Relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

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relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

Well, I've decided to finally make a drabble collection for my new favorite couple! Yoruichi and Kisuke! Don't worry IchiRuki, you're a very close. A/N: Since I received quite a few reviews from Sexy Candy, I decided to add another one-shot Kisuke x Yoruichi. I won't be doing another one. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Once again on the same path. We can leave each other without leaving the other behind… We are the sun and the moon when they touch, just after they've been told not to. We are two shooting stars that landed in the same lake… in other words, we are impossibly incredible. She savored the roughness of it. How did you come up with that? He'll never get tired of her, watching her, holding her, laughing together, fighting together… this was what defined his life.

She was a princess that strayed from her path into his heart. Smiling at up at her shining face, he didn't mind if this evening was the last one he ever had. Your review has been posted. Right before he was about cum, she stopped. His eyes snapped back open to see her crawling up to him. But her urges were getting the best of her.

With that Kisuke pinned her on her back. A devilish smirk appeared on Kisuke's face. A sly grin appeared on his face. His slid his middle finger from her neck down to her navel and whispered in her ear. Knowing that the urges were getting stronger. He couldn't help but want to tease her a bit. His hand pinched her nipple making her catch her breathe. His tongue made circles around her other nipple. At the same time he bit one nipple and pinched that other. Yoruichi moaned as he continued to suck and pinch her nipples.

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His mouth moved to the other breast as his free hand slowly moved down her stomach. Yoruichi bit her lip to hold back the moan when Urahara lightly touched the wetness between her legs. He moved his finger with slightly more pressure than before, then stopped. He put more pressure, this time focusing more on her clitoris.

He once again stopped making Yoruichi moan out of frustration. He leaned in and kissed her. He had inserted one of his fingers and was slowly pumping it in and out of her. His mouth found her breast once again. He inserted a second finger pumping a little faster while his thumb made circles around her clitoris. Yoruichi was loving every moment of it.

Kisuke inserted a third finger pumping even faster and driving her crazy. His tongue started to play with her clitoris. Yoruichi started to buck her hips as she felt herself starting to climax.

And right at that moment it stopped, she stared up at him in confusion. Kisuke sat back licking her juices off of his fingers.

He leaned in and kissed her, so she could taste herself.

relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

When he pulled back he had an arrogant smile on his face. Only to part when Yoruichi tilted her head back and let out a loud moan. Kisuke had penetrated her walls. She wasn't new to this but every time Kisuke would first enter her, it felt like her first time.

He started to pump in and out of her picking up a rhythm. He lips were once again sucking her nipples. Their moans and groans were getting louder. She didn't like his answer, she had to take control again.

She grabbed his arms and in one quick move, she had pinned him on his back. She was on top and in control again and she didn't even brake contact with him.

relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

She placed her hand on his chest to support herself as started the speed she want him to take. Kisuke tilted his head back shutting his eyes letting out a throaty groan. His hands ran up her thighs grabbing her hips, he tried to control her speed. He bucked his hips to try to make her move to his speed. She moaned in frustration, she didn't want to go at his speed. The blonde went wide eyed at the dark-skinned woman sitting on a bar stool next to him.

She was smirking at him. Once the pink candy was removed from his eyes he got a better look at the woman and froze. She gave him a friendly smile and Kisuke returned it. The dark-skinned woman was just that, All woman. She had more curves than a two-sided candy cane. She was wearing a dark purple turtle neck and denim skinny jeans with matching heels.

relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

Ooohh she's bringing sexy back! She had purplish hair, who was she to talk? Kisuke caught the sneaky look. He was immediately intrigued with the woman sitting next to him. Oooh, I thought I heard the name Urahara before, you own that candy shop right down the way," She said pointing, Kisuke nodded. A wise man once said "inspiration can spring up anywhere.

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Yoruichi cracked up when Kisuke made an exaggerated motion with his hands simulating an explosion. I had to wait until the candy hardened and break myself off! Yoruichi looked down at him and bust out laughing, Kisuke tried not to laugh at his own clumsiness but ending breaking into tears of joy. Yoruichi slid off the bar stool and stumbled slightly, "Y-you're drunk," She laughed at nothing, Kisuke scuffled to get to his feet, "So are youuuuuu! Together they stumbled and staggered down the street laughing at themselves.

The reached the Urahara's shop and Kisuke fumbled with his keys, Yoruichi couldn't resist pinching his ass.

relationship between urahara and yoruichi lemon

Kisuke yelped and then turned to give the woman a sexy smirk, "Oooooohhhh, so you wanna play butt squeezing? Together they entered and Kisuke's attention was instantly drawn to a note hanging on the wall.

He read it, "Dear Kisuke," He laughed, "Went to the movies, took the kids.

The blonde landed with Yoruichi on top of him. He grinned at her. She playfully meowed down at the smirking man. He found her laying across the back room laying across the couch, Kisuke gave her a heated look.