Relationship between and evey fanfiction

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relationship between and evey fanfiction

Exploring how Evey's relationship with V grows as she begins to get I'm hoping this story will inspire you to write your own V/Evey fanfiction. Told from both V and Evey 's perspective. He was her jailor, her provider, her link to the outside world, and her friend all rolled in to one. Evey. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Reaching down he hauled Finch to his feet by a hand clamped around the man's throat. V yanked him close so there would be no mistake in his intentions.

relationship between and evey fanfiction

Never will she be yours! He tried to breath. He tried to call out to Evey, but it was no use. There was no doubt in his alcohol drenched mind he was going to suffer a very painful death as he watched V's arm pull back and his hand clench into a fist.

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There was nothing for him to do, but resign himself to the bloody pummeling he was about to receive. Eric's ear rung and he thought his head was going to be literally knocked from his shoulders.

It felt as if he were being pummeled with brass knuckles and a bag of bricks. But something had already told him V was not even trying to hit him with his full strength.

He was purposely letting him suffer before finishing him off. It occurred to Finch V was waiting for the sound of Victor's crying to recede, indicating Evey had taken him from the room. Finch shut his already swelling eyes, seeing stars behind his lids. As long as the kid was in the room, he would live. The moment the kid was gone, he was going to die. Opening his eyes, he looked across V's shoulder wanting to see Evey one last time before her irate lover finished him.

Unconsciously, Eric gapped and his mouth dropped open. Eric tried to nod and rolled his eyes in her direction, attempting to indicate to her.

V's fist was poised for the final blow. This time, he told himself, he would put some strength into it. He would strike this irritating bastard in the nose, and push the cartilage into the brain and be done with him once and for all.

Yes, Evey would be angry, and she would probably deny him sex and make him sleep on the couch for a couple of weeks, but it was going to be worth it. No more having to watch the man try to take over his family. V was smiling when his eyes met Finch's, but then suddenly, he frowned. Why was Victor crying? He shouldn't even be in the room; he did not need to see this irritating ass die.

He was too young to watch this. Evey should have taken their son away by now and why was Finch calling to her?

She couldn't stop this. At that moment a swift thought flung itself threw V's mind. Evey was not trying to stop him. He had hit the annoying bastard repeatedly, and she had not tried to stop him. He had intentionally smashed Eric's face with the first blow, but he had not killed him. He did not want Victor to see him kill, but still… He had thought Evey would have tried to do something by now…where was she and why was Victor not out of the room?

Turning his head he looked at Evey. Eric Finch could feel the atmosphere in the entire room change as V turned his head and looked at Evey. Instead of the crushing blow he knew he was about to receive, Finch found himself being thrown aside like a rag doll.

A toy the child had decided they no longer wanted and just cast aside. He landed in a crumpled heap on the floor and V was gone. Dazed, he looked at Victor and to make sense of the scene unraveling before him as his consciousness slipped away. VEV Turning his head, V could see Evey was lying on the floor with Victor crying over her, trying to pull her from the room.

In that instant, he totally forgot Eric Finch and dropped to his knees next to his son, laying his hand on the little boy's shoulder, halting his progress. Victor shook his head, his eyes never leaving his mother.

She told you to stop and then she fell down and I couldn't wake her. VEV Helen, secretary and general dog's body for Minister Evelyn Hammond, placed her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk and punched the telephone to listen to the messages Evey's ministry may have received during the previous night.

On her phone, she noticed the light indicating the Minster's private line was engaged, but she thought nothing of it. Hanging up her coat, Helen wished spring would arrive as she jotted down messages and noted changes in the Minister's schedule. God forbid she actually tears herself away from that child or that man to get some real work done instead of leaving it for us to do.

Granted, she really did like working for the famous Evey Hammond and would be the first to say how much Evey had done for the country, she just did not like Victor. And it was not just Victor per say, she didn't care for any child, if pressed to admit it. The famous little tyke of Evey's just seemed particularly annoying. The kid was just…well, seriously off, in her opinion. After all, she thought, he called the nanny daddy. He called that ridiculous mask daddy and he was always causing some problem the Minister had to run off to solve.

