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kh bbs ventus ending relationship

Ventus (Japanese: ヴェントゥス, Hepburn: Ventusu), commonly referred to as Ven (ヴェン), is a fictional character from Square Enix's video game franchise Kingdom Hearts. Having first made cameos in Kingdom Hearts II and other related titles, Ventus was introduced in the prequel Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Ventus made cameos in the secret endings. Roxas (Japanese: ロクサス, Hepburn: Rokusasu) is a fictional character from Square Enix's . He makes a cameo appearance at the end of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix's secret ending features a character named Roxas' relation with Xion and Axel was appealing and the game's ending. Master Xehanort had decided to abandon his pupil Ventus on the Destiny Islands . he was confronted by Master Xehanort, and learned of his connection to a A violent clash ensured, and at the end of it, Terra's body was possessed by.

Though their intentions are rather ambiguous at the time, Vanitas decides to give Ventus some incentive to leave his home. When Vanitas appears in Ven's room, he leaves dark hints of Terra's fate and how he'll "become a different person". Ven becomes very defensive, telling Vanitas that he doesn't know the first thing about Terra. However, once Vanitas leaves, via a Corridor of Darkness, Ven hurries out to find his friend in hopes of giving him a warning. Unfortunately, Ven arrives much too late, as Terra leaves to go on his mission.

Left with no other choice, Ventus leaves his home and begins a journey of his own. He visits a number of worlds and builds new friendships along the way. There, he learns that Snow White encountered Terra and immediately tries to get to the bottom of things.

After facing several more Unversed along the way, Ven encounters the Queen in the form of an old lady, and she tells Ven that Terra threatened her with his Keyblade. Refusing to believe this, Ventus leaves in hopes of finding Terra, wondering what's gotten into him. Though Terra isn't there, Ven still lends a hand, helping gather supplies for Cinderella's dress, and even facing Lucifer. When the dress is complete, Cinderella thanks Jaq and Ventus, and the two talk about their dreams.

It's here that Ven decides that his dream is to become a Keyblade Master; the dream he and his friends all share. It's in Enchanted Dominion that Ven gets another clue regarding Terra.

After freeing Princess Aurora 's heart, Ven encounters Maleficent. Maleficent reveals that Terra helped steal Aurora's heart, but Aqua arrives just in time to convince Ven otherwise. She then asks Ven to go home with her, but he refuses, remembering the cryptic warning left by Vanitas.

Coincidentally, Ven encounters Vanitas again after leaving Enchanted Dominion, and he follows him straight to the Keyblade Graveyard.

kh bbs ventus ending relationship

There, Ven tries to get some answers out of Vanitas, who simply restates what he said before, that Terra will be gone forever. The two battle, but Vanitas easily outmatches Ven and nearly kills him. It's not until King Mickey arrives, that Vanitas is defeated. Upon his defeat, Vanitas tells Ventus that he's on probation and disappears, leaving Ven and Mickey alone.

The two introduce themselves to one another, and Mickey tells Ven about the Star Shard. Apparently, it allows him to travel to different worlds, but he still doesn't know all of its secrets. Shortly after, the Star Shard sends the two of them both to Radiant Gardenand Ven tries to follow Mickey, only to be intercepted by Aeleus and Dilan.

After spying an Unversed, Ven gives up his search for Mickey and instead trails after the monster. He's interrupted several times, by Scrooge McDuckwho gives him lifetime passes to Disney Townand Merlinwho tells him of the book to the Acre Wood.

Eventually, he does find the Unversed he was chasing, as well as Terra and Aqua. Together, they face the Trinity Armorbut after its defeat, things change for the worse. First, Aqua tries to tell Ven to go home, and then she and Terra get into a fight regarding the darkness and Eraqus's intentions.

The whole time, Ven is left completely confused, as he'd never seen his friends bicker in such a way. In the end, he tells Aqua that she's let being a Master go to her head, and he leaves to find Terra again.

His search is interrupted again, when he spots Ienzo being attacked by the Unversed. Without any hesitation, Ventus protects the boy and defeats his attackers.

Even arrives shortly after and thanks Ventus for his help. Then, when asked about Terra's location, he tells Ven to look in the Outer Gardens.

Though Ven does find Terra, their reunion is short lived, as Terra leaves, telling Ven that he can't come along, but when he really needs Ven, he knows Ven will be there.

Meeting up with Aqua again, Ven asks to come along, but Aqua orders him to return to the Land of Departure in a somewhat harsh manner. Seeing Ven's disappointment, Aqua softens and explains that she merely doesn't want him to get hurt before departing.

