Forte relationship rune factory 4

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forte relationship rune factory 4

For Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Forte marriage questions..". Marriage. okay here is the marriage page. All the requirements you need to .. is Forte brother btw just in case u didn't know we r talking about Rune Factory 4. Forte (フォルテ, Forte) is one of the eligible bachelorettes in Rune Factory 4. She is a Forte shares a relatively familiar relationship with all of the bachelorettes.

Even Bado can't bring himself to take advantage of it in one conversation where he warns Vishnal not to be too trusting. While I agree he is not the most interesting character among the bachelors, I appreciate the fact that he is also the only one who appears not to have a deeply ingrained personality or psychological hindrance to his relationship with you outside of being your former butler.

So yeah, not "worst" just not the best. I still like him even though I think other bachelors are more interesting. Plus I find him a downsight more amusing that a majority of the bachelorettes.

I admit I'm personality not all that invested in Dylas. He's a decent enough character but he really doesn't have much character outside of the token grump. It's just not something that ropes me in. Getting him to open up as a friend is pretty cool but in terms of a husband he's only so-so.

I didn't really think much of his proposal event when stacked up against Arthur, Leon, Kiel, Doug or hell even Vishnal who do have real conflicts they need to over come. All of Dylas's problems come from his own lack of social skills which, while I know plenty of people like in a romance The whole tame the bad boy thingdoesn't really appeal to me.

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Again, I like him and there is nothing wrong with him but he just doesn't compel me to find out more about him like the other bachelors do.

I don't have as much experience with the bachelorettes but I can safely say that Forte is my favourite by a long shot if just because she had the most reliable personality. She is also the first "friend" that Lest and Frey make in town really so she has that going for her to. I don't really have a favourite bachelor but in terms of personality and growth while also being an affectionate boyfriend to Frey, then Doug ironically ticks most of the boxes.

He's teasing, a little lazy but ultimately is the most forward and approachable out of the bachelors on a date. While all the others are either a little patronising or flustered, he's actually pretty good at giving as good as he gets. Again, I wouldn't say he is my absolute favourite but he's one of them. Hell, I have seen people write Arthur off as boring but I really like him.

I kind of like the reserved types especially when they are reserved out of politeness and not shyness. Plus his proposal event is by far my favourite if just because it kept me guessing. Corlesslover30 Corlesslover30 Topic Creator 3 years ago 3 I guess I feel for dylas, because of the passion for fish and having social issues.

I think arthur is cute and underrated. He likes cute things like I do. The prospective children far more resemble Frey than Lest or any of the marriage candidates, and every townsperson has a special conversation they will share with them upon reaching FP. Male candidates tend to veer into quasi-romantic territory, even when playing as Lestwhereas female candidates are more strictly platonic, even when playing as Lest and dating or married to them. Getting Crap Past the Radar: The Turtle Shell item description.

Good if you want to make something hard. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! If Frey marries Dylas, he'll be happy to hear he's moving in with her because "the [restaurant] walls are really thin.

Attempting to sleep in Arthur's old bed after marrying him prompts him to tell Frey that, if they go home, he can let her do "all sorts of spoiled things. In the Obsidian Manor there's a journal. The writing starts out normal enough, before becoming red colored.

The journal notes that the reader may be wondering why the change in color, that they had run out of ink, but realized they had more ink in their hand. Not to mention the silver key described in the journal is red when the main character finds it. The ESRB rating says nothing about blood. Lin Fa reflects on pasts mistakes and comments that if she hadn't made a particular mistake, Xiao Pai wouldn't be here now, and Arthur is in fact the illegitimate child of a mistress to the king.

The item summary for shells in the English version also has a dick joke, not to mention that while no one ever goes off on a foul mouthed tirade, there's no hesitance on the part of Doug or Dylas to use mild swear words, some of which are voiced.

Say maybe like, you know, something in the main character's bed. In Doug's reverse proposal event, at one point Frey catches Doug and Leon discussing something in private. When she asks, Leon, by the request of Doug, lies to her and outright says that they were talking about Doug's sex life. After the De-Fluffing Festival, in which you constantly hit a giant Wooly with safety weapons to remove its fur, Xiao Pai is about to comment on how masochistic the Wooly was, but instead uses a Last-Second Word Swap to comment on its wooliness.

Leon is prone to very suggestive comments. If Frey is dating him, he can ask her: Doug enjoys throwing horse-themed insults at Dylas. During one of their arguments, he shouts, "Bring it, gelding!

One late-game sidequest has you making the rare Turnip Heaven dish and giving it to Arthur. When you do, he promises to eat it slowly, savoring every bite Borders on a theme of the game; adoptive and surrogate families outnumber the biological ones, especially once the unlockable marriage candidates start moving in.

Lin Fa also has a husband who stops in on occasion, making a broken record of two already married couples in a single Rune Factory game. Most monsters in the mansion are ghost or reaper kinds, Apocalyptic Log written in bloodseveral ghostly shades appearances, and its guardian is the resident I See Dead People Elegant Gothic Lolita with a ghost stalking her since she was a child.

The final boss of the second arc has the main character face off against Ethelberd in Ventuswill's body with Nigh-Invulnerability. However, it is possible, albeit difficult, to defeat Ethelwill before then, which results in the two un-fusing and Ethelberd remarking in horror that the main character is "stronger than a Native Dragon?! Dylas also applies, which is another reason the two butt heads a lot.

Recruiting any of the boss monsters. They will quickly outstrip you in stats, and their attacks will consistently outdamage yours. In one conversation among the bachelorettes, Clorica will express disgust with Doug after hearing that he fell asleep while working. While Lest and Frey are humans, they can court Margaret, an elf; Doug, a dwarf; or the former boss monsters: Amber, Dylas, Dolce, and Leon who were human before, but now possess monster-like traits, such as tails for Dylas and Leon.

