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asuka kazama relationship quiz

That is why I'm anticipating how Tekken 6 will be. Then, they could go on a double date with Jin and Xiaoyu but that's after Jin is done. Buy Kotobukiya Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun Kazama Bishoujo Statue: Statues - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Through her father, she is also related to both Jun Kazama and her son, Jin Kazama, although these relationships are rarely touched upon in the series.

Dark ResurrectionAsuka's default outfit in which she is usually portrayed in official art and CG renders is a blue halter top and bluish white short shorts changed to red and black respectively in Dark Resurrectionwith matching motorcycle and elbow protectors.

One is a Japanese parochial schoolgirl uniform with a yellow sweater vest and pleated skirt, seen during both her intro and her prologue.

Did Tekken 5 reveal pairings/relationships?

The other is a visual kei geisha -like outfit with high-heel sandals. In Tekken 6Asuka retains her default costumes from Dark Resurrection, including the school uniform but excluding the geisha costume.

asuka kazama relationship quiz

Her Tekken 7 default costume is a matsuri outfit, composed of a vest with decorative cords and a bra top, sarashi cloth-wrap shorts and open-toed, boot-like sandals. Asuka fights in the "Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts" discipline, which is the same style that is used by her relative Jun Kazama. When Jun returns in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Asuka retains her moveset, while Jun gain a different one although the two still share several moves with each other. Blood Vengeance when Anna Williams opens a file containing dossiers on various people of interest.

Reception Eurogamer praised Asuka for not being "your stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl. Instead, she's a wisecracking bitch of a bully with the guts to beat anyone. So Miss… Kazama, we'd like you to tell us— Asuka: What's with the camera?

Am I on TV? Can you see me?! Yes, I'm related to him but I didn't help start a war! But what about the rest of his family?

asuka kazama relationship quiz

Do you know anything about them? And with that, Phase One is concluded.

Asuka Kazama

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Asuka Kazama, however, had scored nothing. Phase Two involves analysing the character interactions and ship tease. This is problematic for the reason that majority of character interactions and development happens in character endings and interludes, with only a handful of these are actually considered canon to the story.

There was polite applause before Ayano cleared her throat and began. Her prologue tells us that she entered the sixth tournament to 'eliminate all who posed a threat to Jin'.

All yandere subtext aside, one could argue that for Nina, this was simply professional, as her prologue also says that 'she isn't picky about her clients'. However—" "Do I get any say in this? There are many cut scenes that include interactions between Jin and Nina. Jin sighed, remorse lacing his face.

That is strictly fanon territory. This shall be elaborated on later. Granted, this could be taken as her just doing her duty and she never really contributed anything to the scene so we won't touch on it further. Looking at the screen, she realised why.

It was showing the part of the cut scene where Jin sports a pair of sexy sunglasses. Ayano resisted the urge to join in and fangirl, reminding herself that he was wearing sunglasses at night and this was just a scene of pure fan service.

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Regaining her composure, Ayano cleared her throat and the squeals ended. Xiaoyu continued to stare dreamily at the screen and Asuka got up from the floor, having been startled by the sudden upsurge in noise. Jin and Nina just closed their eyes in irritation. In 'Betrayal', which is every Larisa shipper's favourite cut scene mind you, Nina and Alisa witness Jin and Lars' fight coming to a draw and Nina proceeds to walk up to Jin and look at him in a way that basically says 'You finished?

We need to go' and Jin follows suit, and everyone knows what happens next. I'll just play the clip of interest for you. You knew, didn't you? But… what's done is done. Jin… Jin put everything he had into this one moment. It's not for me to judge if he was right or wrong. Maybe you're such a saint, you think you can. But somehow, I doubt it.

The screen faded to black and Ayano began. While people may claim that Jin and Nina's relationship is 'strictly professional', their interactions imply otherwise, the most definitive point being that Jin told Nina his plan. Ever since Tekken 4, Jin has never been one to share much with anyone, with good reason too, and has kept to himself.

He has never told anyone the details of his plans and has operated alone all this time. In the sixth game, he forms his most elaborate plan yet, starting a world war to summon Azazel and then defeat him, supposedly ridding the world of the Devil Gene. And the one person he chooses to share this plan with is Nina, as opposed to people like Hwoarang and Xiaoyu, who are popularly known as the closest thing that Jin has to friends!

