All glee relationship names in english

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all glee relationship names in english

Feb 1, That's literally never happened before in Glee, every season has felt . Their treatment of Kurt and Blaine's relationship was far too facile. her friend's names to such anonymous monikers as Slaine, Jam, Cert, and Blartie. Mar 8, Kurt: Oh right I came up with names for all the couples my personal BEFORE Mr. Schue made you join glee for 'extra credit in Spanish?. Glee has seen a lot of hookups and breakups over the years. Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) and other mashed-up names became part of the pop culture dialogue, and we swooned and But heading into the last season, we asked you to vote for which couple was Glee's all-time best. Translate to English Translate to English.

Vocal Adrenaline wins and New Directions comes last, despite unexpected support from Sue, who is able to identify with the club's underdog status after being derided by the other judges. She convinces Principal Figgins to grant the club a reprieve, and not disband them for another year.

Will and Finn profess their love for Emma and Rachel respectively. Quinn goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl who is adopted by Shelby, and named Beth at Puck's request. Quinn later questions Puck if he ever loved her and replies that he did, and does now even more. Joss Whedon guest-directed the episode "Dream On". At the beginning of the season, Murphy intended for the performances to remain reality-based, as opposed to having the characters spontaneously burst into song.

For the final nine episodes, the number of performances increased to eight.


Murphy believes that many of the songs were "really fun and successful", however the production team intend to return to five songs per episode for Glee's second seasonin order to return focus to the characters. Three albums released over the course of the season Glee: The Music, Volume 1Glee: The Music, Volume 2and Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals were released on the same day as the respective episodes aired.

all glee relationship names in english

Journey to Regionals did not release any official singles, while the remaining four albums were fully released as singles. Rachel and Quinn-Who is the better kisser Finn or Puck? I already answered this. I do agree with Rachel, when Finn kisses you it means more but Puck knew what he was doing.

Finn and Puck-Same question Finn: They were both good kissers. Quinn all the way. Mercedes-Who from New Directions would you like to go on a date with? Well no one really I went out with Matt once but it was a little awkward and the rest of the guys are either taken or Puck.

Brittany-How's your relationship with Mike? It's really good, Mike is so sweet and cute and funny, he's the whole package. Santana-How do you feel about the whole baby gate fiasco? Were you upset that YOUR best friend betrayed you and slept with your boyfriend at the time? I don't have too much to say about it honestly, and Puck was not my boyfriend at the time. Okay we have a couple questions from debraelq Kurt-How do you afford all the designer clothes you wear?

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Since my dad owns the only place in Lima to get your car fixed he makes a fair bit of money, and being an only child I am quite spoiled. Kurt and Mercedes-On a scale of how would you rate the hotness of the following guys: Finn, Puck, Matt, Mike, and Artie.

How do people know we do that? You actually do that?!? Matt 9, Mike 7 and Artie 5 but only because I've never thought of him that way. Artie I agree with Mercedes 5 because also I never though of him that way and I would never get in the way of Tartie. Oh right I came up with names for all the couples my personal favourite is Kinn!

all glee relationship names in english

You and Rachel duh! Why do you think I was glaring at her?

all glee relationship names in english

For gods sake there is no "Puckleberry"! Yes there is, you guys even have a song. Yeah Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, remember, he sang it to you and then you dragged him into the closet to make out.

Oh yeah, I remember that, but how did you know about it Hummel?

all glee relationship names in english

Because, Mercedes and I both agree that your relationship is better then Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives combined! Personally I'm waiting for either Puck to bunch Finn so I can comfort him or Quinn to rip off Rachel's sequined leg warmers! Anyway Matt and Mike are both eights and Finn gets an 11! Wouldn't count on it. Alright we have three questions from Lizzy Puck- Will you kiss me? Don' no you hot?

all glee relationship names in english

Noah that is so insensitive honestly be considerate. Whatever are you attractive? Not what I meant. Rachel- Why don't you just kiss Finn? Because that's a little strange. Will- Who would u rather kiss, Rachel Ignoring the law ; or Sue?

Sue because I'm not dealing with the school girl crush thing again. To the guys-Why are you sexists? And you can't say you're not.

Um, I guess I never really noticed I was I never considered myself one. I have to agree with Finn and I'd also like to say I'm sorry. Yeah I'm also quite sorry I never realized it but I guess all the guys are a little sexist. Yeah, yeah whatever sorry. Wow, your actually right we are sexists and to all the girls out there I'm sorry.

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I never considered myself one because I find that I'm actually nicer to girls over guys but if I was one at any point in my life I'm sorry. I'm gonna guess they didn't mean you Kurt but anyways, the next question is from xoxoSilveryInkLetteringxoxo Rachel- Is there any specific song that you just cannot sing? I can sing every song I've ever tried.

Thanks, that was the totally humble and modest Rachel Berry.

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Next question is from scissorhands Sue- Do you suck at life? I'm sorry I can't write sue Emily: Now we have sixteen questions from i'd rather be singing Quinn - Have you decided if you are keeping the baby or not?