Hexagram 27 relationship counseling

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hexagram 27 relationship counseling

I is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram With inner Listening to the advice of loved ones can be very helpful and enjoyable. Sitting in 27 – Love: There is difficulty in deciding what words to use in a situation in your relationship. The I Ching symbol meaning 'Giving Nourishment'. The image of an open mouth is portrayed by this hexagram, and it is a reminder that relationships need good. There are 64 hexagrams or “chapters” in the I Ching. Each hexagram . Concentrate on bringing equilibrium to your situations and relationships. Hexagram A trusted friend or counselor may help you to identify the best way forward.

Take time to look for special events or new ideas that will keep romantic wheels in motion. Be willing to delve deep. Create room for heart-to-heart talks and lots of eye-contact.

Hexagram Providing Nourishmentand uh boy, am i lovesick!

This is a time to see and be seen, to feed and be fed. Be willing to give.

hexagram 27 relationship counseling

Remember, giving and receiving are not inherently different. To give with love is to receive also.

hexagram 27 relationship counseling

Giving draws love into your world and fans the flames of passion and intimacy. This is a favorable time in matters of the heart, but you have to work at it. Introduce new activities and ideas into your world, and love will blossom. Changes in Line 1 "The Sacred Turtle" In this line, the turtle symbolizes wisdom and spiritual openness.

Hexagram 27 Harmonious nutrition

These two qualities foster genuine love. Admire these qualities in someone else and notice them in yourself. If you ignore them, misfortune could start to crawl into your love life.

Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage

Hexagram 27 teaches to choose your words wisely. The soul and spirit need nourishment as much as the body does. Just as food can be nourishing for the body, the words we use both verbally and internally in the mind can help nourish our spirits. Words that are spoken aloud can have many effects on both the person they are spoken to and the speaker.

Plays often can have a dramatic effect based on the flow of words from the actors. But words do not need to be spoken in order to have an effect. Our own thoughts can help empower or break us down internally.

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Hexagram 27 calls for a time to reflect on the type of words a caster is currently using. Are they having a positive effect to help inspire both the speaker and the listener? Or are their words being used to torment and break down others? How we speak is a representation of our inner being and can often show the true side of a person.

Use words wisely in order to prevent chaos in the world.

hexagram 27 relationship counseling

It is easy to become angry and choose to use hurtful words. These are very strict requirements that always want to break. Through the mouth will you comprehend the universe, harmonize yourself and the whole world will transform! Harmonious nutrition suggests harmony in all the necessities of life, including spiritual food. Sexual relations, as an authentic act of energy interchange, belongs to this plane as well. According to tantric teachings, the subtle vibrations our bodies produce when eating and when having sex, are identical.

There is hardly any other sphere of life so closely connected to our daily routine that produces so much controversy and debates. To reach harmony in nutrition, you should calculate your calories intake and your energy consumption. Self-discipline, calculation, and balance make nutrition harmonious.

hexagram 27 relationship counseling

Numerous real-life examples of people leading a happy fulfilled life on a very low calories intake suggest and scientific research for example, by Shatalova proves it that a human being is part of the universal energy exchange chain. Harmonious nutrition, including spiritual food and material well-being, means being in harmony with nature, Cosmos, and God, which is feasible only for highly spiritual people.

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This is our intake. What matters is what we produce, which vibrations we project to the Universe. That is why nutrition is a negligible issue of secondary importance. Ethically, completely harmonious nutrition is not possible. All the cruelty of the world is reflected in the way we eat.

From the depth of our soul, we hear a question: Harmonious nutrition means doing the least possible harm. We are all permanently feeling under pressure, stressed by the birth, by future death, by numerous everyday challenges. Whoever is happy and beaming, must be a very brave man. Nutrition is far from being simply an act of energy replenishment, its primary purpose is to release stress by feeling safe and cared for.

The same applies to sexual relations, accumulation of material comforts and safety provision.