Harvest moon tree of tranquility character relationship guide

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Anise) is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. She is one of the Style Manual · Help Desk · Layout Guide · Portal Tranquility. You may be looking for Anissa, a character from Animal Parade. Personally, I can't stand raw fish.". Characters who have appeared in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Harvest Parade—he's the guide to help the chosen one restore the Goddess Tree. of marriage candidates in the game, you can certainly make your character into this. Fish out of Water: Being from a tropical climate, she hates the cold seasons. Characters from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. Trending pages. Chase (ToT) · Owen (ToT) · Luke (ToT) · Toby (ToT) · Kathy (ToT) · Calvin (ToT). All items (50).

Gameplay[ edit ] Using tools more often around the farm, mine, and rivers and oceans, causes the player to become more proficient with them. This allows the player to till more plots of land with one hit, water multiple plots at once, cast to catch rarer fish, or strike a rock or tree with more strength while using less stamina.

harvest moon tree of tranquility character relationship guide

Depending on how much skill the player has, working on their garden or livestock can take the better part of a day. This is where being able to do more with less effort has an advantage. There are new animals such as ostriches that players may buy.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Character/Relationship Guide for Wii by DDJ - GameFAQs

There are also pets the player can adopt, located at various places throughout the island. This is done by getting a sufficient amount of hearts from them, and then choosing to adopt them. However, players may only have a limited number of adopted pets on their farm at one time, so choices must be made wisely. Marriage[ edit ] Each gender of main character has 8 marriage candidates available. To get married, the player must raise the chosen person's heart level to 8 hearts.

harvest moon tree of tranquility character relationship guide

This is most easily done by going on dates, giving gifts or just talking to the person. He tends to have a snarky way of speaking and teases or outright insults Maya up until he marries. He can be pretty mean to you too but if you befriend him he warms up to you.

harvest moon tree of tranquility character relationship guide

No Accounting for Taste: He and Maya, sometimes. Their daughter Dakota even points out the fact that they fight all the time, and even cites it as the reason she'll never get a younger sister. In Tree of Tranquilityhe says that he can't remember his parents' faces. However, what happened to them is never mentioned And the subject is never brought up in Animal Parade.

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Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: To contrast with his counterpart, Maya. He even says, when they get married, that she doesn't have to try and cook any more—just taste-test.

Which your children with him, and his daughter Dakota if he and Maya get married, inherit. Julius Works at the Blacksmith with Mira. In Animal Paradehe works at the accessory shop as a jewelry designer.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility - Relationships FAQ/guide

His is even special-er amidst the normal Bishie Sparkle of the other candidates, because his sparkles have roses in them. In Japan, the first rival event between him and Candace in Animal Parade has him getting mad at Candace because he thinks she thinks he's a crossdresser. In America, this was changed to him thinking she thinks he's In some sense, this makes it funnier—Candace never does say why, so one could interpret it as Julius being oblivious to how camp he acts.