As with all Rune Factory games. Taken to the extreme with the ability to upgrade your weapons with various crafting items 10 times per weapon. For example, upgrading a weapon with toxin gives it the chance to poison the target. Almost everything you find has a different upgrade effect, giving nearly endless possibilities to weapons customization.

forte relationship rune factory 4

Kill It with Water: The watering can is still usable as a weapon. When Forte starts wanting a horse to complete her knighthood, Volkanon suggests she ride an Elefun instead. He thought getting her to ride it would be an elephantine task, but really, it's no tusk at all. Everyone else gets " The Elefun in question decides to trample him in irritation.

Though as a first for the series, the main character actually gets amnesia after the game starts. The player still doesn't learn much of anything about them beforehand, however. Ventuswill also forcibly removed memories relating to her from each of the guardians, so that they wouldn't try to sacrifice themselves for her again. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: A few of the characters mention seeing something behind the main, and Dolce implies they're being haunted.

This is implied to be them sensing the player. If Frey marries him, he may give her a Fail or a Super Fail each day. Frey, in a comic, ends up making so many failed dishes that it fills her shipping bin. One of Xiao Pai's rewards when you complete a quest for her is also a Failed Dish. Trying to cook ingredients that don't add up to a recipe results in a Failed Dish or a Disastrous Dish, which are the opposite of your normal Power-Up Food.

This turns out surprisingly useful if you throw it at the enemy instead of trying to eat it yourself — Lethal Chef Forte already knows this and will do it if you bring her into combat. In addition to the idea of tossing it at the enemy, you can take a dose every night before bed to grind your resistances. They are rare drops from a hidden enemy that only appears during a Tornado on a specific location. Does even worse things to you than what a Failed Dish would if you try to eat them.

If used for upgrading your equipment, it actually reverses the effects of the previously used material. By the way, did you know that upgrading equipment with Object X provides a massive stat reduction? Consider the implications of that for a moment. Dylas retains his horse ears and tail after turning human. Leon ends up with fox features. Amber has antennae, and occasionally wings.

Dolce has pointed ears, but since she is human this is also likely from her monster form. One of his favorite gift is salmon, which is "sake" in Japanese like the alcoholic drink.

Can be made with the Chemistry Set with a very high medicine skill. If you want to get a person's relationship toit probably your best option, but will take literally hundreds of the potions to get there.

The final plot event after the player finishes the main storyline is triggered at random. The only thing you can do about it is clear out any other random plot events that pop up as fast as possible. Along with the Double Bed and Ring required, you also need to trigger a specific event before you can propose to someone.

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Trying to get all the recipes? The bosses at the end of the Sharance Mazes will drop a random Recipe Bread, which contains one high-level recipe. If you get bread for a type whose recipes you already learned especially Farming and Medicine, which can be completed even without themit's 10 floors of dungeoneering down the drain. The alternative is to look up the recipes and Level Grind to absurd levels so that you have enough RP to learn the recipe by making them.

You only get a limited form of this after getting hit enough times. Enemies can and will repeatedly beat on you to take advantage of the lack of invincibility, and, in Hard mode especially, many attacks that would otherwise seem like single-hit will actually deal damage twice.

The Mineral Squeaks, which can only be found in one specific area, spawn randomly, and drop the rare Double Steel and Fold Steel materials, which can be used to raise equipment's stats to ridiculous levels. But they only drop it if you manage to hit them without killing them, and they have paltry HP and defense. The game instructions mention that the Sechs Empire was temporarily known as Zzyzx, and that historians believe the temporary name change to be due to an illness within the Empire's ranks, or a practical joke.

It's been referred to as and generally preferred as Sechs in every other game. The lack of a "canon" love interest in the game proper may count as this: It was usually heavily hinted that they were doing this because they were interested in you from the very beginningand if you married them it was treated as you repaying their generosity.

The only people in this game who can really be credited with giving you your house are Ventuswill, who isn't an optionand Arthur, who is letting you stay in what would have been his home because it's part and parcel of you taking on what would have been his job.

In the Nintendo Dream comic, all the Guardians save, for whatever reason, Dylas are naked when they're restored to their human forms. After completing all of Eliza's side missions you'll permanently unlock the option, once per savefile, to carry over stats, inventory, furniture, soil quality, and farm upgrades from another savefile.

Friendship levels and recipes unlocked won't carry over, however. You can also give the villagers headgear you find or make, and they will wear it.

Normally, you can't get a Game Over at all Number of the Beast: The selling price of the Cursed Doll. While you've always been able to pick whichever marriage candidate you like, the previous three games made it really obvious which one was canon. Not here, though — every marriageable NPC is treated pretty much equally. While various adaptations have picked one couple or another, they all ended up choosing differently.

Only in It for the Money: Bado has no real passion for his work as the town blacksmith, and is always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes. Which contrasts Gaius from Rune Factory 3who forges weapons because he enjoys it, and doesn't care about making a profit. Our Dwarves Are All the Same: As with Rune Factory 3 this is averted. Doug is somewhat brash, but is average height, beardless, hopeless when it comes to crafting things, and works in the general store.

forte relationship rune factory 4

And Bado is a laid back giant, though he does have a beard. Talk to someone when they're at the beach in summer and ask them to go adventuring with you; they'll run around in their swimsuit the entire time, despite normally changing clothes instantly when leaving the beach. If you have someone's affection high enough, you can get them to let you in their house early in the morning or late at night, catching them in their pajamas; ask them to go adventuring then and you get the trope.

Once you unlock the costume shop, you too can run around defeating monsters in absurd clothing. Peninsula of Power Leveling: After finishing the storyline mission there, on returning, it has some fairly high level enemies.