Relationship between joule and kilocalorie

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relationship between joule and kilocalorie

Kilojoules (kJ), and calories (kcal), are both units that measure energy. Our program uses kcal to measure your energy intake and energy used. If you would . Also, explore tools to convert joule or kilocalorie (th) to other energy units or discovered the relationship between heat and mechanical work, leading to the law. Convert kilocalorie to joule [kcal to J] and back. Energy or heat: E[J]=4 ×E[ kcal]. E[kcal]=×E[J]. Definitions and calculation formulas.

Atwater in for his popular articles on food and tables of food composition. Therefore, the Calorie became the preferred unit of potential energy in nutrition science and dietetics, but was displaced when the joule, g-calorie and kcal were introduced.

It will review the history of other energy units and show how the original Calorie was usurped during the period of international standardization. As a result, no form of the Calorie is recognized as an SI unit. It is untenable to continue to use the same word for different thermal units g-calorie and kg-calorie and to use different words for the same unit Calorie and kcal.

The only valid use of the Calorie is in common speech and public nutrition education. To avoid ongoing confusion, scientists should complete the transition to the joule and cease using kcal in any context. Introduction The purposes of this article are 1 to note that the first known published definition of the Calorie from is available on the internet; 2 to suggest why W.

Atwater selected the Caloriea modern kcal or 4.

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The article will conclude with a suggestion about how to eliminate the confusion that was caused because different scientific committees introduced disparate definitions for the same word. The dilemma of calorie confusion Nutrition scientists, dietitians and clinical nutritionists face a dilemma that other scientists do not. Ever since the adoption of the international system SI of scientific units in the 's, the joule has been the only defined SI unit of energy.

Neither the g-calorie nor the kcal is an SI unit. However, unlike other scientists, nutritionists are involved in public education concerning energy balance, and the U.

relationship between joule and kilocalorie

Indeed, the Calorie on U. At present, it is not helpful to ask lay people to set aside this tool and instead learn metric prefixes and SI terminology.

An interesting but little known aspect of this situation is that the Calorie predated the joule by more than 60 years, and the original definition was almost exactly the same as presently found on U.

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One purpose of this article is to explain the priority of the Calorie relative to other energy units, and how it was displaced by the joule and kcal.

A second question that should be addressed is whether there is only one way to do away with the ambiguity imposed by using Calories, g-calories, and kcal in different contexts. This problem has even found its way into U.

For example, in Title 21, section More than this, the present impasse was created by very convoluted historical events.

Understanding calories, kilocalories, and kilojoules

Pragmatically, the Calorie is found on food labels because W. Atwater chose the unit to educate the lay public about food energy and also found it practical for compiling tables of food composition. Because of their interrelationships, energy, work, and heat have the same units. The SI unit of energy, work, and heat is the joule J.

Calories and Joules

A joule is a tiny amount of energy. Many processes occur with energy changes in thousands of joules, so the kilojoule kJ is also common. Another unit of energy, used widely in the health professions and everyday life, is the calorie cal. Although the joule is the proper SI unit for energy, we will use the calorie or the kilocalorie or Calorie in this chapter because they are widely used by health professionals.

relationship between joule and kilocalorie

The calorie is used in nutrition to express the energy content of foods. However, because a calorie is a rather small quantity, nutritional energies are usually expressed in kilocalories kcalalso called Calories capitalized; Cal.

For example, a candy bar may provide Cal nutritional calories of energy, which is equal tocal.

Convert Joule to Kilocalorie (th)

A sample nutrition facts label, with instructions from the U. Food and Drug Administration. Image used with permission from Wikipedia. What is the energy content in calories?

relationship between joule and kilocalorie

What is its energy content in calories and joules?