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"Crida Constituent pretén "fer engrunes el sistema"". . four groups: "parties [that] gain support via an ambivalent relationship with fascist and Nazi pasts" (e.g. The goal of Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis, or CRIDA, is to help address this conundrum. By relationship between the external drivers and performance. After impact, the second component of a future risk matrix is plausibility. Home · World. The PDECat summit outlines the relationship with the Crida . with the Crida · La Crida proposes delaying the constituent congress in January.

At this point, Mariano Rajoy will have the legal justification to intervene. The intervention include many actions, but at a minimum he will use his constitutional authority from Article to declare a state of exception in Catalonia, suspend the civil institutions and attempt to reassert the national authority. And this is when the feces begin to strike the ventilation unit.

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They will go about the daily business of running the government and assuming any powers within the territory of Catalonia that were formerly those of the national government. Rajoy will face the same choice as Mr. Lincoln did; faced with a fait accompli he must either act to revert the situation, or else accept it.

The longer he delays, the more difficult it will be to move decisively: I have updated it twice as major developments came to light: This greatly reduces the probability of the Catalans backing down, while greatly increasing the likelihood of violent confrontation. Rarely in history has the birth of a new state been accomplished through peaceful negotiation. The breakup of the USSR and the Velvet Divorce are a couple of arguable exceptions, but generally speaking, there are very few scenarios that end well for anyone.

This would quickly lead to the collapse of the Raul Romeva government as the disparate elements of JPS broke apart. ERC would certainly leave a coalition they have never cordially liked and the government would lose an immediate no confidence vote.

He might be threatened with criminal charges for dereliction of duty as a threat to convince him to step down; o If Mr. Every officer in the Spanish military and national law enforcement forces is sworn to defend the territorial integrity of the country; if they believed that Mr. Rajoy was acquiescing to the division of the country and failing his oath of office, it is not inconceivable that they may take matters into their own hands.

Catalans will be arresting Catalans and the Generalitat has no other armed organization to call upon to defend it. This will make administration much easier than if Madrid sends administrators from other Spanish regions; o There is a high probability of some degree of civil unrest. If the Mossos have proven obedient to Madrid in the first instance, they will do so now again.

Thanks to the new Citizen Security Law, the Spanish government has the authority to fine and arrest pretty much anyone it wants to; we can expect that authority to be used liberally. Without leadership, civil unrest is likely to be brief and the Catalans are not going to turn to insurgency or terrorism like the Basques did under very different circumstances.

We now have a situation where large bodies of well-armed people confront each other with opposite and conflicting orders. That has — historically — led to shooting. At some point, it will be harder to back away from the cliff than to continue speeding towards it.

This is a well-understood mechanism in game theory were both sides pursue a course that attempts to maximize their individual benefit, but nevertheless leads to a suboptimal outcome for everyone.

This perverse dynamic is very visible in the relationship between the Spanish and Catalans. It appears that Mr. Mas is pursuing a much deeper and more pragmatic game, though one entailing a very high risk. He is building up the bases of traditional state power and he has, I think, declared his timetable: Rajoy will request and receive carte blanche from Berlin to deal with Catalonia as a purely internal matter.

Catalonia's regional elections: scenarios for independence | openDemocracy

He has been assiduously cultivating the German relationship since he entered office and the bill for his unwavering support of the ruinous austerity policies will now come due.

He will be allowed to use any and all means necessary to restore order and compel obedience to the national authority. Rajoy will, in the end, cringe from doing so. Thanks to the odious reform to the Citizen Security Law, passed late last year with only the votes of the Partido Popular delegates, the government now has the legal tools to fine, prosecute and imprison pretty much anyone it finds offensive.

The time for talk is done. People will now face real and serious consequences for their actions and their beliefs. Ultimately, the decision will rest with the Catalans, as it rightly should. Their choice will dictate the future: No one will speak for Catalonia; she will find no friends in any capital of Europe.

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