Relationship between lognormal and normal

Relationship between normal and lognormal distributions

relationship between lognormal and normal

In many engineering problems, a random variable cannot have negative values due to the physical aspects of the problem. In this situation. Relationship between normal and lognormal distributions. CFA level I A variable follows a lognormal distribution if its natural logarithm is normally distributed. Fokker-Plank equation, it turns out that, log-normal distribution will be favored if the system . business relations between companies as a complex network. III.

Let the distance from the left edge of the board to the tip of the first obstacle below the funnel be xm. For a large number of rows, the heights approach a log-normal distribution. This follows from the multiplicative version of the central limit theorem, which proves that the product of many independent, identically distributed, positive random variables has approximately a log-normal distribution.

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Computer implementations of the models shown in Figure 2 also are available at the Web site http: Kapteyn designed the direct predecessor of the log-normal machine KapteynAitchison and Brown For that machine, isosceles triangles were used instead of the skewed shape described here.

Because the triangles' width is proportional to their horizontal position, this model also leads to a log-normal distribution. However, the isosceles triangles with increasingly wide sides to the right of the entry point have a hidden logical disadvantage: The median of the particle flow shifts to the left.

In contrast, there is no such shift and the median remains below the entry point of the particles in the log-normal board presented here which was designed by author E.


Moreover, the isosceles triangles in the Kapteyn board create additive effects at each decision point, in contrast to the multiplicative, log-normal effects apparent in Figure 2b. Consequently, the log-normal board presented here is a physical representation of the multiplicative central limit theorem in probability theory. Basic properties of log-normal distributions The basic properties of log-normal distribution were established long ago WeberFechner, GaltonMcAlisterGibratGaddumand it is not difficult to characterize log-normal distributions mathematically.

relationship between lognormal and normal

A random variable X is said to be log-normally distributed if log X is normally distributed see the box on the facing page. Only positive values are possible for the variable, and the distribution is skewed to the left Figure 3a. Two parameters are needed to specify a log-normal distribution. Table 1 summarizes and compares some properties of normal and log-normal distributions.

relationship between lognormal and normal

The sum of several independent normal variables is itself a normal random variable. For quantities with a log-normal distribution, however, multiplication is the relevant operation for combining them in most applications; for example, the product of concentrations determines the speed of a simple chemical reaction. The product of independent log-normal quantities also follows a log-normal distribution.

The median of this product is the product of the medians of its factors. For a log-normal distribution, the most precise i.

relationship between lognormal and normal

The mean and empirical standard deviation of the logarithms of the data are calculated and then back-transformed, as in equation 1. More robust but less efficient estimates can be obtained from the median and the quartiles of the data, as described in the box below. For example, Stehmann and De Waard describe their data as log-normal, with the arithmetic mean x and standard deviation s as 4. Comparing log-normal distributions across the sciences Examples of log-normal distributions from various branches of science reveal interesting patterns Table 2 The shapes of such distributions are apparent by comparison with selected instances shown in Figure 4.

Geology and mining In the Earth's crust, the concentration of elements and their radioactivity usually follow a log-normal distribution. Human medicine A variety of examples from medicine fit the log-normal distribution.

Sartwell, documents 37 cases fitting the log-normal distribution.

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A particularly impressive one is that of soldiers inoculated on the same day with the same batch of faulty vaccine, of whom developed serum hepatitis. Environment The distribution of particles, chemicals, and organisms in the environment is often log-normal.

The parameters for the content of hydroxymethylfurfurol in honey see Figure 1b show that the distribution of the chemical in samples can be described adequately with just the two values.

Ott presented data on the Pollutant Standard Index, a measure of air quality. Atmospheric sciences and aerobiology Another component of air quality is its content of microorganisms, which was—not surprisingly—much higher and less variable in the air of Marseille than in that of an island Di Giorgio et al.

The atmosphere is a major part of life support systems, and many atmospheric physical and chemical properties follow a log-normal distribution law. Among other examples are size distributions of aerosols and clouds and parameters of turbulent processes.

In the context of turbulence, the size of which is distributed log-normally Limpert et al. Phytomedicine and microbiology Examples from microbiology and phytomedicine include the distribution of sensitivity to fungicides in populations and distribution of population size. Romero and Sutton analyzed the sensitivity of the banana leaf spot fungus Mycosphaerella fijiensis to the fungicide propiconazole in samples from untreated and treated areas in Costa Rica.

Similar results were obtained for the barley mildew pathogen, Blumeria Erysiphe graminis f. Mildew in Spain, where triadimenol had not been used, represented the original sensitivity. To obtain the same control of the resistant population, then, the concentration of the chemical would have to be increased by this factor.

The abundance of bacteria on plants varies among plant species, type of bacteria, and environment and has been found to be log-normally distributed Hirano et al. Plant physiology Recently, convincing evidence was presented from plant physiology indicating that the log-normal distribution fits well to permeability and to solute mobility in plant cuticles Baur Chemicals called accelerators can reduce the variability of mobility.

For the same combination, tributylphosphate accelerator 2 caused an even greater decrease, from 1. However, because the underlying principles of permeability remain the same, we think these cases represent log-normal distributions. Thus, considering only statistical reasons may lead to misclassification, which may handicap further analysis.

I had a lognormal distribution defined in terms of its mean and percentile values, and I needed help in determining its standard deviation. Many people from the RISKANAL list responded to my request see the list below; many thanks, all of you with a wealth of specific and general information.

I have summarised the main points here. One is to specify the mean and standard deviation of the underlying normal distribution mu and sigma as described above.

The error factor for a lognormal distribution is defined as the ratio of the 95th percentile to the median, or, equivalently, the ratio of the median to the 5th percentile. The mathematical relationships between the mean and error factor, and the parameters of the underlying normal distribution mu and sigma are shown by the following equations: If mu and sigma are specified, there is no restriction on mu, but sigma must be positive. Formulae Two parameters are generally sufficient to define a lognormal distribution.

relationship between lognormal and normal

The majority but not all of the formulae listed below are taken from a freeware program called LOGNORM4 for uniquely determining the parameters of lognormal distributions from minimal information e.

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