In her personal opinion, Helen believed the little monster should be calling the Chief Inspector daddy, after all, the man did have brown wavy hair and brown eyes much like the child did. But the Minister had always been adamant Codename V was the father. Helen shuddered, to make love to a man burned from head to toe and who had been used as a lab rat for biological warfare experiments. Well, she wouldn't do it. But then again, there was the Chief Inspector who was rather charming in his way.

Granted, Helen did not quite see herself with a man like Eric Finch, but he certainly did have an undeniable sex appeal. She would have shagged him given half the chance. He wouldn't be able to walk for a month after I finished with him. No, she wouldn't ever have the privilege of shagging Finch. The Minister was doing that along with shagging the nanny. She shuddered at the thought of shagging nanny, but it was obvious from what the staff had heard and witnessed the Minister and the nanny were going at it at every opportunity they had.

Why Helen, herself, had could testify to that if need be. Had it not just been a week ago when working late she had wandered into the residence to ask the Minister an important question? She had ventured quietly into Evey's home, trying not to disturb her and more particularly so as not to have to deal with child. Who knew when he would pounce?

It was the night the Minister referred to as "movie night" so Helen knew where to look. All of them, she hoped, would be in the family room in front of the television watching some old, long forgotten film. As she quietly approached the door, Helen saw the glow of the television screen and the obnoxious brat curled on top of a large pillow on the floor, sleeping soundly.

The Minister was lying on her side on the couch with the nanny behind her.

relationship between and evey fanfiction

There had been a quilt draped particularly over their lower bodies, so it took Helen a moment to realize they were there and what they were doing. The Minister's head was lying in the crook of the nanny's arm and his hand was in her hair. Her head was turned to the side, exposing her neck to him. From where she stood, Helen could see the nanny nuzzling and kissing the Minister's throat and cheek.

He whisper to her and then tenderly bit her earlobe, making her smile as she moan quietly. The nanny's other hand was poised on the Minister's hip above the blanket, slowly rocking her against and then away from him. Both were breathing heavily and moaning softly, totally unaware they were being watched. But, Helen had only watched for a minute or two before quietly turning and going away. The moment the Chief Inspector's back was turned, she had moved the man into her home to use as her own personal boy toy.

It was obvious Evey was not that particular who she bedded, one night it was the Inspector, the next the nanny. It was really no wonder the kid called the nanny 'daddy' and there were things wrong with him. Not with that going on while he slept on the floor. If it had not been for the annoying brat and her perverse taste in men, in Helen's opinion, Evey would have been Prime Minister by now.

It did not surprise her, then, when she heard the child's shrill voice screaming in the private residence. Not even when she heard Evey scream, 'Stop it,' and the crashing sound of things breaking did she think she should investigate. It was only when the child started screaming and the Minster could not be heard, did Helen begin to worry.

It sounded like the house was being ripped apart brick by brick. She peered hesitantly into the foyer and tried to stifle a cry before turning and running to her office, striking the panic button built into the residence's security system. Within minutes the police would arrive with ambulances, MI5 and whoever else was on the system.

All she needed to do was wait it out; after all, all the locks on the doors between the offices and the residence were automatically engaged once the button was pressed. A steel door would separate the two areas and the external security alarms would be heard for miles around. Climbing under her desk, Helen hoped the Minister and the boy would be all right and the kidnappers would not get to them before the police arrived.

From the quick glance she took, it looked like the nanny was engaged in a bloody battle with someone.

She really couldn't tell, but she was certain it was a kidnapper. All she wanted was for whoever had broken into the house to leave her alone and stay in the residence. She would not cause them any problems. None at all VEV V heard the electronic buzz of the security system as it engaged and looked up to see a steel door slide in to place between the connecting hallway of the offices and the residence.

Turning his attention back to Evey, he caressed her cheek gently and gathered her to him in his arms. Evey, you must wake up. Once his son was out of the room, V turned his bloodied face to the woman in his arms and carefully ran his hand between her legs. He was greatly relieved when he felt nothing. Taking it, V began to gently wipe her face. Can you hear me? With a whoop, Victor jumped up and down, bouncing around the room, cheering loudly.

She grimaced at the sight of his face. I think we need to get you to a doctor Eve. V frowned, 'Eve, my love, please. I need to know my child and her mother are well. In her mind, there was cheering louder than Victor's as she inwardly screamed for joy, 'He wants it. He wants our baby as much as I do. You have determined we are having a daughter?

