Ethiopia mexico relationship

Mexico keen to strengthen trade, investment ties with Ethiopia

ethiopia mexico relationship

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Mexico, Ambssador Trevino talked to Samuel. A few years after World War II, diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Mexico were established in In , Emperor Haile Selassie became the first. Addis Ababa March 21/ Ethiopia and Mexico agreed to bolster the to enhance bilateral relations and further collaborate with Ethiopia.

ethiopia mexico relationship

One of the most important focal points of our foreign affairs policy is that Mexico becomes an actor in global responsibility. It means strengthen its global presence and participate actively in facing the challenges of our time. The fact that Mexico has an observer status in the African Union AU is a good opportunity to continue consolidating its position as a responsible actor.

Mexico shares values and challenges with the AU, such as orderly migration and free trade. It is a contributor country to the United Nations peacekeeping operations in Africa MINURSO and MINUSCA and it is convinced that cooperation between the AU and international partners, positively contributes to create mechanisms aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting equal opportunities for all and ensuring that people have access to basic services.

Nowadays, Mexico is co-facilitator of international negotiations process leading to adopt a global compact for save, orderly and regular migration. The results of this negotiation process and we will be presented in the intergovernmental conference in Marrakech, Morocco, at the end of Ethiopian Airlines is due to introduce its direct flight to Mexico. How do you think that will help strengthen the trade relationship between the two nations? We are one of the most open economies in the world.

In this regard, we are glad that Ethiopian Airlines, the leading African airline, is interested in introducing a direct flight from Ethiopia to Mexico. Once this service becomes regular, trade, investment and eventually tourism would grow. Mexican civil aviation authorities are finalizing an Air service Agreement. How do you envision the trade between Ethiopia and Mexico to grow? Mexico has the most diverse and developed manufacturing capacity in Latin America and seeks to diversity trade partners.

ethiopia mexico relationship

We are aware that Ethiopia has experienced an important and sustainable economic growth during the last decade plus, particularly in its construction and manufacturing sector. Needs of both countries can be matched and turned into opportunities to enhance trade and investment flows.

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In this Embassy we have promoted trade through cooperation efforts. For example, as I said before, last year an Ethiopian delegation from the Ministry of Constriction visited Mexico City and San Luis Potosi City in order to observe Mexican experiences and identify best practices in the construction sector.

This was a good opportunity to identify business opportunities. Moreover, we have promoted among Mexican private companies and business associations the Second International Agro-Industry Investment Forum that will take place from March in Addis Ababa.

Mexico keen to strengthen trade, investment ties with Ethiopia

Therefore, it is clear that we want more of Ethiopia in Mexico and more of Mexico in Ethiopia. The Embassy brought a renowned Mexican chef last year to Sheraton Addis.

ethiopia mexico relationship

What was the reaction like? Mexico, like Ethiopia, has one of the most wonderful gastronomic traditions around the world. Mexico and Ethiopian cuisines have coincidences in combination of vegetables, spicy meat and colors that produce amazing flavors and aromas.

As Mexico has tortilla, Ethiopia has injera. Under this premise, our duty as a diplomatic mission is to promote the best of Mexico.

The fifth edition of the Mexican Gastronomic Week was an excellent forum to promote our cuisine in Ethiopia. We invited Mexican chef Omar Cuellar, who cooked several delicious Mexican dishes. Over 1, persons enjoyed the Mexican cuisine, including diplomats, UN and AU officers, members of the international community and Ethiopian families. Are you surprised that there is currently no restaurant in Addis Ababa that specializes in the world famous Mexican cuisine?

It is a challenge more than a surprise for us.

ethiopia mexico relationship

We have to continue to work jointly with investors, food suppliers and chefs in order to have Mexican food in Ethiopia. We are working in two parts: For example, the new route that Ethiopian Airlines plans to open to Mexico would be an excellent way to do it.

