Giving up on a relationship letter

A Love Letter Of Regret | Love Dignity

giving up on a relationship letter

Break Up Letters - Heart touching breakup letter with sad, goodbye, funny, nice, sweet breaking up letters In light of this, I would like to end our relationship as my position will be permanent and we shall But you are not giving us a chance. An Open Letter To The One That Gave Up On Me . I'm currently 20 years old and I had never been in a serious relationship up until about 4 months ago. letter to any woman who has ever thought about giving up on love My thing is, just because you've had relationships that have failed in the.

A Love Letter Of Regret

But at the time everything was important, and as we grew apart I began to think that we were destined to live separate lives. I noticed that I fantasized a lot about being in a different place, talking to new friends, seeing other surroundings, and living a new life.

giving up on a relationship letter

But we both know that I did exactly that — and I have regretted it ever since. I will never forget that day some 6 months ago. It was the dark days of December, and here in the great northwest the darkness comes early in winter. There was a similar darkness inside me, and it grew to the point where I could no longer ignore it.

I told you that I thought we should go our separate ways, and that I was feeling that I needed a different life than the one we had together.

After the initial shock, we were able to talk about it and you agreed to let me go if that would make me happy.

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You were always concerned with my happiness, no matter what was going on inside of you. So I left, and my last sight of you sitting in your favorite chair with tears streaming down your face was the one I carried with me for a long time. But now I realize that what we did was wrong — that we should have worked on our relationship instead of letting go so easily. I know that we can have our differences and give each other the space to meet our own needs and expectations without giving up the best thing we had — real, deep and lasting love.

I think we should give it another try, that we have something that can transcend our difficulties. If you feel the same, please let me know by responding. Sincerely, About the Author Anna Fleszer Anna Fleszer is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationshipsmarriage and friendships. I am tired of defending myself to you. I am tired of feeling defeated after our every conversation.

giving up on a relationship letter

I am tired of being reminded I cannot live up to your expectations. I am tired of my desire for a relationship with you leaving me so exhausted. I am running out of a fight to put up. To my life, I am tired of waking up to panic attacks.

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I am tired of battling through every day- a battle I do not even know if I want to fight. I am tired of one thing after another. I am tired of it not getting better.

I am tired of continuing to try, just to constantly be beaten down by you again.

giving up on a relationship letter

To my past, I am tired of thinking about you. I am tired of letting the way you treated me affect every other relationship I pursue. I am tired of reminding myself how much better I am without you because of the kind of person you are.

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I am tired of trying to forget who we could have been. I am tired of the consequences of your actions.