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15 Best “Affair” Dating Sites — (% Free to Try)

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Two (unmarried) writers test out dating websites for adulterers in the . users of for The Independent's “investigation”. For one married woman, a dating website for people seeking affairs was Around seven years ago, I discovered Illicit Encounters after I read. Ashley Madison, or The Ashley Madison Agency, is a Canadian online dating service and Ashley madison Ashley Madison is a membership website and service based in Canada; its membership . Comparison of online dating websites · Illicit Encounters, a similar UK online dating website for married people.

Websites that have been around for a while will naturally have more members, and the ones that are newer have fewer members.

illicit relationship website logo

That means that the BEST dating sites, the ones with great publicity, and the ones that everyone knows about-like eHarmony. Some of the larger ones have up to 40 or 50 million members!

illicit relationship website logo

Even the largest affairs dating site, AshleyMadison. Not 9 million, but 9 thousand. We sent out emails to girls on IllicitEncounters. There were a lot of girls with GREAT profiles, and even a lot who were incredibly sexy, from what we could see of their pictures most had their faces blurred or obscured in some way to help protect their anonymity and safety.

The results were…not what we had expected. Namely, we got all of ONE response back. Always keep your persona in place.

illicit relationship website logo

These guys have ways of looking you up that you have never heard of. We also found out something disturbing about private investigators in the U.

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Apparently, while PIs who hang out in chat rooms in the U. Play your cards close to the vest, boys! There are probably a lot of great sites designed to help married daters in the U.

This website absolutely belongs on our Bottom 20 list. I was elated at the thought of my first encounter.

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I did it again and again — with Hugh and others, all intelligent, successful men who had no intention of leaving their marriages. The pre-sex drinks and dinners were almost as good as the sex itself. For a while, I thought I could carry on being married to a nice but unexciting guy, and have my fun on the side.

illicit relationship website logo

Email us at stella telegraph. These are some of your comments: User Melange agreed with our writer, praising her: Her story sounds brilliant. If only we could all be more honest about what we really want, and accept each other for what we are - all different, with very different sex drives and emotional needs. Some of us want, and need, a lifelong monogamous relationship.

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Joining Illicit Encounters can give married men and women a secret thrill and a renewed confidence in their own desirability. Its core principle is that people should be free to do as they please, and that mindset is reflected in its workspace. Illicit Encounters has an open office plan in the U.

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Everyone from the tech team to the PR department work side by side. The Illicit Encounters CEO works closely alongside the team in this office space and fosters an inclusive atmosphere where coworkers feel invested in the company and its future.

illicit relationship website logo

A majority of Illicit Encounters team members are Customer Support Representatives who moderate profiles, address customer concerns, and generally support the user base. Testimonials Speak to the Joys of Stepping Outside Monogamy Many Illicit Encounters members have found love affairs on the site, and many return after that affair has ended to have another go round.

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Over time, Illicit Encounters has established its worth to the dating community, and hundreds of users sing its praises. Christian said one of his favorite testimonials came from a woman named Julie. Her Illicit Encounters membership was short but sweet. Five days after she created her account, she met a man who sparked her interest.

They started a love affair that has lasted four years and is still going strong.