I cannot help but talk about Donald Trump. The emperor was quite moved by this gesture and promised to repay this honour. It has been reported that during the visit, a new public school was also opened, bearing the name of Ethiopia, again in honour of the Emperor and Ethiopia. A few years after his stunning visit, prompted by his promise for a reciprocal gesture, works were commenced by the Ethiopian government to dedicate a place to remember the Mexican people and government in their fight and solidarity to safeguard and defend Ethiopia's sovereignty.

As reported on the front page of its December 21, issue, the Ethiopian Herald announced that - "Former Maichew Square Renamed Mexico Square By Kentiba" - and graphically narrated the ceremony held for the unveiling of a monument "among the cheerful citizens of the district of Maichew and high school students of that district".

The paper quoted the dedication address by His Lord Mayor of Addis Abeba, Dejazmatch Zewde Gebresellassie, that "the monument in the square dedicated to the United States of Mexico is in a shape of a giant Saucer embodying a pool of water. On the middle are three canoes decorated with designs in varied characteristic Mexican colours".

ethiopia mexico relationship

His Imperial Majesty's initials are embossed on the iron girdles which joins the canoes. He further recounted the relationship between the two countries and the support provided by his country to Ethiopia during the dark days of the Italian occupation, emphasising that the two countries "although separated by geography are as akin and as close to the hand and the glove and the flesh and the bone. That is the reason why the then leader of Mexicoon behalf of the Mexican people, designated the Square of Ethiopia to remind every day to our citizens of the existence of a brother country in Africa".

That was how Mexico Square was named and a monument that stood high in one of the prime sites of Addis Abeba erected. As the icon of reciprocity, it has been facing and greeting, every day and night, for more than half a century, its eldest neighbour - a school building called Tegbareid and the towering younger complex of the Chamber of Commerce, built in andrespectively.

Indeed, the relationship between Ethiopia and Mexico continued to symbolise a perfect representation of the fundamental principle of reciprocity even in times of great natural calamity and misery that affected both nations as noted by another writer called Robert B. Cialdini, in his book entitled, "Influence", where he wrote: InEthiopia could justly lay claim to the greatest suffering and privation in the world The mutual concerns and sympathies both countries displayed to one another's affected people was truly phenomenal.

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It transcended the geographical location, ideological differences and polarisation, resulting from the era of the cold war. However, the principle of reciprocity, which was central in the bilateral diplomatic relations between Mexico and Ethiopia, and deep in the minds of our political leaders during post World War II or even toward the end of the cold war, seems to have been abandoned by the new breeds of political leadership and globalisation, which have been obsessed with issues of development and good governance, more so than pondering over promoting historical and cultural values in both countries.

While it is believed that both development and good governance are closely interrelated with priorities that all states would have to be preoccupied with, development and good governance agendas can also be pursued by upholding and maintaining, rather than destroying landmarks that signify the historical and cultural ties of the two nations. Contrary to the speech of Rudolfo Udigli on the occasion of the unveiling of the Mexico square monument 56 years ago, it appears that contemporary Mexican politicians have either forgotten the significance of historical ties between the two countries or are simply unwilling or unwelcome to have "a brother country in Africa".

This seems to be why the Federal District Government decided, into replace and remove the surviving name of Metro Ethiopia, at the underground train station of Line 3, Metro Network of Mexico City, which was deduced from the former Plaza Etiopia, as revealed by a Mexican newspaper - "EL Universal".

While one can find a petition initiated by Rastafarians - the all time friends of past and present Ethiopia - on their web site Rasta ITES, for the restoration of the name, there is no indication concerning their success.

Ethiopia: How Ethio-Mexico Diplomacy Lost Its Icons Carelessly

In a strikingly similar and possibly analogous act, which seemed to reciprocate what transpired in Mexico City, the wanton destruction of the monument of Mexico Square that symbolised the strong relationship between Ethiopia and Mexico was carried out last September. This outraged all self-respecting citizens of Addis Abeba, and particularly those who wish to see development in the city continue along with safeguarding the city's historical and cultural relics.

The unveiling ceremony of the Mexico Square monument was unconsidered by the unceremonious and reckless construction workers, who threw the pieces as though useless road side rubbish in front of hundreds of grieving onlookers.