Nina Williams, who he's only known for one game! That, to me, shows an incredible amount of trust! Nina had a slight smile on her face and looked at Jin.

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She was busy looking up cat videos on YouTube. As for Nina… in Scenario Campaign, many characters often ask Nina why she so tenaciously protects Jin, to which she simply replies 'It's my job'.

Alisa even replies that it may be more than just that. Also, if you bring your attention back to Nina's conversation with Lars, one can see and hear a hint of sadness and despair as she talks, and discord when questioning Lars' right to judge Jin. Very subtle hints, granted, but there nonetheless, that Nina had positive feelings toward Jin — positive, not romantic! One caters to their professional relationship while the other can be seen as flirting on Nina's part — can be, not should be!

You people have incredibly poor comprehension skills! Eventually, the audience was calmed down and Ayano could resume. In Tekken 4, despite suffering from amnesia, she's still assassinating people just for money, not because she loves her job, or revels in killing, or any other reason.

She simply sees it as a source of income and performs it without passion, the best example being in her Tekken 4 ending. She was supposed to assassinate Steve Fox, but when she learned that she was his mother, she couldn't go through with it.

She may have initially just accepted Jin's offer just for the money but that definitely isn't the only thing influencing her actions throughout Tekken 6. As for her insistence that it is professional… well, I've added enough speculation so, for now, I'll just say that she's a tsundere.

So I suppose it'll earn three points because it is still a big deal. Entering the tournament for him earns another. She defending Jin's morality yet letting him follow through with his plans earns her two more. This leads to a grand total of… ten points! Six more points were added to Nina's column. Normally, the fans would have reacted with noise, but they had decided to be a good audience and just listen. And they definitely were not being held at gun point. With that out of the way…" "Despite debuting in Tekken 3, Xiaoyu's possible connection with Jin wasn't alluded to until Tekken Tag Tournament.

asuka kazama relationship quiz

In TTT, one of the two endings Xiaoyu has involves a scene," Ayano narrated as the screen began to play said clip. This time, Ayano went on without halting. This confirms that Jin and Xiaoyu were school-mates and were on speaking terms, despite the game being considered non-canon. In Tekken 4, Xiaoyu receives an anonymous e-mail warning her about Heihachi, from who she assumes to be Jin, but since nothing in canon has been said to confirm this, we shall ignore it.

She enters the tournament in hopes of being reunited with Jin, which hinted at positive feelings toward him.

Asuka Kazama - Tekken 5 Prologue & Epilogue - HD

Her ending from that game-" Xiaoyu's Tekken 4 ending began to play on the screen, fast-forwarded to the point of interest.

True, this isn't canon, but this hinted that Jin also had neutral to positive feelings for Xiaoyu too. That is… until TTT2.

Well, let's just say that his feelings are neutral overall for the sake of everyone involved—" "Jin," Xiaoyu said, gazing at Jin with tear-filled eyes.

Jin doesn't appear in her ending, nor is he alluded to, and Xiaoyu might as well be non-existent as far as Jin's story is concerned—" "Hey! Her ending will not be considered at all—" "Bias! As such, everything was as Xiaoyu thinks and that isn't necessarily true to the canon.

Lord knows, he has more class than that—" Jin almost let out a laugh, but his hard-ass attitude wouldn't allow that. Therefore, Nina laughed at both of their expenses "I keep forgetting she's a closet fan girl. He'd do it to end his lineage once he snuffed out dad and granddad.

Also, he'd do it in a more bad-ass, over-the-top way, like he tried in Scenario Campaign. By nature, Asuka believes very strongly in justice and devotes much of her free time to being a " pacifist " vigilante who is breaking up fights. Asuka returned home from school one day to find that her dojo was in shambles.

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The students there had been beaten severely and her father was so badly hurt that he had to be taken to the hospital. In the next several days, a detective from Hong KongLei Wulongcame to her and explained that the culprit would likely be entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

In order to get her personal revenge and redeem her dojo, Asuka enters the tournament as well. In the tournament, Asuka managed to beat a Monegasque teenager, Lilicausing a bitter rivalry between the two although most of the conflicts mainly start from Lili's side.

However, she was unable to find Feng Wei, and, as the tournament ended, she returned to her calm and normal life. Her life did not stay peaceful for long though, as Asuka discovered that the man responsible for the terrible war going on all over the world, Jin Kazamais a relative. Prime Edition and Tekken Revolution.