Analyse the relationship between corporate communication and branding

analyse the relationship between corporate communication and branding

John M.T. Balmer, (The Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group, Brunel The author was privileged to discuss his work on corporate identity with . Clearly, there is a similarity and synergistic relationship between the above which . Specifically, this research test the relationship between corporate identity and corporate is unique and the identity must da of organization thru corporate communication spring from . Given the approach in the analysis of corporate identity. . and Ramanantsoa () stress the is linked to the corporate brand concept. Analyze the relationship between corporate communication and Corporate branding is the symbol used by corporate to identify itself to its.

Try to find out what is their perception about your organization. Staffs and volunteers are the most important consideration in this stage. Ask, what are your reactions of communications during the past year? What could be improved? Did internal documents serve your needs?

analyse the relationship between corporate communication and branding

This helps you to have an overview of what is required of you, Put together a plan for future communications. You need to use your research as the starting point for making a corporate communication audit for your organization. Corporate Communication Strategies Dissertations Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the current levels of practice in your organisation In evaluating the level of effectiveness, you need to consider the commitment of the organisation.

In terms of commitment, the organisation should be effective in that it ensures that all the objectives of organization are achieved through proper communication. Another effective practice is the human resource. Through effective communication in the organization, various functions such as section, recruitment, in-services training are taken care off.

Administration and finance control.

analyse the relationship between corporate communication and branding

In the running of the organization through effective communication of the set objectives, the management is in a position to control how the finances are used. Explain how you would conduct an external corporate communication audits An external communication audit is an indicator of current communication practices in an organization.

When planning for an external corporate communication audits you should consider various factors such as the target audiences. This will help in knowing the type of information you are going to pass from your organization to the target audience, thus enhancing the effectiveness of communication.

Demonstrate how you would conduct an external corporate communication audits When conducting an external corporate communication audits, you have in use things like signage, posters, newspapers, voice messages and bronchus. The following steps are used in achieving it. Understanding strategic communication practices. This helps in measuring your communication efforts.

You need to ask questions that will help you determine strategic communication practices such as what is your communication vision.

Are your communication goals well defined and measurable? Identify the level of practice. There are various levels of practice such as institutional practices that are routine and improved over a time, Optimized practices are continuously evaluated and improved over a considerable period with sufficient resources.

Access the current performance. Here you need to know the levels of your organization performances through interviewing your audiences, use of focus groups. This helps in understanding where to start and what information to change about your organization. Identify the areas for improvement. Getting feedback from your audiences, you now have an idea of where to change or improve in the organization. This enhances how communication has been done in the organisation. Here you need to ensure that media coverage is taken care off to pass the relevant information to the target audiences.

After all this is done, you need to plan for future communication. This increases the effectiveness of your organization. Critically evaluates the effectiveness of the current levels of practice in your organisation As a result of effective communication in the organization there is a great change in practices such as community relation. This is as a result of corporate communication branding and imaging in the organization which helps the organization to change a lot.

Through enhancement of communication with the local community; the organization has known the tastes and preferences of the community. Program management is another sector that is effective. Due to communication done with various departments in the organization, programs are run effectively thus enhancing the relationship Financial management: It is through effective communication in the organization that budget administration is taken care of by knowing what the target audiences need you are in a position to budget well.

Demonstrate how you would plan the development of a corporate communication strategy Having in mind what you need to achieve, you need to know what your communication plans are by asking yourself the following questions; do you want to improve your organization reputation? Do you want to generate more online or offline news coverage? You just need to lay down your organization objectives. In planning your strategy, you need to define how you will achieve you objectives.

Your strategy should include a profile start such as; do you want to generate maximum or minimum coverage? By having this in mind you are in a position to have an effective corporate communication strategy in your organization. Selecting the audiences to influence with a corporate strategy When selecting audiences to influence your corporate communication strategy you need to consider both the internal and external audiences in your organization.

Simoes and main language of commerce. Dibb state that the notion of corporate identity Moingeon and Ramanantsoa stress the is linked to the corporate brand concept. Also interaction between history and corporate identity. They further state that identity influences history and shapes the perceptions Corporate reputation addresses the key question and actions of the organization members.

Thus, of what distinctive attributes are assigned to an identity also produces history. History created an organization. It is formed over time by repeated identity in support of the entrepreneurial self-image impressions of the corporate image whether positive and income generating orientation of the university or negative Gray and Balmer, ; ; Jarzabkowski and Wilson, According to Balmerit is Lastly, component of corporate identity focus on the enduring perception held of an organization by an market conditions involving nature of the industry individual, group or network that forms a collective and marketing strategy.

corporate communication strategies

Malaysia higher education Mohamad: Relationship Between Corporate Identity and Corporate Reputation 85 system of beliefs and opinions that influences reputation. Additionally, corporate derived from one source of opinion are confirmed by identity will create a strong image of the university. Hence, it must be in an Hypothesis 1a: Behaviour has a positive impact competitive edge that is different from the others. According to Bromleya business reputation Hypothesis 1c: Corporate culture has a positive has to be based on accomplishments or worthwhile impact on corporate reputation.

A Market condition has a positive efforts. According to Genasihaving a better understanding of a organization reputational strengths METHOD and weaknesses against its competitors will enable it In this section, data gathering procedures, respon- to set measurable goals to address issues of concern dents, and measurements of variables are detailed.

To earn a positive Malaysia.

