Relationship between taurus man and aquarius woman

Aquarius Woman & Taurus Man Sexual, Love & Marriage Compatibility

relationship between taurus man and aquarius woman

Relationships between a Taurus man & an Aquarius woman can be challenging but quite gratifying when both partners fully commit. Learn more about this loyal. Although Taurus and Aquarius could complement each other perfectly, they will rarely stay together for long enough to recognize their creative strength when. Taurus man and Aquarius woman can have quite an interesting relationship. Here's all you need to know about your compatibility and how to bring him closer.

It will help him to understand where you are coming from as well. Finding ways to communicate better is key. Sometimes, it can seem like you two speak completely different languages! He may really harp on something for a long time which baffles you a bit. If you pull away during this, he may actually get angry about that.

Using the tips above can help. But also bear in mind the way the two of you communicate differs and the way you feel about things does as well really is the key, here.

Sexual Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With An Aquarius Woman

Because he seems as that deep pool where what you see is just a taste of what you actually get. He can be someone that you are drawn to only to find out that, no, what you see is pretty much what you get, for the most part. The Taurus man can be one of the most repressed, pent-up types of people around. And, well, there are very few signs more capable of uncorking that genie than you, Aquarius!

However, you want to be very careful in terms of how you coax out his emotions and take your time with it.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

The best way is to employ that open mind of yours and make sure that you are showing what you want to see: If you just continue to give, give, give, he will continue to take, take, take. But, he may not mean to behave so selfishly. If you approach the subject with sensitivity and gentleness, he will work to change that pattern of behavior.

Be patient with him as he does. It can seem to an Aquarius woman that the harder you work to get through, the more they try to avoid you. However, you may find that he just shuts down whenever you try. So, you go on and maybe you push more, you try to get through harder. Maybe you even get louder and more intense as your passion rises up and you get frustrated.

But…the more you do this, the more he seems to block you off. The best first step is to calm down. Taurus man does not respond well to dramatic expressions of anything, really. They shut down and yes, that can hurt and make it even worse. It is often hard for him to approach people who seem to be over the top. Deeply connect with what is under your anger- which is usually fear or hurt feelings.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

If he pushes for a commitment too early or either of you tries to make the other change, things could get ugly. To conclude… Both earthy Taurus and airy Aquarius prize loyalty and seek a meaningful life.

relationship between taurus man and aquarius woman

But, you are both fixed signs so neither is likely to compromise or change for the sake of harmony. When conflict arises it can be like a punishing, gritty dust storm that leaves a barren romantic landscape behind. This relationship can work but hard work is needed by both partners for any chance of success. The Taurus man will have to overcome his inclination to jealousy and give his Aquarian woman both privacy and space.

relationship between taurus man and aquarius woman

You will have to overcome your irritation at his pragmatic mindset and meet his need for physical closeness with affectionate gestures that make him feel appreciated and safe. A Taurus man and Aquarius woman can have a wonderful, healthy friendship or business partnership if you agree to disagree. Inject intimacy and love into the equation and the differences you find attractive become fundamental disagreements that make you both miserable and bring out the worst in both of you.

This is a really interesting combination for all of those who think that opposites DO attract!

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

Who am I and how can I help you better understand your Taurus man? I am also a professional relationship astrologer with decades of experience helping women just like you to better understand Taurus men. Of course, my book is the most comprehensive guide to the Taurus man you will find out there. It explores all the ins and outs of the way he works in general. Using astrology to figure someone out is not a new concept. Examining the full birth charts of any given person or couple will help to see all the strengths and weaknesses that a person or partnership has.

Fundamentally, the Taurus man is seeking a stable and comfortable life with a lifelong partner. She is eccentric in her own wayunconventional and insistent upon her own rules and her own moral sense.

relationship between taurus man and aquarius woman

For the Taurus man and Aquarius woman, compatibility will have to come with a very open mind, and the Taurus guy is not renowned for this. Convention vs Unconvention The Aquarius woman is a highly independent soul and she simply will not adapt well to the traditional, conservative expectations of her Taurus partner. She has no room to fly. Taurus man and Aquarius woman compatibility will in time become dominated by the struggle between conventionality and unconventionality.

Aquarius is distant enough as it is, and without excitement some other signs might offer, they will not exactly feel the electricity of being in love with an unmovable Taurus. However, they both might get tricked by the middle ground between them. If Taurus sees the stable, Saturn side of Aquarius, and Aquarius recognizes the inner child in their Taurus partner, they could discover that they do belong together, even though this goes against the odds.

One of them wants to be tied down, and the other wants to fly.

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There is really not much they can do, but accept the differences of their goals and natures, for there is truth and good in both approaches to life.

After the recourses of Taurus have been spent, there is not much else they will want to do together. Taurus will gladly visit a strange place they have never been to, but after this, they will want to come home and have a nice dinner.

They could be taken care of through the efforts of their Taurus partner, if they had enough patience to keep them well fed, dressed in clean clothes and took care of household activities.

Still, this compromise is rare to find, because the emotional satisfaction Taurus partner will get in return is not enough. Still, there is a strange similarity and connection between their rulers and although very challenging, this is a relationship where both partners could fall in love with each other, over and over again, every single day.