Relationship between microsoft and its community partner

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relationship between microsoft and its community partner

The Microsoft Partner Network provides three types of memberships. access more benefits and develop your relationship with us and other partners in the network. offerings, and get practical advice from your peers in the MPN community. We see the positive impact of our growing partner community every Now, with access to MPC, those relationships are even easier to build. Connect with other partners and Microsoft to expand opportunities share best practices spark innovation and build relationships. They are influential microsoft partners able to share information to the SMB community at large, as well as.

Collaboration and partner relationships are so powerful. They are what business success is built on. Now, with access to MPC, those relationships are even easier to build.

Anant Maheshwari on Microsoft’s vision for its partners

We know that now more than ever before, it is critical for partners to embrace modern marketing and business techniques. MPC provides partners with the opportunity to do just that, develop new techniques, learn best practices, and really leverage their digital presence.

Users can connect directly with other partners and Microsoft experts on MPC. They have access to curated marketing material, sales and technical tools, and key go-to-market opportunities to support their business goals.

Build Partnerships

With MPC, partners can now get quicker support resolution around tough business blockers. While social networking and discussion is the foundation of MPC, the community is not just a place to ask and answer questions. There will be ongoing opportunities to collaborate, provide feedback, and discuss the big ideas that are reshaping the industry as we know it. The bottom line is that we built MPC because we want to hear your opinions, and we believe in fostering an environment for innovation and partnership.

So, check out the new platform today to learn about how you can leverage MPC to connect, engage, and collaborate.

Announcing the Microsoft Partner Community

Women in Operations This is a site wide group that unites women and men in operations functions to connect, learn and grow by providing hands on workshops, training and executive speakers from within and outside the company. Recipients are selected from an application pool throughout northern Nevada and based on an application they are required to submit describing their needs, mission, and objectives in addition to how their organization would use the IT Makeover contribution to better serve the northern Nevada region.

relationship between microsoft and its community partner

The final selections are made by a panel made up of Microsoft and IQ employees in addition to local business leaders. For more information regarding the IT Makeover.

For more information please contact AOC Communications. Giving Campaign Through the matching contributions program, Microsoft allows its employees to direct corporate contributions to thousands of nonprofit organizations working to improve lives in the United States and around the world.

Every year, Microsoft dedicates the month of October to helping charities with our annual Giving Campaign. Events are held throughout the month. Each event is aligned to a specific nonprofit organization who receives all the revenues raised from that event plus a match of donations from Microsoft.

The annual Giving Campaign allows our employees to show their passion for building stronger communities.

Microsoft Partner

In addition to matching employee financial donations, Microsoft matches time that our employees volunteer in the community, donating an annually designated amount per hour to the eligible organizations they serve. It is our hope that this employee benefit will have a great impact in our local community, supporting our employees in their gifts of time as well as money for the organizations they serve. One of the exciting things about this tournament is that it gives us the opportunity to localize and grow that relationship.

Add in the generosity of our tournament sponsors and employees who play and the results are obvious — a significant amount of money raised to do good for our community's greatest asset: This is truly one of the finest events of its kind in northern Nevada, a high quality tournament with an exclusive field of players.

relationship between microsoft and its community partner

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