Fushigi yuugi eikoden ending relationship

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fushigi yuugi eikoden ending relationship

This article lists the major characters from the manga series Fushigi Yûgi, its anime adaptation, . In Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, Nuriko was reborn as a young girl named Ko Reishun. She also steals the magic .. Since their blood is the connection, in order to end Takiko's suffering, her Father stabs himself. This wound is also. Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden was originally released on four single episode DVDs starting on theme in all episodes, as well as for the ending theme in the last episode. the relationship between Keisuke and Mayo is much more pronounced. Genbu Kaiden Character Index | Byakko Ibun Character Index | Byakko Senki Character Index | Fushigi Yuugi Character Index When you're traveling between .

He believed the only reason that she was going with him was because he was rich and the emperor. The man then revealed that Hotohori actually had an older brother, whose life was threatened during a struggle for the throne so he got adopted by a….

What does his life being threatened have to do with being adopted? And why would you allow the future emperor to essentially be kidnapped and then just shrug it off and never speak of it again? Why was Hotohori not in the same danger? The man reveals himself as said brother, Tendou. He spits at them and says he will never forgive them.

Does this sound more like a fanfic or a soap opera? It can go both ways it seems. Houki continues, saying the brother burst into the palace in a rage, controlled by another, itching to slay Hotohori but Houki defended him. Apparently some legend is he will forever be ignorant of this and will never see Suzaku be summoned.

His birth just signifies that the Suzaku warriors will appear soon. The man is then killed by Hotohori with another slash to the back. So, then we get to the story about why Houki seemed to have loved Hotohori more than Tendou. Hotohori to protect Miaka because he was in love with her and Tamahome because he was under the effects of a mind controlling poison. Houki is seen watching this unfold.

She also sees the love between Tamahome and Miaka as she brings him back to reality with a kiss. Makes about as much sense as anything else in this insane OVA. So you love Hotohori more than Tendou because Hotohori lost his girl but you saw how much he loved her? So you purposely aspired to be a runner-up, basically.

Mayo then tearfully apologizes for what she said to Bou—you know what?

Fushigi Yuugi: Eikoden

Thank God A fake Suzaku appears and attacks the gang while Mayo tries to reason with the Suzaku shrine. Taiitsukun appears, transporting Chiriko and Mitsukake to the group and explains that the Shinzaho The baby is in danger.

I guess one major note is I hate how they turned Mayo around in this. And why would I pity her for trying to commit suicide? Thank God the next episode is the last one.

fushigi yuugi eikoden ending relationship

The final episode starts with replaying Mayo walking into the water. She remembers her parents fighting and remembers running away from seeing Taka as Miaka visited him at the restaurant. Oh I feel so bad for you now. Make sense of that! As Mayo drifts underwater, she remembers the good times with her parents, Saori, she remembers her basketball coach Keisuke and Boushin and Houki.

Again, bear with me. See, The Universe of the Four Gods is only supposed to tell one legend at a time. Since all four legends were complete, the book world started to deteriorate.

Scared of being destroyed, the book went to find a new legend to tell, which is where Mayo comes in. The link is then broken. Just a big boatload of WHAT!? Way to love your wife. Miaka then possesses Mayo to give the group a pep talk. No wonder it never got any screen time. He unleashes his fake Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu on the villages.

Just as he appears, Mayo vanishes, as does Miaka in the real world. And if her legend was over so she held no way to get back to the book world, how did she send the baby to Mayo and why did she disappear when Mayo did and how was she there reciting the chant to summon Suzaku with Mayo and the Suzaku seven? The reason they needed Yui to fill in as the Priestess of Genbu in the OVAs was because the previous one was dead and Yui already was a priestess so it just made sense.

Here, the previous priestess is still very much alive and already has the shinzaho. The Suzaku seven fade away and Mayo, Miaka, and the Suzaku seven meet at a crossroads. Mayo and Miaka both recite the chant to summon Suzaku, the gang reappears, and the real Suzaku is summoned. Taka then seems to channel the power of Suzaku himself and punches through the Shadow Suzaku making it disappear as quickly as it appeared.

A one hit K-O on an unoriginal, unmemorable villain. So, there ya go. She only enter insanely long list of crap she did here PLUS was the cause of the thing that almost destroyed the book world all because of her completely immature hatred and jealousy…. The OVA ends with a shot into the near future where Miaka is giving birth.

