Devoid of content meaning relationship

devoid of content meaning relationship

And working with the sentences they have created the students quickly realize two things: first, that the possible relationships form a limited set;. This notion of happiness is devoid of content: whatever elevates It is important to feel happy but also to recognize that feelings are fleeting. Content-based relationships are the weakest of these of our practice all the time to create meaning on a.

Your brain fills in the gaps based on previous relationships and attachments. You default to the needs of others because you're terrified and don't know who you really are.


You're an insecure people pleaser because you'd rather get approval than address the root cause of your vulnerabilities and feel alone. You settle for unsatisfying friendships because you've lost confidence and forgotten how difficult it is to make new friends.

Why else are you still meeting with that one friend you despise, or the one that you know is unreliable? Your emphasis on achievement keeps people at a safe distance and protects you from facing your underlying fears.

Three types of relationships and what they mean for accessibility

Sure, keep telling yourself that your drive for achievement and keeping people at a distance isn't rooted in what you didn't receive in childhood. You're only fooling yourself. You stay in unhealthy relationships because the devil you know is more comfortable than venturing into the unknown.

When you only know one way of connecting and getting your needs met, you're willing to accept things you shouldn't have to. Your fears of being flawed and unlovable are the reasons you're settling for hookups rather than relationships.

devoid of content meaning relationship

You're probably right--sex is just about sex, nothing deeper than skin-on-skin contact. You're always hiding something and those secrets prevent your relationship from growing. When you keep major secrets from others, it has to do with shame and fear. Your infatuation of the other person blinds you to their shortcomings, which always get expressed in due time.

To make matters worse, aside from overlooking all of the red flags to start your relationship, people also change over time.

3 types of relationships and what they mean for accessibility

You pretend that you're listening to others, but all you really care about is getting your turn to talk. This is why most conversations are unsatisfying and why you leave incredible conversations feeling vibrant and alive.

You use others as objects to satisfy your own desires because you care more about yourself than anyone else. When you focus on what you are or aren't getting instead of what you're giving, your relationship begins to crumble.

devoid of content meaning relationship

You will never get the recognition you think you deserve, and your requests for it poisons the relationship. You're too self-focused, which is the opposite of how you were when your relationship first started. No matter how hard you try, you can never truly convey the depth of your love to someone else. Actions, words, and time help, but there's a gap that simply cannot be traversed.

We are drawing upon design and modelling expertise that has been tried and tested, for many decades, in the data and software industry. We are just applying it within the field of content design.

All these relationships have names and semantics that are well understood. Let me introduce you to three of the most common relationship types using our Magazine and Article content types as examples. Dependency Relationship In the early stages of content modelling, when you know there is a relationship between two content types but are not quite sure of the extent of it, you can express that through a simple dependency relationship. As a modeller, at this point in time, let it be known that Magazine and Article are related.

The dependency relationship is deliberately weak on semantics. It defers decision making until we know more about the domain under study. We are happy express that two content types are related at this point.

devoid of content meaning relationship

What is the whole? What is the part?

devoid of content meaning relationship

The black diamond is on the whole Magazine and the other end is the part Article. Aggregation Relationship Aggregation is also a content relationship about ownership, but with a slightly different focus.

Instead of articles being owned by the magazine, aggregation loosens that a little to merely communicate access to articles. Aggregation breaks the lifecycle dependency between content types.

As such, a magazine acts more like a container for articles that can be added and removed where appropriate. How articles are created and destroyed is less of concern for the magazine.

The white diamond is on the container Magazine and the other end is the content type being aggregated Article.

devoid of content meaning relationship

A content model is a formal representation of structured content as a collection of content types and their inter-relationships. Content types are important, but so too are the relationships between them.

Subtle but Powerful: The Relationship Level of Meaning

As we learn more, we find that the business wants to express richer semantics between its content types. For example, in the film industry where there are series and episodes, the business wants the content model to reflect that episodes do not make sense outside the context of series.

No series, no episode. Also, every episode part is always member of a series whole. Now turning our attention to publishers that create articles for many titles and formats, such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, the business expects to reuse and repurpose articles. In this business model, an article does not belong exclusive to single title. So we choose to impose a different set of design constraints by selecting the aggregation relationship.

In doing so, we are clearly expressing through the aggregation relationship that if we remove an article from a magazine it will still be accessible by other titles.