For a while, Ven stays in Radiant Garden, reminiscing about the times when his friendship wasn't strained by newfound complications. He's left wondering just what it means to be friends, and after meeting Lea and Isa he becomes more and more curious about friendship. Thus, when he continues his travels, Ven has a new resolve. Rather than search for Terra and Aqua, he decides to go out and make some new friends in hopes of redefining his simplistic views of friendship.

By the time he leaves Olympus ColiseumVen finally comes to understand what it means to be friends and realizes that he, Terra, and Aqua will patch things up someday. Together, both he and Peter Pan team up against the pirate captain, saving Tink in the process.

Together, Ventus, along with Peter and the Lost Boys, decide to put their own personal treasures in the empty chest they stole from Hook. As the Wooden Keyblade holds many cherished memories for Ven, he puts it in the chest, for his best memories with Terra and Aqua are still to come.

With Hook out of the way, he also retrieves the Star Shard from Tinker Bell after a little persuasion from Peter, only to be whisked away to the Mysterious Tower. There, it's discovered that Mickey went missing, but when Yen Sid uses his magic to find him, they discover that the King is in danger. Determined to save Mickey, Ven departs from the Tower and returns to the Keyblade Graveyardbut when he reaches Mickey, everything changes. It turns out that Master Xehanort was waiting for him the whole time, and that's not all.

After learning of his past, Ventus returns to Eraqus, only for his Master to try and destroy him upon realizing Xehanort's plans. Fortunately, he is saved by Terra and sent to Destiny Islandsmuch to his displeasure. There, he encounters Vanitas again, who taunts him into remembering how Master Xehanort broke their heart in twain. Once the memories return, Vanitas decides to give Ventus a reason to fight: However, there's little time to mull over Ven's request, as both Master Xehanort and Vanitas arrive.

During their final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, Master Xehanort encases Ven in ice and throws him off a cliff.

Aqua manages to catch him before he hits the ground. Braig quickly appears and fights Aqua. Stalling long enough, Braig withdraws from the battle. Vanitas knocks out Aqua as he drops down from a cliff. He prepares to kill Aqua, but before he can, however, Ven uses all his willpower to thaw himself and defend his friend. After the battle, Vanitas reveals his true intentions and explains that the Unversed came from his negative emotions.

Trapping Ven with several FloodsVanitas merges with Ventus and gains control over his body. Ventus sleeping in the Chamber of Waking. Ven, however, refuses and chooses to defeat Vanitas and destroy the weapon, even if it means the destruction of his own heart.

The two engage in a decisive battle, and towards the end, Vanitas forces a D-Link on Ventus in hopes of completing their fusion. Unfortunately, this also results in Ventus losing his heart, leaving him in a comatose state. Aqua later places his body in a chamber within Castle Oblivion.

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Somehow, Ventus's heart finds its way to a young Sora, in his own Awakening, and his heart passes on into Sora's body. Edit Xion appearing as Ventus. Xigbar sees Xion an imperfect Replica of Roxas as Ventus. Xigbar states that Ventus had always looked at him as if he had "drowned his goldfish" before he is defeated by Xion. The entry also mentions that the way he wields the Keyblade is the same, despite Ven holding his Keyblades backhand. However, this is likely because Ven's style had not been finalized.

They both smile and look up to the sky while uttering Sora's name with a sense of renewed hope. This happened only shortly after Vanitas had been created. Vanitas's creation took to much from Ventus's heart and all that was left was a weak dying light. Ventus's dying heart was in pain and it called for help. At the same time at that moment Sora's heart had just been born before it was a person with a brain.

Sora's newly created heart had been born into Destiny Islands and it sensed Ven's heart calling out for help. Sora's heart pure and inoccent followed the call and ended up inside of Ven's heart there he connected his own heart to Ventus in the spot that Vanitas had once been in. This connection allowed Ven to live, it gave Ven a 2nd chance at life.

Of course it also had some effects one of which was that even though vanitas and ventus were separted they were still only one half of the same heart, and a unbreakable connection existed between them. Sora stuck himself in the place where Vanitas was connected and this effected Vanitas causing his appearance to slowly change into Sora's. He also destroyed his own heart piece in the process. Ventus's heart flew off into Oblivion and there he would have disapeared forever.

But because of the connection they made Sora was still even 4 years later able to feel Ventus's heart when it was in pain. So he called out to it and Ventus followed his connection to Sora back into Sora's heart. There Ventus thanked Sora for the 2nd chance and wanted to know if he could rest inside of Sora's heart for a bit. Sora said yes and Ventus's heart became harbored not fused inside of Sora's, asleep.

There Sora's heart was able to act as life support for Ventus's fading heart preventing Ventus from dying once more.

kh bbs ventus ending relationship

During the next 10 years Ventus's heart would sleep inside of Sora completely unknown to Sora.