While Tamahome and Hotohori are the obvious leaders, Chichiri is the ever-staunch advisor and supporter from behind the scenes, always willing to help when needed. Unconcerned with his own mortality or with earthly desires, he has a Zen master's detached attitude.

He habitually ends many sentences with the emphatic phrase "no da", translated as "ya know" in the anime's English version. When he first appears, Chichiri constantly wears a smile on his face, though he later accounts for his face as a mask with features he can move on reflex in order to make it resemble a natural face. His true face resembles his mask, save that one eye has been scarred by an injury across his forehead. Chichiri was enraged at the betrayal and the two men began to fight.

While they were fighting, a heavy rainstorm caused the Shoryuu River flooded their home village.

His friend fell into the rushing water and Chichiri attempted to rescue him, but a nearby log smashed into Chichiri's eye and gouged it out, resulting in the scar on his face. Chichiri did not know this but, his friend survived, but resentfully believes that Chichiri had abandoned him to die.

When they meet again, this mistaken resentment causes him to resume the old battle, but ends when the story behind the dreadful scar is revealed. Extremely quick and agile, he particularly enjoys joking around with Nuriko, Tamahome, and Chichiri. He is 17 years old and was born in the town of Tai-Tou in the Ko prefecture, at the foot of Mount Reikaku. Tasuki's primary weapon is a flame throwing Tessen, an iron fan used for fighting which is eventually upgraded to become a diamond fan that could only be used by Tasuki.

Additionally, he is skilled in judo, archery, swordsmanship, and is briefly capable of using ofuda. He began to improve his martial arts abilities in hopes of living up to and carrying on the role of his mentor. Tasuki first meets Miaka when he kidnaps her in order to regain his rightful place as the leader of Mount Reikaku's bandits.

Straightforward, simple-minded, and quick to pick a fight, Tasuki also has a strong sense of honor. Though he appears utterly blunt, vulgar, and loud, he is sentimental and easily becomes emotional. He provides a frequent source of comic relief in the series: Tasuki values his friends greatly and will not hesitate to kill those who would try to endanger them or make fun of them in any way.

Despite being rough around the edges, Tasuki shares a particularly strong relationship with Chiriko. Tasuki, as the youngest child and only son of a family with five older sisters, an aggressive mother, and timid father, happily accepts the role of an older brother figure to Chiriko, who looks up to him and strives to become a "manly man" like Tasuki.

Of all the Suzaku Celestial Warriors, he takes the deaths of his comrades the hardest and openly cries for them. A running joke in the series is that Tasuki is afraid to swim, claiming that it is because he is a "man of the mountains", though on several occasions he is able to instinctively tread water and finds unusual means of compensating for his weakness.

He also hates milk, due to the fact that his overly endowed mother almost smothered him as an infant. As the youngest and only son in a family with strong females and a weak father, Tasuki claims to hate women. He seems to have special feelings for Miaka. He is soft-spoken and one of the most serious of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors. Mitsukake's fighting abilities are limited to his own strength, but as a Celestial Warrior, he possesses incredible healing powers at the cost of exchanging some of his own life force.

He uses this ability frequently to heal minor injuries, but after healing life-threatening injuries, Mitsukake requires an entire day to regenerate his life force. His cat Tama is the unofficial mascot of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors and, after Mitsukake's death, becomes Chichiri's pet.

The son of a country doctor, he put his natural talents to work and often would help his father with his rounds.

fushigi yuugi eikoden ending relationship

His father eventually died attempting to save villagers close to a flooding river during the same storm that claimed the lives of Chichiri's loved ones. It was during this reclusive stage that Miaka and the others find him, and managed to get him to join them with little persuasion. Despite his expressionless appearance and tendency to remain silent, Mitsukake is a kind-hearted and calm man who seems aloof, but is actually shy and does not know how to be more outgoing.

He is especially kind to the weak, elderly, the sickly, and children, as well as animals.

Mitsukake subsequently dies exhausting all his energy to save the life of a child who is later revealed to be the reincarnation of his beloved, as well as all the soldiers who had been wounded during the battle. Aside from his incredible intelligence, Chiriko also employs a leaf whistle against his opponents. He is thirteen years old. Chiriko's intelligence actually derives from his role as a Celestial Warrior and when his character disappears, he becomes a rather average child with limited intelligence.

This limitation on his powers alongside being the youngest and physically weakest in the group is a source of frustration for Chiriko. He is particularly sensitive about his height and his peculiar intelligence and strives towards becoming a "man of strength", but is otherwise a quiet and good-natured student. Since a very young age, Chiriko has held a strong interest in research and has amassed a great deal of knowledge through books and study.

