallel universe of a splinter timeline, he gained a new body and had many confusing adventures with the Alternity.

Sticker Adventures books During a Decepticon attack, Cliffjumper pleaded with Optimus to let him jump into the fray. Optimus denied his request, telling him that they already had the Decepticons on the run.

Cliffjumper and the other Autobots nonetheless attempted to fend off the Decepticons when they attacked once more. Thankfully, Optimus returned just in time with a new shipment of fuel. Re-energized, the Autobots forced the Decepticons to flee once again. He managed to land a hit on Thundercracker. The Autobots learned that Megatron had taken Sunstreaker captive, and was demanding the Autobots to surrender. Cliffjumper was amongst the Autobots who afterwards helped defeat the Decepticons by using a statue of Devastator as a Trojan Horse of sorts.

When the Decepticons tried to raid sunken ships full of treasure, he and the other Autobots attacked them. When Thundercracker pursued him, Cliffjumper blasted the Decepticon with glass gas. Search for Treasure Under the Sea Sparkplug and Buster Witwicky were captured by the Decepticons, and Cliffjumper took part in the battle to rescue them, zapping their captors with glass gas so the two humans could escape.

He and the other Autobots also stopped the Decepticons from attacking Hoover Dam. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Upon awakening on Earth, and taking the form of a Porsche, Cliffjumper met Sparkplug and his son Spike. With the Decepticons still not in the know of what forms the Autobots had taken, Cliffjumper was one of the troops that Optimus led into the desert in order to ambush their enemies.

Though they successfully took by surprise a squadron of Decepticons, the Autobots had not anticipated a second group flying in from the opposite direction. Thanks to a warning from Spike and Sparkplug, the Autobots managed to fend off the Decepticons, and came to accept Earth as their new home. Battle for Cybertron One day, a bunch of humans held a rally race for which first prize would be a year's supply of oil and gasoline.

Rather than follow their usual tack, attempting to cheat their way to the fuel, the Decepticons decided to sneak into the race simply for the sake of giving the Autobots a thrashing.


Cliffjumper was one of the Autobots driving in the rally, and he was unaware that the scary black Cadillac was actually being driven by Megatron until he tried to pass it.

Megatron dogged the Minibot for quite a while, until a telephone pole-wielding Optimus Prime swatted the Decepticon leader out of the race. Cliffjumper won the race and everybody smiled, even Optimus Prime.

English Cliffjumper had an wheeler truck alternate mode. Sent to find Doctor Heath BlaisedaleCliffjumper had trouble convincing her to come along and eventually had to abduct her, fighting off Ravage. He returned to headquarters where Optimus Prime apologized to Blaisedale for the whole thing and persuaded her to help them.

With the news that the Decepticons wanted to get their hands on the doctor's solar reactor, the Autobots went to the solar plant and began to re-energize. When Ravage kidnapped Blaisedale, energy-low Cliffjumper stayed at the plant and was therefore one of the few Autobots still there when Megatron attacked it.

Luckily Snarl and the Dinobots arrived, and once Cliffjumper used the last of his energy to glass gas Megatron's cannon, they attacked.

Cliffjumper was left sitting helplessly in the middle of the battle, and when Optimus's rescue team returned with Blaisedale, Windcharger had to push Cliffjumper to safety.

After the battle, Optimus scolded Cliffjumper for running out of power, and Cliffjumper drove Doctor Blaisedale home. Cliffjumper was once almost spotted by Laserbeak. Menace at the Dam S. Cliffjumper was amongst the troops accompanying Optimus.

As they drove along, the Autobots were ambushed by the Decepticons. The battle that ensued later came to be known as " Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction. Cliffjumper is not seen in the image illustrating the Digital Doom battle in the first installment of the story. However, it is later revealed that he was a part of the battle, as is seen in the next installment.

Maybe he was just "off-panel"? Optimus ordered Cliffjumper, Warpath and Cosmos to flee the battle in order to fetch reinforcements. Decepticon Poison The following summarizes one or more multipath adventures. Details vary depending on the paths taken in-story. See the book's page for information on alternate paths.

Cliffjumper was amongst the Autobots getting topped up with their latest batch of fuel when Red Alert burst into Autobot headquarters, warning everyone about Ramjet being spotted nearby.

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In one possible sequence of events that ensued, Perceptor gave out the right amount of an antidote the Autobot scientist had created, allowing Cliffjumper to resume his robot form and take arms against an incoming squadron of Decepticons. The antidote having given Cliffjumper and the rest of the cured Autobots a case of battle fever, the bunch were eager to take on the Decepticons head on in combat.

The more level-head Prowl suggested instead a more conniving approach, where the Autobots would ambush their assailants. If Optimus allowed Cliffjumper and the rest of the refuelled Autobots to venture headlong into battle, the group fond themselves fighting against Megatron himself, accompanied by a squad of Decepticon jets.

The second wave soon ran out of fuel, prompting the Autobots to call a retreat. Thankfully, the Decepticons were damaged enough through the course of the battle, causing them to retreat as well. In another possible turn of events, Perceptor gave out too much of his antidote to each Autobot. Though Cliffjumper initially cheered, finding himself able to transform once more, he soon found himself literally falling to pieces. The Autobots finding themselves completely outmatched against an all-out Decepticon attack were made short work of by the Decepticons.

In yet another possible scenario, the Autobots used the tainted fuel to create a toxic cloud that successfully fended off the Decepticons attack. This plan gave Perceptor the time he needed to cure Cliffjumpers and the others with his antidote. Their ranks fully replenished and the Decepticons turning tail meant the Autobots had earned themselves another victory. Now cured, the Autobots discussed their next course of action; they had to prevent the Decepticons from poisoning the nearby water reservoir.

The War Within 3 Cliffjumper was active during the Dark Ages on Cybertron, when Optimus Prime and Megatron were missing and the two armies had split up into multiple smaller factions.

He was working primarily with Prowl 's contingent of soldiers. Fragmentation He accompanied Prowl's team out to the Praetorus Wharf in search of Trypticononly to discover that the battle station was already operational and battle-ready.

Devastation Still in vehicle mode, he was knocked over during the initial salvo, and Jazz had to right him. After the arrival of Autobot reinforcements, they tried to concentrate their firepower to find any sort of weakspot on the enemy, only for Trypticon to suddenly up and leave as he had other orders.