Elrond aragorn relationship goals

elrond aragorn relationship goals

When we enter 'The Two Towers', Aragorn is still the same guy he was when we . 'relationship': there's of course the scene where Legolas realises Aragorn is a moment of doubt between the two that they will reach their goal and be wed. Still, Aragorn and his immediate ancestry were of thin Numenorean blood and thus didn't live as long. Didn't the original Numenoreans live. Elrond (Sindarin; IPA: "Star-Dome") Half-elven, Lord of Rivendell, was one of the mighty Elf-rulers of old who lived in He was the father of Arwen Undomiel, lover of Aragorn II Elessar. That is the purpose for which you are called hither.

I marvel at Elrond and your brothers; for though I have dwelt in this house from childhood, I have heard no word of you. How comes it that we have never met before?

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Surely your father has not kept you locked in his hoard? I have but lately returned to visit my father again. It is many years since I walked in Imladris.

elrond aragorn relationship goals

Do we know anything about how their relationship began? I'm not going to quote in extenso the passage from the Tale, but briefly here's what happens: At age 20, "after great deeds in the company of the sons of Elrond" as the story tells it, Elrond is sufficiently pleased with Aragorn to tell him his true name and lineage.

She laughs and they get into a conversation including the above excerpt in which Aragorn realizes that she's actually a few thousand years or so older than he is.

elrond aragorn relationship goals

A few days later, he admits his love to his mother, Gilraen, who is with him in Rivendell and who doesn't entirely approve. Elrond discusses the matter with him some time later, and more or less agrees with Gilraen.

Realizing that he may never get to date Arwen, Aragorn says goodbye to her, Elrond, and his mom, and leaves to go off and do manly things for twenty-nine years.

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Unknown to him, Arwen is there. She doesn't know he's there either.

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Aragorn is really old, and his struggle with his destiny and his heritage is long over. The Aragorn we meet in the books, from the moment we are introduced to his Strider-persona in a shady inn in Bree, is nothing less than the King of Men.

Roughly, the movie falls apart in three different parts: This is different from how Aragorn is portrayed in the first chapters of the book. Here is the Sword that was Broken and is forged again!

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Will you aid me or thwart me? Still, Aragorn shows himself more as an exceptional Man, than as a Man with exceptional skills: After that, however, he is discretion itself. King It is clear from this that Aragorn is pushed into the position of leader, but still rather reluctantly. Though the shift from ranger to king is gradual, the script writers decided Aragorn needed a little nudge — quite literally: Who are — point of fact — not even his Men.

While, as was explained above, there are good reasons why Aragorn would be the natural leader of the three hunters, this does not give him any authority to act as a leader outside this trio — which, on multiple occasions — he does. This shifts the character of Aragorn from a loner in the book, a man who keeps himself to himself — quite literally, at the beginning; to almost one half of a duo.