Can the rebound relationship work

Success Rate Of Rebound Relationships: Will It Last? For How Long?

can the rebound relationship work

The Rare Case When a Rebound Relationship Might Work ask yourself if you think a relationship in this situation could actually work for you. You could go back to your ex, but you broke up for a reason. Maybe you Relationship experts' advice is mixed about rebound relationships. There are two cases in which a rebound relationship can last. The first is that you get really lucky that the person you picked,almost randomly, turns out to be a.

In simple terms, when you get into a rebound relationship, you're just trying to distract yourself from thinking about your ex-boyfriend with whom you might still be in love. It means you are seeking the fastest way to get over a recent split with a boyfriend. It may not be your intention but you will be using the rebound boyfriend, thinking that you are helping yourself.

This is what makes such a relationship tricky There are things you cannot deny when you are on a rebound: As such, your emotional stability is in question, as well as the ability to commit to your new man, or even make credible decisions.

If you are the rebounder, you will exhibit anxiety about the entire relationship, making it fail in the process. If you are his rebound girl, know that you are just a substitute for his lost love.

Most likely, his neediness is what connects him to you rather than the real excitement that occurs between new lovers. Perhaps his greatest fear is being single and this is what motivates him to be in a rebound relationships instead of waiting for a genuine attraction.

He sounds bitter when talking about his last girlfriend Having negative feelings about an ex-girlfriend is totally normal but bashing his ex all the time is not good. Otherwise, he'd try to be kind when talking about her. He prefers intense hookups His aim is to get a connection he is missing from his ex. Now that you're the girl who's most intimate with him, he just wants to hook up every so often, and when you're not hooking up he seems weird.

He is reluctant to commit This is a clear sign that he is rebounding. A guy on rebound will jump at any chance of a relationship but commitment is not his thing. If only he could tell you this: The only time he can make the relationship between the two of you official is after getting over his ex, which he is yet to come to terms with. So don't expect any commitment from him until he accepts that his last relationship is over. A post shared by Taleofmen taleofmen on Oct 19, at 1: He is more into getting physical Even though intimacy is an important aspect of a relationship, it is imperative to strike a balance between intellectual and physical compatibility.

It's okay to enjoy intimacy but the man who chooses to rebound with you is using your body. But if you prefer a casual relationship, go with the flow and enjoy the loving. You won't be in the right frame of mind for romance while your heart is still bleeding. If you find yourself in a rebound relationship, ask yourself whether you are doing it for the wrong or right reasons.

can the rebound relationship work

Most likely, you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous or you are too afraid to be an independent woman. Just know that it will not work for the wrong reasons. Starting another relationship immediately after the last one fails is downright absurd. Check out more reasons why the average success rate of a rebound is close to zero.

A rebound relationship has a high risk for heartbreak Dating a new guy who just ended a relationship with another girl is setting yourself up for heartbreak. Statistics show that men are more likely to rebound than women. This is because girls have other ways of sharing their feelings like talking to their female friends but men can only recover by dating other women. After parting ways with his girlfriend, a man longs for tenderness from a female who can listen and show compassion, unlike his fellow men.

This is something you must figure out as soon as possible to find out if his feelings for you are true. If you are just a rebound relationship filling the void left by his ex, chances are high that he will break your heart because his feelings are still unstable. Wait until the day the two of you run into his ex-girlfriend accidentally.

can the rebound relationship work

If this happens, also know that he is looking for a way to spot his ex to make her jealous. What does this tell you? You are not the one for him and his feelings are still attached to his ex.

How long will you wait for this drama to end, and is there a chance that he will love you for real? And if he happens to fall in love with you, will it last? Be careful not to sign up for a nasty heartbreak.

A post shared by Dama De Mort damademort on Oct 19, at 1: You wish you could get back at him and this is not a sign that you no longer love your ex. If you had no love for him, you would feel indifferent and neutral. This attachment to your last relationship will definitely affect what you have now in a new relationship. What happens is that your rebound boyfriend will be competing with a ghost of the broken relationship. You can try to hide the emotions concerning your ex but still, it is not a sign that you have a romantic connection to the person in your rebound relationship.

In such a situation, your new partner will be anxious to know what happened to your last relationship. One way or another, you will expose the anger and the bad feelings you have been hiding.

Rebound relationships: are they always a bad idea?

Once the bad emotions creep in, your rebound relationship will fail. Believe it or not, he is trying to make up for the place left by his ex to find stability instead of working through it.

Contrary to his way of thinking, hooking up with a new girl too soon lessens the chances for a speedy healing.

His relationship with you may temporarily relieve the pain he feels but it will be a long time before he recovers. The problem with this guy is that he initiated a relationship with you out of something negative. He just wants a distraction, and depending on your expectations, it may end up feeling like a punishment. He needs time to think over the huge decision he just made by separating with his ex. Before he gets back into the relationship game, tell him to let the dust settle.

A vulnerable heart is not ready for love You might think that you are the strongest woman on the face of the earth, but a break up puts your heart in a vulnerable position. Be very careful with any man who tries to console you right after a relationship. He might take advantage of your vulnerability and use you. There are men who are fond of preying on girls who just got out of relationships. They are like vultures and you must not allow them to take advantage of your fragile mind. Your feelings for him might be genuine but what about his?

You will be devastated after finding out that you were being used by a guy who was simply rebounding. This will not work at all. You must look for signs that you are only his rebound girl and prepare yourself psychologically. If you like the guy, do not expect too much of him because the relationship might not last. It's better to avoid any new men, including those who seem exciting. You may not believe it but a rebound relationship can create more harm than good. Worst of all, your broken heart will be the main victim.

Making love is probably the last thing you need after splitting up with a man, although it seems like a good idea to you. Do not forget that good intimacy is not easy to come by and you might feel even worse after going to bed with a rebound boyfriend, instead of him being a stress reliever. The rebound is an illusion. You may somehow enjoy it now and feel bad later or you simply won't enjoy anything. Many factors are at work in your brain and they are the reasons that will cause your new relationship to fail.

On average, people are not really themselves after relationship failure You just changed the course of your life and are about to start a new journey which will transform you.

Rebound relationships: are they always a bad idea? | Relate

How can you begin a new journey without proper direction, bearing in mind the heap of emotions going through your mind? Even though you like taking risks, take time and pause. Take a good look at your life, find what keeps you stable, and identify where you went off-course. Reflect on the last relationship you had and deal with it first.

In the first few months of your rebound relationship, you will not actually be yourself. You will fail if you rush to get another partner because you will be trying to impress him without revealing your true self. Soon, an act reaches its end and what will remain of it? This is a man who has just broken up with his girlfriend. In your new relationship, you are supposed to spend countless hours trying to get to know each other, which is not the case with this guy.

The second case is where you try to act like you are happy and deny the fact that this person can't really fill the space. Many people chose that option and even manage to deceive themselves for sometime but they always end up feeling bad.

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See also love addiction explained When your subconscious mind realizes you are with a person you don't really like it will send you bad emotions in order to motivate you to do the right thing. Your subconscious mind might let you miss your old relationship partner even more just because it wants you to break up with the person you don't really like, See why we miss our exes when we meet new people.

In such a case your subconscious mind doesn't want you to get back to the one you broke up with but it just wants you to give it hope by breaking up with the one you don't really like. The right thing to do Do you know why you into a rebound relationship? Because that's the best strategy you had to cope with pain.

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