Though somewhat unusual, Chiriko develops a strong relationship with Tasuki, who happily accepts the role of an older brother figure to Chiriko and is particularly devastated when Chiriko dies. After regaining control of his body, Chiriko stabs himself, taking Miboshi with him in death. Despite being still an infant, he is capable of speech and is the only character to remember who he is in the first place, but has to fully revive quickly or will be reborn as a normal boy.

A passionate person at heart, she tends to see the world in black and white terms and is easily infuriated with perceived betrayal. Yui is confident and bold with everything she does, but longs for someone to take care of her. It is revealed in the manga that Yui cut her hair to avoid all the attention she was getting from boys.

Yui is initially transported to "The Universe of Four Gods" with Miaka, but almost immediately returns to the real world and becomes the one who reads the book in order for events in the world to progress. However, she later becomes trapped in the book while trying to help Miaka return to the real world. Shortly after arriving in the book, bandits chase Yui down and beat her so badly in attempt to rape her that she falls unconscious.

When she regains consciousness, she believes she has been raped and, distraught, attempts to kill herself. Nakago rescues her and convinces her that Miaka is responsible for Yui's misfortunes, leaving Yui unaware that he had saved her just before she had been raped. She eagerly agrees, swearing to fight Miaka and to take away her lover, Tamahome, whom Yui has become attracted to.

Her second wish is to take Miaka and herself back to their world, hoping to separate Miaka and Tamahome, but Tamahome also arrives in their world with them.

When Yui finally realizes that Nakago has been manipulating her for his own ambition and revenge, she is too late to stop him, as she cannot help but witness hopelessly upon the death and destruction of her own world, friends and family alike, including her best friend Miaka and her love interest Tamahome.

Afterwards, both Yui and Miaka make amends and renew their friendship with each other once again. She even puts herself in the line of fire sometimes in order to do so. In the end, she finally relieves and redeems herself of all her past pain and sorrow, as she sees that all is well in the end. Nakago is both merciless and charismatic; he eliminates those whose usefulness to him is exhausted and skillfully manipulates others into doing as he wishes.

In battle, Nakago also utilizes a whip and sword. Meanwhile, Mayo is drawn to the Suzaku shrine by a phoenix, where a false Suzaku preys on Mayo's weakened mental state and convinces her that Taka and others are going to take the Shinzaho from her and kill her.

In the real world, Testuya, Yui and Keisuke in Miaka's room. Together, they follow along with the events of the story by reading the book. Taka, Chichiri, and Taisuki find Chiriko, who is now a baby named Gakurei. Gakurei remembers his past life and speaks with them, but he is starting to become a normal baby. While he stays to study the issue, he gives his former companions horses to ease their journey.

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As they ride, Taka's injury causes him to fall from his horse. While they talk, a boy named Chousei calls to the girl, and the trio soon realize he is Mitsukake. Chousei refuses to go with them, though, and they leave. Taka, Chichiri, and Taisuki return to the village and find her near death. Chousei also returns, but he has been possessed by a fake Byakko. The group travel to a small town where they meet a little girl named Ko Reishun, who decides she wants the crystal ball that Taiitsukun gave them to help in the search.

She fights Tasuki for it and easily tosses him aside, but the ball is shattered in the tussle. After finding a stand to buy Reishun a new ball, she is captured by a demon. Taka cuts the demon in half with a holy sword, but the top half of its body escapes to a nearby lake where a fake Seiryuu appears. The three combine their powers and defeat the evil creature.

Certain Reishun is the reborn Nuriko, they ask her to go with them to the capital. Back in Konan, Reizeitei talks with Mayo and asks if she knows about his past. Mayo twists the story to make Miaka and Hotohori seem like horrible people.

Reizeitei tells her that the Priestess of Suzaku was a person of boundless love, and wonders if Mayo, who shows no respect for Miaka, can save anyone. Mayo storms out of the shrine and goes to her room. There, she hears the disembodied voice of her best friend from school, Saori Kawai. Saori, with help from Keisuke, Tetsuya and Yui, is using some cosmetics she borrowed from Mayo as a medium to plead her to return. When Mayo looks in her hand mirror, she realizes she has no reflection and feels a sense of panic.

Later, as she has a bath, Mayo temporarily becomes transparent. Mayo apologizes for the lies she told Reizeitei about Hotohori and Miaka. Reishun takes the others to him and they realize he is Hotohori's reincarnation.