Perhaps we could use some contrast, have one named with an E instead of V. Grunting, V stood carefully and began to limp his way to the bathroom.

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They would have to be dealt with. The hitch in his step pronounced, V did his best to separate the pain into a different section of his brain, cataloging it but paying it no attention. It was scary how good he had become at the concept after so many years of self-medicating. Grabbing the supplies he needed, V shut the bathroom door. Sliding out of his boxers, V sat down on the edge of the tub and slowly unraveled his bandages. This… was going to hurt. Evey smiled as she reentered the Gallery.

She'd gotten word of the first good news in days. It had been a week since the 5th and Evey had resurfaced to meet Eric as promised.

relationship between and evey fanfiction

He had seemed relieved to see her and quickly brought her up to speed on what had been happening top side, noting the people's desire of a democratic process and future elections that were bound to be held; though reorganization of the parties, rounding up the remnants of Creedy's fingers, and bringing order back to the country was proving to be an ongoing ordeal. They were sure elections would be far in the future when actual candidates could be selected.

Finch was truly a good man, Evey was coming to find, and she was happy to hear they had not resorted to military forces to take control. Fear was far from the minds of the people; confusion was the bigger bane.

But she had sat down with Eric and a table full of a select few to sketch out plans for moving forward. The fact that the plan involved speeches on her part left her nervous but determined. After all, she still had her in-the-flesh inspiration to turn to. Evey closed the Gallery door and froze when she heard a pronounced rattle in the kitchen.

Her only thought V's protection, Evey immediately grabbed her knife from where it was strapped on her leg and sprang around the corner; she stopped short when she saw V leaning casually against the counter in a pair of black sweatpants, loose poets shirt and black socks. The kettle was warming on the stove beside him.

Evey immediately let the blade drop and ran her eyes over him again, not sure how he was standing. She narrowed them when she saw he was purposefully putting all of his weight on one leg.

relationship between and evey fanfiction

She pointed to a table chair and said sternly, "Sit. Evey quickly knelt in front of him and routinely began checking his bandages, feeling the weight of his gaze on her as she did so.

She was a little nervous since this was the first time she'd seen V when he wasn't heavily medicated; she knew by his stillness alone that he was completely aware.

When she felt for his pulse, V reached out and tenderly titled her chin up so that he had her complete attention, giving her no room to avoid him. He'd gotten used to the feel of her skin beneath his and wasn't quite ready to give it up yet; part of him was still surprised she'd even come back to him.

Evey felt all of the tension leave her body when he leaned forward slightly and whispered in a low voice, "…not when I've had you as my physician.

Keenly aware of the heat coming from his legs where they slightly touched the sides of her waist, and the way V's pulse had suddenly picked up speed where she still held his wrist, Evey was startled when the kettle began to whistle, angry at being forgotten.

As she sprang up and busied herself with making him tea, Evey could've swore she heard him sigh. Bringing his mug, she sat down in the chair next to him. Her eyes still appraised him with worry, making V feel vulnerable.

Moments ago he had felt only a surge of relief at her reappearance, but now, considering the implications of his words at the train station and not knowing Evey's reaction to them, was proving difficult to bear. He suddenly longed for his usual attire, fidgeting under her penetrating gaze.

He thought of his expedited healing process and all of the excruciating tests he'd been through to get it; it took his mind to dark places. I assure you I will share in due time. For now, you should know all bullets have been removed and my body is most certainly on its way to a speedy recovery.

V winced when she stood and looked at him as if he were insane. V, are you mad? Why are you not still in bed? The injuries may have been severe but as you can see, my condition is stable. Bleeding out on the bricks… you may not remember it, but I do. One does not just recover in a week! From the quiver in Evey's lip to the way she held her body in a defensive posture, he knew she was on the brink of exhaustion.

Accepting a week's recovery from a near-death experience was asking a lot of her. Evey was so surprised by him initiating contact that she almost forgot about his injuries as she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.

Not until now had she realized how exhausted she felt from playing healer or how good it felt to be held. Evey closed her eyes and smiled, smelling in the scent of him. She felt him rest his head on top of hers and his hands begin to rub slow circles on her back as they both stood in each other's embrace for a few moments until Evey heard V ask almost too casually, "May I ask what events have captured your attention this morning? Ah, now it made sense. No wonder V was being so attentive to her.