I want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

Abide & Adventure, Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me

i want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

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The Tumblr Dashboard makes it easy to share different types of content and communicate with small friend groups, without everyone seeing the activity, unlike many interactions on Facebook or Twitter.

Some groups of friends use a specific hashtag, which they add to posts to track activity. Others mention the group or its members by name in the commentary of the post. Tumblr allows friends to share content with everyone, but since multiple accounts can control a shared, private blog, they can also add content and leave notices there without other users having access to it. Tumblr, Laura Spicer Illustration Tumblr's straightforward UI, coupled with its flexible themes, makes it a great place to display your work in a digital portfolio.

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While the reblogging and sharing features are always available, plenty of users access the site simply to present their work and follow fellow artists. While the format might seem ideal for showing off visual artwork, like painting or sculptures, Tumblr can also become an interactive writing portfolio, for example, with specific tags to help employers or fans find pieces.

Tumblr is also a great place for web comics. Users get the latest updates right on their Dashboards, rather than having to visit a site every day.

i want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

Web comic artists can also use Tumblr to post contests, extra artwork and sketches, interacting with fans and even their own works of art.

Photo Blogging While some people post a variety of multimedia, some blogs are dedicated to posting only one type of format, such as photos. In fact, photography blogs are some of the most popular on site: They can focus on any number of subjects: A Tumblr phenomenon, some users narrow their blogs to specific subjects by labeling them "porn," for example, a "food porn" blog may feature images of beautiful food.

i want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

The term often means the images are beautifully shot and enticing in some way. Travel Blogging Not all blogs require an open monologue about your personal life or interests. Many people who go abroad, especially students, create travel blogs to document their journeys in photos and text.

It's a great way to record memories and share adventures with your friends back home. These tend to be more personal, so typical posts range from homesickness to excitement about trying new foods and activities. Tumblr also hosts professional travelers who capture beautiful photographs: Exquisite Planet and Traveling Colors are two examples.


Travel and location tags are also effective ways to scope out fun places and good eats before going on your own vacation. Tumblr, Adidas Creating a brand presence on social media is important, because consumer interaction is crucial.

While Tumblr isn't an intuitive place to market products, it can help sales and develop rapport with potential customers. Many users who see a product they think is cool will reblog it so others can see it. They talk about how important it is for us to realize that our self-perceptions are harsh, and say that we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like.

The team at Dove makes a valid point: Most women probably are more beautiful than they think. The majority of the non-featured participants are thin, young white women as well.

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We see in the video that at least three black women were in fact drawn for the project. Both women are lighter skinned. Except not so much. When the participants described themselves, these were some of the things that were implied as negatives: No real diversity celebrated in race, age, or body shape. Oh, and by the way, there are real women who look like the women on the left.

What are you saying about them, exactly? This reminds me of Winnie the Pooh… No seriously, it does. Well that quote is from Winnie the Pooh.

i want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

But anyway, I digress. That last part is usually written in the biggest text, or italicized for emphasis. So… why is this so important? Why did girls feel like something was missing from that quote it its original form?

Why are so many females I know having such a strong reaction to the sketches video, being moved to the point of tears?

i want this type of relationship tumblr sketches

Because the message that we constantly receive is that girls are not valuable without beauty. You have to be beautiful.