Relationship between diprotodon and wombat video

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relationship between diprotodon and wombat video

A reconstructed model of the mega-wombat at the Australian Museum A relative of the modern-day wombat, the herbivorous diprotodon was just one of a host of megafauna to roam ancient New evidence links humans to megafauna demise Online mirrors: Video bloggers and viewers share emotions. They had to contend with huge kangaroos and 5-metre carnivorous lizards. Video · Earth by email · About us. Diprotodon octatum: largest marsupial (Credit: Unlike modern wombats, Diprotodon would have had no need to extend its digging . By association, Megalania may well have done so too. New paleontological research on ancient kangaroo and wombat teeth shows it A reconstruction of giant wombat relative Diprotodon optatum.

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relationship between diprotodon and wombat video