Zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes

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Meet Zendaya Coleman's "Zapped" Disney Channel Original Movie family! Peyton DeGrazia First Look at Zendaya's 'Zapped' Disney Channel Movie! Zapped. So for starters, you're probably wondering what "Zapped" is about? and I quote "You video game dudes, start doing something good for your spiritual and . when we're first introduced to him he's wearing sunglasses indoors only a Despite the fact that Jackson did indeed want to kiss Zoey, he wanted. Zapped - Zoey's Audition Zendaya. Zendaya .. Meet Zendaya Coleman's " Zapped" Disney Channel Original Movie family! Disney Xd See more. Video: First Promo For “Zapped” Starring Zendaya," Too Much!" Most popular tags for this image include: a cinderella story, drew barrymore, quotes, Dream and lovely.

Afterward, Peyton seduces one of the school administrators, Corinne Updike, and Barney returns to his experiments. At the insistence of the pesky class president, Bernadette Felice SchachterPeyton promises to take photographs of Barney posing with the genetically modified orchids he has been growing for the school principal, Walter Coolidge. Barney drops the beaker containing the mice's feeding solution, producing a cloud of shimmery smoke that knocks him unconscious.

Sometime later, he awakens and returns home, where his uptight mother chastises him for his tardiness and antisocial behavior.

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As she yells, Barney's bedroom door mysteriously slams shut. During English class the next day, Barney fantasizes about a popular but vain girl named Jane Mitchell Heather Thomas. When the teacher calls on him unexpectedly, Barney furrows his brow, causing the map above the chalkboard to fall on her head.

That afternoon, Peyton asks Jane on a date, but she reminds him that she has a college-aged boyfriend. As Barney stares at Jane's chest, her cardigan bursts open, leaving everyone confused. In the lab, Barney experiments with his new telekinetic abilities by levitating various objects across the room, unaware of Bernadette and Peyton, who are watching through the window.

When his friends confront him, however, Barney convinces them to keep his powers a secret. At home, Barney propels his model spaceship through the air, imagining the crew members inside have come alive.

He then animates a ventriloquist dummy, which frightens Mrs. Springboro so much that she believes her son is possessed. On the day of the big baseball game, Barney manipulates the ball and hits the winning home run. Meanwhile, Principal Coolidge attempts to break into Barney's lab to check the growth of his orchids, but cannot obtain the key.

Zapped - Zoey walks Humphrey

After Barney agrees to let Bernadette write a report about him for her older sister's college science journal, they notice Mrs. Burnhart sneak into his lab and uncover a pot of Peyton's marijuana hidden behind the orchids. She retrieves Principal Coolidge, but they return to discover the plants are missing. Baseball coach Dexter Jones finds Barney and Bernadette stuffing the plants in the incinerator, and the smoke causes him to become intoxicated: Over the weekend, Barney, Peyton, and Bernadette go to a pre-graduation celebration at an amusement park, during which Peyton challenges Jane's boyfriend, Robert Wolcott, to a beer-drinking contest.

While on a spinning ride, Barney increases the speed of Robert's compartment, causing him to vomit and lose the bet. After witnessing Zoey exhibiting behavior of Taylor, Jackson decides that maybe he should take things slow with Zoey.

Zoey, being a girl and having all the knowledge, wisdom and logic in the universe manages to turn the situation into an accusation that Jackson is being dishonest about how he feels about Zoey following me so far?

No, don't worry about it. Jackson honestly states he doesn't know how he feels about Zoey, and Zoey says "then just kiss me! Even Jackson is confused by this and tells Zoey that that isn't how he wanted that to happen keep in mind, he doesn't know about the phone and Zoey wasn't at all mortified that she was FORCING him to do it, but she was confused about why it was on the cheek and not on the lips which is clearly what she was preparing for.

zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes

Despite the fact that Jackson did indeed want to kiss Zoey, he wanted to do so on his own terms, when he was ready to do it, apparently, waiting for Jackson's own terms wasn't fast enough for Zoey and she essential FORCED him upon herself. Because Taylor caught Jackson escorting Zoey to her class, she officially hates her were you expecting some other justification?

zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes

So when Zoey tries out for the Varsity dance team, Taylor orders her to be on the junior varsity team, which are basically a team of nerds with 2 left feet. This causes The Principal to set up a Dance Off.

zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes

Taylor somehow realizes that Zoey is using her phone to control boys and wouldn't you know it? Still not as oppressive as Zoey. Taylor even points this out to Zoey saying Zoey didn't stop what she was doing, so why should she? Which is pretty air-tight, considering that Zoey never considered stopping but in her own words "give the guys a slightly longer leash", that's a direct quote by the way.

Is she not merciful? The justification for this is that a dog will never turn on their own pack. This would have made more sense if Taylor ordered one of Zoey's family members to do something to her like take her away or dump garbage on her and the family members resisted More profound than this Keep in mind, Zoey told her family about the magic phone, Zoey's Mom is aware of the phone and it's powers at this point, and while her husband is acting like a dog per Taylor's command, Zoey's mother does nothing to wrench the phone from Taylor's control and save her husband from humiliation I could get the phone from that girl who's publicly humiliating my daughter and family but I'm gonna sit here and be useless, confused and helpless despite the fact that I now have ample evidence that everything my daughter told me was true.

So do I have to state the obvious with this article? I'm going to anyway, but I'm legitimately asking because unfortunately there are some people who don't know what the obvious is. Simply because she doesn't like video games and skateboards she demands that others don't either and FORCES them to stop enjoying what they enjoy and enjoy something she enjoys.

Zoey and Jackson

That's probably the biggest issue I had with this movie. Stop enjoying what you enjoy, enjoy what I want you to enjoy, it's better for you. I know what's best for everyone because I'm better than everyone. Just reverse the plot and imagine a movie where a guy suddenly obtains an app that controls girls, truth is you don't have to imagine a movie like that because those movies tend to exist in the porno section of your local video store.

Zoey and Rachel are fine with guys taking their shirts off granted they had them off already, but that was by their own volition now imagine 2 guys FORCING a group of hot girls to take their clothes off for their own enjoyment.

Like the scene with the kiss, as I mentioned before, Zoey was mortified that she commanded Jackson to kiss her she was confused that he kissed her on the cheek, when she thought she FORCED him to kiss her on the lips.

The movies tries desperately to moralize it's why out of the horrific ideology by saying things like "give boys time, they'll come around. See, I love boys, honest I do!

zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes

Look at my shirt, see! This is NOT the kind of crap we should be showing them, this isn't cool, this isn't funny and it sure as hell ain't good writing. It's worthless, sexist drivel that deserves nothing but scorn. I shouldn't be surprised that Disney would endorse such filth.

zapped zoey and jackson first meet quotes