The Strategic Importance of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Hutton, suggest 10 core Respondent in this research are future prospective dimension of corporate reputation including ethics, clients of the University Utara Malaysia among workers, financial performance, leadership, students from matriculation colleges in Malaysia. The quality, reliability and emotional appeal. This sample distribution Melewar and Jenskin with including the reflects the norm of students in Malaysia. The elements of non-physical such as behavior and majority of the respondents Another concept that must be respondents from account stream, Salame from science stream in matriculation centre.

Image and identity are being Based on corporate identity model developed by evaluated by customer, community, employees and Melewar and Jenskinthere are five main other stakeholder and both elements is creating the components to developing corporate identity. This reputation is being developed. According to Van Riel model is being using in study of company services.

Melewar and Sibel Akelalso applying the same model The studies reviewed above demonstrated the importance of corporate identity in determining and to study the corporate identity Warwick University.

Corporate Communication Strategies

Details of instrument used in this study are as follows: Each item is more independent variables Greene, Thus, measured using 5-point Likert type scale. This instruments corporate identity and corporate reputation.

This study employs their 10 Positive relationship is predicted. Results of a simple items scale to measure corporate reputation. Each regression analysis suggest that there is a significant item is measured with a 5-point Likert type scale. The pre-test conducted sought to determine corporate identity and corporate reputation for matri- the degree of stability, trustworthiness, dependability culation colleges respondents.

The results suggest that of the measurement used in this study, as there are there is a direct relationship between corporate very limited study on corporate identity and corporate identity and corporate reputation for respondents.

Tests for normality include kurtosis measures, skewness measures, and visual inspection of Since this first test finds a significant positive histograms. The majority of items appear to be within relationship between corporate identity and corporate normality. Kurtosis measures are below one. Table 1 shows reputation of the university Hypotheses 1a, b, c and the descriptive statistics for corporate identity d.

analyse the relationship between corporate communication and branding

It is predict that the positive relationship communi- dimensions and corporate reputation. We also predict that the behaviour, RESULTS corporate culture and market condition has a positive impact on corporate reputation of the university.

In each regression model, corporate reputation Multiple regression techniques are chosen because is regressed against the four corporate identity they allow researchers in social science to deal with dimensions, i. The central idea of the Regression weights and multiple correlations display multiple regression method is that it is used to test the in Table 3.

Communication and visual identity This finding Communication and 0. This finding Corporate Culture 0. For university who intend to globalize their institution, this result The overall pattern of results in Table 3 indicates indicate that the corporate identity management a significant relationship between corporate identity should take into account its personality Balmer, and corporate reputation. These results provide support for past organizational members, communication and sym- research BalmerFombrumFombrum bolism in order to acquire a favourable corporate and ShanleyGray and Balmer as well reputation Fombrun, which results in im- as provide support for the current hypothesis that proved organizational performance Fombrun and corporate identity significantly with corporate Shanley, If the results are generalizable, maxi- reputation.

As mentioned earlier we predict ships communication in influencing their corporate communication and visual identity, behaviour, reputation. One explanation for identity is now widely corporate culture and market condition will be recognised as an effective strategic instrument and a significant predictor relationship with corporate means to achieve competitive advantage Schmidt, reputation of the university. The next step is to This study suggests that corporate identity of the universities plays an important role in influencing assess the external validity of the obtained results by corporate reputation.

As can be seen in Table 3, for replication of the study in other Malaysia university communication and visual identity, behaviour, settings, and other tasks at hand. For example future corporate culture and market conditions show a research should test whether similar effect can be significant relationship with corporate reputation.

For higher education private Malaysian university. Corporate Reputation is possibilities of common method biases exist in this Review.

Thus, future research should consider obtaining data from multiple sources. For example, rating of Birkight, K. Corporate corporate identity can be obtained from existing identity, Grundlagen, Funktionen, Fallspielen, clients students. Even though our results are Verlag Moderne Industrie. The making of a new corporate identity and corporate reputation. Journal of Business Strategy. May- However, additional dimensions of corporate identity needed to be considered. If further research identifies corporate Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum identity dimensions such as the Balmer, ; Associates.

Birkight and Stadler, ; Olins, corporate identity instrument such as personality, corporate Cornelissen, J. Managing strategy Wiedmann,which may lead to corporate identity: Corporate best corporate identity for university to maintain their Communications: Additionally, we also aware Vol. Thus for those who interested to Dowling, G. Managing your corporate continue with study the use of seven dimension of images. Towards an In sum, this study represents an initial research integrated approach to corporate branding: Corporate and visual image; behavior, corporate culture, market Communications: This investigation is also Fombrum, C.

Realizing Value the first to focus on specific corporate identity in from the Corporate Image. Harvard Business Malaysia University. The results of this research School Press: What's in a planning. Reputation building and corporate strategy.

Academy of Management Journal. Managing trappings or substance? European Journal of image and corporate reputation. Corporate branding and con- Greene, W. Econometric analysis 5th ed. Journal of General Management. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Vol 21 1. Past Pre- Hutton, James G. T dan Wilson, A. Corporate Communication Institute Symposium on identity: International Studies of Management and Ind, N.

Top teams Olins, W. An and strategy in a UK university. Journal of Inquiry into the Nature of Corporate Identity. Corporate image — We all have Thames and Hudson one, but few work to protect and project it. The New Guide to Identity. Perceptions of academics and 39 4.